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Arista Starwind

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Arista Starwind
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Fiora Starwind neé Spruit
Father Andreas Starwind
Spouse N/A
Siblings Aiden Starwind (Y -4)
Children N/A
Born Year -7, Day 125
Imperial Service
Branch academy.png

Imperial Academy

Positions Student
Prior Service N/A
Awards N/A

Recruit Arista Starwind (b. Year -7 Day 125) is a Kiffar female, currently in service to the Empire, as a recruit in the Imperial Academy.


The Shadow of a War

Arista was born to two warriors that had both seen the most recent clan wars and their terrors. Arista herself was spared these horrors but they still influenced her upbringing to a certain point. While part of the Southern clans Arista grew up in a more modern and materialistic world than those of her kind in the North. She was raised with battle and learned some basic fighting skills as a young girl since her parents remained wary of the other clans despite the peace.

From a very young age Arista always struggled with a balance between rules and freedom. Her parents encouraged her to follow freedom while the clan made sure she was kept in check. She grew up mostly carefree and guided and was fiercely proud of her heritage, spending a lot of her younger days already thinking about life as she got older. Yet she always struggled in trying to fit in groups without losing her individual freedom or personality. While outwardly happy, Arista slowly grew more troubled within, hoping for something to point out to her what her true nature ought to be.

When Arista was five years of age her parents had a son, her baby brother. He looked every bit like a Kiffar should, leaving Arista with questions she never dared to ask. Her pale blonde hair had stood out often enough, especially compared to the darker hair of her parents. She wondered why she looked different, starting the first subconscious doubts about her heritage. She would take many more years to properly understand the implications of her worst fears, although those were not yet very strong.

When Arista turned twelve, a year before getting her traditional Kiffar tattoos, her uncle left the clan to join the Galactic Empire. While respect for the old warrior was the most common, Arista found herself both proud and worried. The world out there was dangerous and harm could come to any who ventured away from the safe paths. While on Kiffex Arista never considered danger, even if it was right around the corner. She spoke at great length with her parents and the wiser people in the clan. They taught her in that year that a true warrior faces danger for the greater good of their peers. Arista found this path interesting and decided she too wanted to be a warrior. To contribute to the Galactic Empire like her uncle did. Her parents were less than pleased due to their own experiences in the clan wars.

In hopes of changing her mind they trainer her and became a lot harder on her. They slowly turned cold and more distant as they prepared both themselves and Arista for the possiblity of death. Arista got her clan tattoo and wore it with pride. She fought harder to impress but the more she impressed, the less happy her parents seemed to be. Within one of those moments the fear truly presented itself and Arista started fearing that her parents were not her parents by blood. The darkest fear had woken and Arista struggled to come to terms with the idea as it lingered unconfirmed or rejected.

Less than a week after Arista left home and joined with a retired officer that had gotten severely injured in battle and decided to quit as soldier in war. She continued to teach Arista and taught her the basic principles of healing. Arista learned more and grew more free and happy again as her worries were pushed from her mind. For several years Arista joined a fleeting relationship with her parents and younger brother as she prepared to ultimately leave home for the Imperial Academy.

Home turns away from Home

At the age of 23 Arista still lived on Kiffex, although her relationship with her family was slowly starting to get better as her uncle kept on sending home news and didn't lose his life in the war. For about six years Arista had lived with the soldier woman and in the last four things had been improving. Yet at twenty two news came home about the death in battle that her uncle had faced in the end. After the news came home her parents gave talking Arista out of her plan to spend a life of service with the Empire one last chance. It was in vain as Arista would hear none of it. She got herself ready to depart for Prakith and the Imperial Academy.

Yet her journey was not straight toward the goal with no distractions. Arista said goodbye to friends and family and left for Prakith by the long route. She joined a group of ships that were in trade with the empire and journeyed with them under slight pay. She worked low jobs, mainly on maintenance and other low rank jobs in order to get the finances required to make it to her final destination. She ended up taking quite a long time to make it to Prakith and finally managed to arrive.

Not quite as easy as she'd hoped she ended up signing up as recruit. She had to wait a while for all the paperwork to be done, meeting the first people in the empire that she hoped would one day become her friends or perhaps colleagues of sorts. She found that she was not the only one of her clan to have left and arrived here. While she knew more clan members were part of the Galactic Empire she was more than a little pleased more than one of them was around. She had hopes that she could at least get in touch with those that knew the ways of the Kiffar so she could feel just a little less out of place.

Start of the Journey

Imperial Academy Training

Arista discovered the wonders of books and knowledge at Kiffex but came to know more about them in her Imperial training. Spending a lot of her time at Prakith reading, the young recruit scored quite decently on the theoretical parts of her training. She was mostly nervous about the practical parts since those could not so easily be taken from a book. Yet her spirits were high as she enrolled and she quickly found a lot of admiration and respect for her Training Officer, Kal Eysar. While looking up at him she also found her eyes opened to the world around her a lot more. (A little more to be added after graduation!)

Beyond the Academy: TBA