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IMS Lennorian

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IMS Lennorian
Service Information
Manufacturer Corellian Engineering Corporation
Class Executor-class Star Destroyer
Fleet Fifth Imperial Fleet
Region Emerald Region - Deep Core Oversector
Namesake Mayas Lennorian

IMS Lennorian, is an Executor-class Star Destroyer originally launched as IMS Imperious. On Year 18 Day 361 the ships name was changed to IMS Lennorian, in memory of the honourable and departed Mayas Lennorian.


The Executor-class Star Destroyer Imperious left its shipyard identical to every other dagger-shaped sister-ship behemoth. Executor-class vessels concurrently act as command centers, carriers, fleet depots, and communication hubs. What differentiates them from each other is the esprit de corps of their crew, the drives that motivate them, and the stories they forge in their long lifespans. For the Imperious, its prominent position across Imperial fleets as the best in command and control, though with stiff competition, can only be fully comprehended when interpreted with an awareness of its history. Only then can one understand its unique place in the hearts and minds of the Imperial Navy.

"We rededicate this epitome of Imperial engineering in honour of Vice Admiral Mayas Lennorian, who valiantly served as the Fleet Commanding Officer in the 4th and Fifth Imperial Fleets. He later went on to serve as Navy Logistics Officer under the tenure of Lord Admirals Faol Sean and Jacen Varos before honourably retiring from service. A mentor to many, a friend to few, but an Imperial to all. He will be missed, but his name and legacy will live on."
— Lord Admiral L’Annan

After the untimely death of Vice Admiral Mayas Lennorian, the Imperious was rededicated in his name, in a grand ceremony led by Lord Admiral Graeda L’Annan. Many dignitaries and high-ranking officials attended in solemn remembrance of the departed Vice Admiral, and each had nothing but the highest praise to offer for him. Among them were Grand Moff Zhaff Orikan, who said “I have no doubt that without him, I would not be in this position now.” - citing the Vice Admiral as a valuable mentor. The former, but prominent, Moff, Hack Skice, also cited him as a source of sage advice in furthering the cause of the New Order.

Service History

After her maiden voyage and obligatory parade missions, the Lennorian was deployed to the Deep Core Oversector. Despite not being on the front lines of the civil war, the Deep Core presented its own challenges. As the densest region of the galaxy, large swathes of it have only been recently traversed and navigated; the unpredictability of what could be found in it called for a force prepared for anything. Its strategic importance cannot be understated, as it provides a springboard from which the Imperial Military can deploy to every other region of the Core Worlds in a small timeframe. It is no surprise that the Lennorian has experienced fewer pitched battles than most vessels of her class; still, she has regularly had to displace rogue elements loitering and squatting in undiscovered territory which rightfully belonged to his Majesty in multiple instances.

Many believe, albeit erroneously, that the sole purpose of an Executor-class Star Destroyer is to be a gigantic traveling weapon platform spewing death. This misconception is likely due to the fact they can be used in this way and are indubitably the best at it. However, the core design goal of an Executor was to change battlefield conditions across multiple sectors. In a war of attrition, their cavernous cargo bays act to resupply fleets with vital supplies. When the communication grids of disloyal worlds go silent, these gargantuan vessels can substitute for them until proper communication lines are re-established.

