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Operation Sovereign Canopy

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Operation Sovereign Canopy (COMBETA) was an Imperial Army deployment to the planet Derra IV in Year 14.

The planet of Derra IV suffered an outbreak of the Great Animosity Plague and through trying to cure it, the resulting Metamorphosis Plague. Engagements against the forces of the Galactic Alliance were fierce and highly contested. The enemy had substantial preparatory time to develop a deliberate defensive position within the primary urban locations on the planet.

Throughout the operation, the Army met frequent and intense resistance, in often overwhelming numbers. Many of the soldiers proved their dedication and valor in the face of great adversity and were appropriately honoured for it. Regardless the Army accomplished great strides in combat against an entrenched enemy with superior numbers. Several brigades demonstrated highly effective and efficient skills in the advance to contact, engagement, and withdrawals involving enemy combatants during several combat engagements on Derra IV.

All legions and brigades took part at some point over the course of the hostilities.