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[[Imperial Navy]]
[[Imperial Navy]]
|FCO = [[CDRE]] [[Mark Inkster]]   
|FCO = [[RADM]] [[Mark Inkster]]   
|GCO1 = [[LT]] [[Lasidious von Feldure]]
|GCO1 = [[LTCMDR]] [[Lasidious von Feldure]]
|GXO1 = [[LTJG]] [[Jorn Stones]]
|GXO1 = [[LT]] [[Jorn Stones]]
|GCO2 = [[CMDR]] [[Athrun Zala]]
|GCO2 = [[CMDR]] [[Athrun Zala]]
|GXO2 = [[LTJG]] [[Spiri Solon]]
|GXO2 = [[LTJG]] [[Spiri Solon]]
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| image = http://i798.photobucket.com/albums/yy266/mick_clarence/logo2ht.jpg
| image = http://i798.photobucket.com/albums/yy266/mick_clarence/logo2ht.jpg
| description = 3rd Group Crest.
| description = 3rd Group Crest.
}}The 4th Imperial Fleet contains the 5th Group; commanded by [[LT]] [[Lasidious von Feldure]] and the 3rd Group; commanded by [[CMDR]] [[Athrun Zala]].
}}The 4th Imperial Fleet contains the 5th Group; commanded by [[LTCMDR]] [[Lasidious von Feldure]] and the 3rd Group; commanded by [[CMDR]] [[Athrun Zala]].

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4th Imperial Fleet
Abbreviations 4IF
Motto "For the Empire!"
Active Y12 D33 - Present
Branch navy.png

Imperial Navy

FCO RADM Mark Inkster
FXO {{{FXO}}}

The 4th Imperial Fleet (also known as the 4IF or just 'The Fourth') is one of the six fleets of the Imperial Navy. Formed in year 12 from the "Old" 5th and 3rd Imperial Fleets. Carrying vast fire power to help protect the citizens of the Galactic Empire, and destroy the villains against progress, the Fourth is equipped for any senario presented to it, along with Officers and pilots that are capable of carring out any mission put to them. The Fourth is now heading the future of Imperial dominance in a new era.


The 4th Fleet, under the command of Commodore Mark Inkster, lives by the mantra that it is more than just a machine, but a family.


3rd Group Crest.

The 4th Imperial Fleet contains the 5th Group; commanded by LTCMDR Lasidious von Feldure and the 3rd Group; commanded by CMDR Athrun Zala.


Year 12 Day 84

On Year 12 Day 84 NCOMD appointed then-LT Ardath Lemeth, Executive Officer of the 5th Group, a position of Group Commanding Officer in a new Fleet, they promtly assigned a new Group Executive Officer to take here place, transfering then-LTJG Lasidious von Feldure to the position.

"At first I'd wanted to thank Commodore Lennorian. The father of our Fleet. The protecting hand for our Fleet. Commodore Lennorian always has been such type of man who are never surrender. Even being in hard situations he always made the right choice. He never thought about his own desires but only about needs of fleet. This fleet is his life. His sense of life. I ask you to remember this always. I ask you to assist him in his hard work of leading the fleet. Commodore... You was the best teacher for me. I'll never forget your lessons and I hope I'll be able to be the same good leader like you are someday.
Also I wish to thank Lieutenant Commander Gentian for his wisdom and calmness during the service together with him. I want to say that I was honored to act as your right hand during my service at the post of FCoS and then as GXO. Being very impulsive person I can say that I'll miss your wise calmness. Now I have nobody who could calm me down. But... But I'll remember you and try to keep myself under control."
— Taken from LT Lemeth's farewell speech to the 5th Group

"The Empire expects great things of you; but will you be worthy of that trust? There are many more battles before you, more worlds to capture, more systems to liberate. You all burn to carry forward the glory of the Imperial Navy; to dictate a glorious peace; and to be able, when you return to your homes, to exclaim with pride: `I belonged to the glorious 5th Assault Group!´
Pilots, that conquest, I promise, shall be yours; but there is a condition you must swear to observe: to respect, carry and inspire your brothers in arms; to follow your leaders with respect and without demurral, and to give your all to your unit.
`Sentients of the Galaxy, the 5th Assault Group is here to break your chains; you may greet it with confidence. Upheavers and rebels toward progress and stability; hell has come to rain upon you!´"
— Exert from LTjg Feldure's speech to the 5th Group as the newly appointed GXO.

Previous Command members


Lieutenant Ardath Lemeth - 5th Group Executive Officer (Y12 D33 - Y12 D84).


Lieutenant Commander Faol Sean - 3rd Group Executive Officer (Y12 D33 - Y12 D222).


Lieutenant Commander Marullinus Gentian - 5th Group Commanding Officer (Y12 D33 - Y12 D154).


Commodore Mayas Lennorian - 4th Fleet Commanding Officer (Y12 D33 - Y12 D223).

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