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Commission for the Preservation of the New Order

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COMPNOR is an acronym standing for Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, and at its outset was an umbrella organization for various entities that are designed to maintain support for the New Order. COMPOR (or the Commission for the preservation of the republic, as it was known at the time.) was created to support the Supreme Chancellor and the Republic war effort, organizing credits for clones drives and other patriotic programs. It was reorganized shortly after the end of the Clone Wars and establishment of the Galactic Empire into COMPNOR.

Imperial citizens are encouraged to join COMPNOR. Members are given exclusive access to breaking news, a free subscription to Iron Will (official feed of COMPNOR) via INB news services and a chance to participate in special contests to bolster activity in the Empire. Preteen and teenage human children in the Empire are encouraged to join SAGroup (Sub-Adult Group), a paramilitary youth organization that instills loyalty to the Empire and prepares youth for enlistment in the Imperial military.

The highest part of COMPNOR is the Select Committee, which serves as its Executive entity. Its members were usually high ranking members of the Empire, with at least one Moff and the commanding officers of the Army and Navy, and even a Grand Moff if his time and the need permitted. The current Chairman of the Select Committee is Major General Joshua Chamberlain.

At its outset COMPNOR housed all the arms of the Empire that fell outside the traditional military arms of the Army and Navy. These departments could also be described as the wheels that made everyday life function in the Empire. A list of these departments:

(*Reassigned*)Imperial Academy: This is where all recruits receive initial training before being placed into a military unit within either the Army or the Navy. This department was reassigned to the Ministry of Operations

(*Reassigned*)Imperial Research and Development: This department is constantly working to keep both current technology production up and running and to also develop new technology to help keep Imperials alive and to make sure our enemies are not.During Government reforms it became its own Ministry: The Ministry of R&D.

(*Defunct*)Imperial Security Bureau: Or ISB as it came to be known and feared thru the Empire, was responsible for the internal security of the Empire in all its forms. ISB was known to have units entrenched in all aspects of Imperial life and during it’s time it was responsible for thwarting many attempted coups. The duties of ISB were assigned to COMPForce when ISB was officially disbanded. A natural extension of the unit is now performing as the Imperial Secret Police.

(*Defunct*)COMPForce: This unit was the military arm of COMPNOR. It started out with the name Task Force Delta and was tasked with paramilitary style operations and was occasionally called upon to assist the Navy and Army with missions. This unit was created under direct command by the Emperor himself. Always small in size, the unit was plagued by deaths in the line of duty and was forced to disband. This unit was commanded by Major General Joshua Chamberlain for the entirety of its existence.

(*Defunct*)Imperial Department of Administration: This unit handled the vast amount of duties that keep the Empire running. They make sure awards are correct and issued, manage holosites, and make sure infofields are correct. Their duties have since been merged into the Ministry of Operations.

Imperial Secret Police: This unit began as the Imperial Colonial Police and they are responsible for cleaning Imperial planets of undesirable elements. As their name implies, they police Imperial planets, hence their natural extension from ISB. Woe unto the person caught on an Imperial planet without proper identification, for the chances are good that they will see the ISPs prison ships.

Recently all these units were given their own separate commands and the duties of COMPNOR were simplified to its most basic tenets: Enforce the will of the New Order, Spread the ideals of the New Order by any means necessary, Bolster Imperial morale, and finally, Crush all opposition to the Emperor.

To become a member of COMPNOR, several things must be achieved. First, the member must be of at least E-4 rank grade in another branch, and with good standing in the Galactic Empire. Following this, there will be a background check on the individual to check if they are qualified to join. Finally, the selection committee will ultimately decide of someone is fit to join one of the departments. As several branches work daily with sensitive information, this is a necessary precaution.