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Kydan Retri

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Kydan Retri
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Alaina Retri (Deceased)
Father Charles Decca
Spouse Single
Siblings Robert Decca
Michael Retri
Children None
Born {{{born}}}
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Government Employee
Prior Service None
Awards 8483_retri.png

Kydan Retri is a enthusiastic citizen of the Empire,and a proud member of the Regional Government.



Ever since he was a kid, Kydan firmly held fast to the belief that a man's name, word, and honor were his only true possessions. Kydan is known to be an outgoing person who loves to meet new people and make friends, though he also known to be somewhat arrogant at times and is often perceived as oblivious to those around him. As a worker, Kydan is very take charge and resourceful and enjoys to solve problems for himself, though he never hesitates to ask for help when needed. He also is known to be extremely curious, sometimes to an almost dangerous level.

Family Life

Kydan grew up an orphan with his twin brother, Michael Retri, and didn't know who his father was. Shortly after graduating from the Imperial Academy, Kydan's close friend and contemporary Robert Decca convinced Kydan to make an effort to discover his father's identity. Kydan sent a request to the Royal Alderaanian Archives and received results that blew his mind, Kydan's unknown father proved to be Charles Decca, the father of Kydan's close friend (and now half-brother) Robert.

The two accepted the news enthusiastically (as did Michael Retri), and have been known to often display obvious signs of brotherly affection. In their eyes, the news simply added a title to an already close relationship between the pair.

Before Michael Retri's enlistment in Imperial service, the two brothers maintained limited contact after Evan's death, and began to reconnect shortly after Michael was accepted into the Empire. Kydan views his twin as more of a little brother and is known to be somewhat protective of him.


Early Life

Kydan was born on the planet of Alderaan with his twin brother Michael to Alaina Retri, a young waitress in a cantina frequented by travellers and off-duty soldiers. Since Alaina was single during the time of the twins's birth, and she died shortly after childbirth, the pair had no knowledge of their father's identity. The two were placed in an orphanage owned by one of Alderaan's many noble families, and would live there until several years. As a child, Kydan spent plenty of time on the streets of Alderaan's cities and on the plains of the naturally beautiful planet's grasslands and forests. He learned at a young age how to slice into a computer, how to pickpocket, and most importantly to him, how to persuade the local tourists into offering him food, clothes, or even money. Kydan lived like this until he turned 11, when he was caught stealing by a local shopkeeper who rather than turn him over to the police, chose to instead take the young Kydan under his wing. From the Shopkeeper, whom Kydan knew only as "Evan", Kydan learned how to manage and run a buisness, he learned (through necessity) advanced mathematics and developed a strong ability to speak to other people. Most importantly to Kydan, Evan also gave him and his brother the chance to attend a school, where both studied hard, relishing in the challenges of education. Kydan studied hard and was accepted into a higher level boarding school, though he had little intention of attending and was planning on helping Evan run his business until he learned that his mentor was killed in a bombing carried out by the Rebels. This tragic event instilled a deeply bred hatred of the Rebels and convinced Kydan to finish his studies, and after completing school almost 5 years later, enlisted immediately in the Galactic Empire upon his graduation.

Imperial Academy

Shortly after enlisting into Imperial service, Kydan was accepted in to the Imperial Academy where he studied under (then) Lieutenant Junior grade Chris Star, whom he'd come to respect and admire a great deal. Kydan did exceptionally well in the Academy, maintaining his old study habits and working hard in all his assignments. In the Year-14, Kydan graduated from the Academy with Honors, opting to join the Regional Government upon his graduation.

Regional Government

After graduating from the Academy, Retri joined the Regional Government, where he is currently serving. Due to his graduating with honors, Kydan was automatically made an Assistant (E-3) and began work immediately with big dreams and high hopes for the future.