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Emerald Region

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Emerald Region
Oversectors Coruscant Oversector
Deep Core Oversector
Galactic Sectors Arkania

Coruscant - Imperial Capital
Ollonir Boundaries

Deep Core Security Zone - Oversector Capital
Sector 5

Grand Moff Zhaff Orikan
Historical events
Infrastructure Imperial Intelligence

Imperial Army
Imperial Navy
Regional Government
Ministry of Industry

Controlled By Galactic Empire

The Emerald Region

The heart of the Galactic Empire, the Emerald Region stretches from the center of the galaxy, incorporating the Imperial Deep Core Oversector, and outward across the Coruscant Oversector to reach the edges of the Colonies regions.

The Emerald Region is renowed throughout the galaxy as the cradle of human civilisation, and is considered by most sentients as the most developed and traversed region of space in the galaxy. Residing within is capital of the Galactic Empire, Coruscant. The Imperial Center's influence and status makes the Emerald Region the primary hub of politics and economic prosperity across the galaxy.

With vast wealth and influence, the Emerald Region has attacted the elite of the galaxy including aristocrats, wealthy corporations, and politicians. The concentration of galactic elites has meant that the Region has a wealth of historic sites of architecture, art, nature, and finery that rivals that of Imperial Tapani Sector and even the Hapan Sector. Those historic sites and collections make the Emerald Region the crown jewel of the Galactic Empire.

Coruscant Oversector

The heart of the Galactic Empire and craddle of civilisation throughout the galaxy, the Coruscant Oversector stretches from the edges of the Deep Core region, through the Core, and to the edges of the Colonies regions as the most developed and traversed regions of space. Residing within the prominent sector is the planet Coruscant; capital of both the disbanded Galactic Republic and the successive Galactic Empire. The Oversector is considered the seat of Imperial authority, galactic politics, and one of the premier heights of culture rivalling even the auspicious Hapan Kingdom heritage or the refined artistry of the Tapani artisans.

As the jewel of the Imperial regime, the Oversector is designated the 1st Sector, which is traditionally governed by the High Moff who also holds the appointment of Chairman of the Council of Moffs. The sector is protected by the 1st Fleet and 1st Legion who maintain a prominent military presence to ensure that the Oversector remains free of piracy, rebel incursions, and relatively free of criminal enterprise. The Coruscant Oversector is home to the Imperial Palace (Palace of the Emperor of the Galaxy), the Imperial Executive Building (headquarters of the Imperial Government and COMPNOR), the Imperial Security Bureau's Central Office, and it is also rumoured the headquarters of Imperial Intelligence also resides somewhere within the Oversector.

Deep Core Oversector

The Deep Core Oversector is a sector in the Galactic Core under the control of the Galactic Empire, which is also known for its unusual terrestrial planets, and the most eldest stars in the galaxy. The sector itself neighbors the Core Worlds from the north not to far from the galaxies capital, Coruscant. The History of the Deep Core also stems many eras back during the ancient civilization of Krath, and more recent, the creation of the Imperial Core and Dark Empire.

Command Staff

Visual ID Name Position
7995_orikan.jpg Zhaff Orikan Regional Governor

Visual ID Name Position Visual ID Name Position
8047_led.jpg Jon Led Deep Core Oversector Adjutant 8645_thester.jpg Phaedra Thester Coruscant Oversector Adjutant
8420_peares.jpg Emillio Peares CO, 1st Legion 8195_soontir.jpg Fenris Soontir CO, 1st Fleet

Visual ID Name Position
9010_jaxson.jpg Auberin Jaxson Bureau Liaison