Deep Core Campaigns

Being away from frequent heavy engagements, the Lennorian began to specialize in roles not requiring brute force, but instead a subtle finesse for passive conquest. Most notably, its commanders diverted much of its power to mainframes aboard the vessel, allowing a small detachment from Imperial Intelligence to be stationed aboard for use as a mobile database. Its uniquely designed sensor arrays serve that detachment well, eliciting the same feeling from any observer as its weapons would: that of shock and awe. Finally, it is equipped with an impressive communication suite, allowing it to be in contact with every ship of the Imperial Navy in the Deep Core Oversector at any one time. This is of particular importance given the large space of the region that has yet to be navigated. Such territory often harbours pirates, smugglers and other miscreants, requiring not only prompt communications, but also sensors that can tap into any unidentified signals. This region has not always been the most lucrative region for illegal activity; its proximity to Imperial Space makes it unattractive, while the perils of exploring the Deep Core – without the scientific infrastructure behind the organised exploratory parties only the Empire could outfit – makes any expedition perilous. Still, prior to the Lennorian, many hotspots for illicit activity had been left unchecked. An entire paradigm shift occurred when the Lennorian arrived. The Fifth Fleet filtered historical and contemporary data into the ship’s data banks on criminal activity, and Imperial slicers guided the computer in ways only Imperial researchers can. Within weeks of the Lennorian’s arrival, the Fleet was prepared to begin containment missions, which quickly evolved into search and destroy operations throughout the Oversector. The Lennorian coordinated hundreds of missions into uncharted asteroid fields and deep space hideouts, hidden in thick and labyrinthine nebulae. The criminal underworld was quickly devastated, though, to their merit, they began to cooperate and evolve into an admittedly rough criminal organization. However, many pledged allegiance to the Empire’s Black Sun allies, an organisation known for putting many of the less savoury talents of society to use in order to further the peace and prosperity brought forth by the Imperial Union. Those who would not submit would have otherwise proven too resilient to even the most advanced Law Enforcement ships. But not to the Lennorian. Each time they changed tactic or strategy, the Lennorian was there, adjusting in kind and bringing more heat to bear. In less than a year, the vast majority of spacefaring rogue elements were captured, converted, atomized or in retreat. In modern times, most smugglers and pirates in the Deep Core are upstarts who are new to the game and presumably do not know better.

Counter-Terrorism Operations

The Fifth Fleet, where the Lennorian was stationed, was rarely called upon to be the first response for organised enemy offensives, though it frequently played a pivotal role in assisting such initial responses – which were carried out by the First Fleet. One such operation involved an enemy fleet composed of fast gunships, corvettes, and frigates which had begun harassing shipyards and other space stations vital to the economic efforts of the ongoing civil war. The enemy fleet avoided engaging heavily defended shipyards and whenever the First Fleet would respond, they would flee. There was some initial success using interdiction technology, but the rate of these successes would still result in more losses than desired, and would be much more time-consuming. It was at this time elements of the Fifth Fleet were pulled in to assist in the quick punitive destruction of this fleet. The Lennorian’s savvy and technical crew and computer operators worked on re-analyzing all encounters the First Fleet had with the enemy fleet and this information was then used by the officers of the Lennorian and a new strategy was developed. The enemy fleet stayed well away from the Absolute, the Lennorian’s sister and flagship of the First. They never struck a system remotely close enough where it would have a chance to engage them, most likely because the Absolute had the firepower to wipe out the majority of the fleet in a single engagement. The deeper analysis by the Lennorian concluded which systems and station hubs were most likely to be a target of opportunity.

The First Fleet deployed the Absolute to a location placing it within the largest number of these systems and deployed the rest of the fleet at all remaining hubs except three, which were left under-defended with a limited number of ships, primarily corvettes and frigates. The Lennorian waited at a point in deep space equidistant from each system. There was a chance the enemy would not take the bait, or that they would suspect something was underfoot and divided their forces across multiple systems. Fortunately, the enemy fleet was dispatched as predicted by the Lennorian. Immediately upon receiving word, the Lennorian descended upon them. They were unaware of the second Executor-class Star Destroyer and upon the initial encounter, half of their fleet was destroyed or disabled. The remnants of the fleet attempted to escape, but the Lennorian predicted their most likely escape vectors and interdictors from both the First and Fifth Fleets were laid in their path. By the end of the day, the enemy had been all but destroyed. Numerous fleets across the Empire have since taken the methods developed by the Lennorian and her crew, and have put them into practice in their own ways. Naval Reserves and Revitalization

It would be with the adjustment in the composition of the 11th Imperial Group to a recon unit that would eventually see the Executor-class Star Destroyer moved to reserve status. Sitting in orbit with a skeleton crew to maintain the former flagship in a combat-ready state, the starship would remain mothballed during the reorganization of the Imperial Navy to its current status.


