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Faraday Euler

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Faraday J. Euler
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Marital Status Single
Mother Anita Euler (née Dole)
Father Cmdr. Jak Euler (Ret.)
Spouse None
Siblings Garik Euler
Children None
Born Year -1, Day 177
Imperial Service
Branch academy.png

Imperial Academy

Positions Student
Prior Service N/A
Awards N/A

Faraday Jacen Euler (/ˈfæ.rəˌdeɪ ˈɔɪlər/; born Year -1, Day 177) is a cadet at the Imperial Academy on Prakith.

Early Life

Faraday was born in Year -1, Day 177 to parents Jak and Anita Euler on Hapes. His father served in the Imperial Navy as a commander of a small frigate in the Transitory Mists of the Hapes cluster acting to discourage pirate activity in the sector. His mother was a teacher. Due to his father's service in the Navy, the family was relocated to Terephon in Year 1 -- where Faraday would spend his formative and teenage years before himself joining the Imperial Military. He has one brother, Garik, aged 15

Military Career

Faraday began his military career at the age of 17 when he enlisted in the Imperial Military and began his attendance at the Imperial Military Academy on Prakith. While there, his primary Training Officer was Lieutenant Commander Mordus Nordstroem.

Personality & Traits

Amongst the people who know him, Faraday is known as somewhat of a social chameleon - integrating fairly well into nearly any social group or clique. Unlike his peers, however, he feels that he never really fits in with any one group. Due to his military upbringing, Faraday feels right at home within the Empire and quickly assimilated into the culture.