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Garret Vin-Reth

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Garret Vin-Reth
Biographical Information
Race Naboo
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Eliaiya Vin-Reth†
Father Tren Goldweth
Spouse Single
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year 1, day 95
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Imperial Navy Pilot
Prior Service academy.png
Imperial Academy
Awards 9168_vin-reth.png

Garret Vin-Reth is a human male originated from the planet Naboo. He serves as a Lieutenant Commander in the Imperial Navy.

Early Life

Garret was born in Keren on the planet Naboo on year 1, day 95. Born out of an extramarital affair of a Naboo diplomat, Vin-Reth carry the family name of his mother, that died in his birth. Not much is known about him before the imperial service, except that he lived with his father family.

Imperial Service

In year 21, day 97, Garret was transported to Prakith to start his Imperial Basic Training.

The Imperial Academy

In the Imperial Academy, Garret was assigned to Assistant Dean Robert Gauge. After learning the basics of an imperial officer, he graduated in year 21, day 108, being promoted to the rank of Ensign.

Imperial Navy

In year 21, day 108, Garret was promoted to Ensign and assigned to the Imperial Navy, fulfilling his previous wishes of becoming a pilot. Later, in year 21, day 204, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. He managed to get promoted to Lieutenant rank in year 21, day 298 after a successful joint operation with Imperial Army.

Ranks Held

Navy Ranks

Grade Insignia Rank Branch Galactic Date Real Date
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Imperial Academy Year 21 Day 97 - Year 21 Day 108 March 4th, 2020 - March 15th, 2020
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Imperial Navy Year 21 Day 108 - Year 21 Day 204 March 15th, 2020 - June 19th, 2020
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Imperial Navy Year 21 Day 204 - Year 21 Day 298 June 19th, 2020 - September 21th, 2020
[O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant Imperial Navy Year 21 Day 298 - Year 22 Day 101 September 21th, 2020 - March 8th, 2021
[O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Imperial Navy Year 22 Day 101 - Present March 8th, 2021 - Present


Badge Name Date Awarded Awarded by
INSC-S-B.png Basic Starfighter Wings Y21 D346 NCO Kef Drenall
INSC-S-S.png Advanced Starfighter Wings Y22 D100 NCO Kef Drenall


Date Abbreviation Ribbon Citation Awarded By
Y21 D105 [IABG] IABG.jpg For completion of the Imperial Academy Basic Training course. Academy Commandant Thaelos Kolarr
Y21 D141 [LOC] LOC.jpg For exemplary conduct in Operation REDACTED, Ensign Vin-reth showed a keen sense of tactics and skill as a pilot. GCO Thea Corine
Y21 D192 [MID] MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatch to Command. For attention to detail and tracking of NIEs hiding within Imperial territory. NCO Kef Drenall
Y21 D298 [ISM] ISM.jpg Awarded for time served. ISB
Y21 D311 [MIDx2] MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Fleet Dispatch to Command. For his continued attention to details and diligence in the course of his duties. Garret has ensured the timely completion of his assigned duties in Operation REDACTED. NCO Kef Drenall
Y21 D346 [LOCx2] LOCx2.jpg While patrolling the Sith Worlds Vin-Reth has showed outstanding performances, bringing the Operation to a very rapid end, while also overseeing the work of his Junior wingmates. The LT has shown great leadership and his conduct in the recent operation exceeds all expectations. FCO Thea Corine
Y22 D9 [MIDx3] MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Fleet Dispatch to Command. For excellent levels of activity during testing of the build war application, during which they performed well and provided feedback prior to the main exercise scenario. NCO Kef Drenall
Y22 D37 [IAM] IAM.jpg During Operation REDACTED his activity has gone above and beyond the call of duty. He has been taking a lead in his team and stands out for his effort in both building cities and arresting enemy builders. FCO Thea Corine
Y22 D73 [EAM] EAM.jpg Operation REDACTED. FCO Thea Corine
Y22 D128 [LOCx3] LOCx3.jpg For his dedication during OP REDACTED. GCO Andrea Walrus
Y22 D223 [LOCx4] LOCx4.jpg For his high activity level as he continues to maintain high standards above and beyond expectations. He is a great role model for the new officers and a loyal officer of the Imperial Fleet. GCO Andrea Walrus