With the death of Vice Admiral Mayas Lennorian, the starship would undergo its revitalization program and return to active status with the Imperial Navy. Numerous upgrades would be made to the Executor-class Star Destroyer in addition to internal cosmetic changes that would eternalise the memory of its former commander.


Externally, the Executor-class Star Destroyer follows the typical design of its starship class. The standard color of Imperial Grey covers the entirety of the ship’s armor with the central cityscape remaining black. Adjourning the bridge, however, is the Ensign of Lennorian in place of the Fifth Imperial Fleet’s with the Empire’s memorial written underneath in the Vice Admiral’s native language of Corellian.

During the Star Destroyer’s modernization, the turbolasers of the Executor-class were replaced by Imperial Munitions to the modern, updated ported barrel that were now standard across the Imperial Navy, increasing cooling speed for prolonged engagements. Each barrel on the IMS Lennorian is engraved with a quote from Mayas Lennorian during his time in the Imperial Navy or a comment regarding its former commander. As a result of the inscriptions, the cooling system of the turbolasers were adjusted to allow adequate room for the entirety of the engravings to be visible from numerous viewports onboard the starship. Thanks to this, the IMS Lennorian displays a brighter than usual muzzle flash if observed towards the bow.

Imperial Munitions continued their dedication to the Vice Admiral by featuring the awards he received and operations he completed on the breaches of the proton torpedo launchers, in the form of a shield and a plaque. The gunners are thus able to see the achievements of the Vice Admiral during every live fire event.


The most notable changes to the IMS Lennorian are internal. The Imperial Navy and Corellian Engineering Corporation combined their design innovations to adjust the aesthetics of the Star Destroyer in tribute to Mayas Lennorian’s Corellian heritage and his career. Non-combat areas of the destroyer feature paintings of Corellia, notably the areas of the planet where Lennorian was raised, with plaques noting the history of Corellia and the Lennorian family’s place in the planet’s history. These plaques also include pieces pertaining to Lennorian’s career with the Galactic Empire and the New Imperial Order, detailing the Corellian’s rise within both organizations.

One of the recreational rooms on-board the Star Destroyer has been converted to a museum featuring notable items from the Vice Admiral’s career displayed with his family’s permission. These items include editions of the Navy Bulletin featuring articles written by, or featuring, Mayas Lennorian as well as similar copies of ‘The Vindicator’, the Fifth Imperial Fleet’s newspaper. Uniforms, awards and logbooks are available within the displays as well as holovids of speeches given by Lennorian.

The Imperial Academy and the Imperial Center for Recruitment provided the classrooms and libraries of the IMS Lennorian with details from Lennorian’s stays at the academy and his time recruiting for the Empire. From his stint as a recruit to his career as an instructor, the classrooms onboard the Imperial starship feature works from Lennorian regarding education as well as displays highlighting the careers of those who were recruited and instructed by Lennorian.

Further changes from the standard Executor-class Star Destroyer include an improved communication suite for its crew. Whilst already impressive by Galactic and Imperial standards, the IMS Lennorian honours its namesake’s Corellian and personal values towards family by allowing more rapid and frequent communications with their loved ones. It is rumoured that Imperial Intelligence contributed technology as part of their dedication to the Vice Admiral.

Finally, given Mayas Lennorian’s stance on Imperial uniforms and the Imperial Navy’s dress code, the crew quarters feature extra mirrors with etchings of quotes obtained from Imperials who faced the stern words of Lennorian after failing to meet his high standards on uniform presentation. Extra storage was provided onboard the flagship to to ensure all crew members are able to be at the presentation level of Lennorian.

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