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Lee Pritchett

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Lee Pritchett
Biographical Information
Race Naboo
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Sonbe Pritchett
Father Rusol Pritchett
Spouse Edaara Prtichett (nee Erimirc)
Siblings Ike Pritchett (brother)
Children none
Born Y-19, D279 (25)
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Pilot
Prior Service Pilot/Navigator, Naboo Diplomatic Service
Awards DIS.jpg -DIS


Character Biography

Lee Pritchett is an active member of the Imperial Navy, currently holding the rank of Master Flight Sergeant. He is, at the moment assigned to the Ninth Imperial Fleet, where he devotes his time between his career, his wife, artistic paper folding, and dealing with the Matriarch and Patriarch of the House of Pritchett.

Early Life

Lee was born to a wealthy family who built their wealth on construction and trading. He was the first of two sons to Rusol and Sonbe Pritchett. Most of his formative years were spent between boarding school in Theed and the Pritchett family home in Naboo's Lake Country, where his father oversaw PritchettCorp, an entrepreneurial corporation, and the family's extensive vineyard (which produces the ultra-high quality 'Varykino's Steps' wine).

Lee found school to be less than stimulating, much to the annoyance of his mother, who showed more affection to his younger brother Ike, who continued to excel. One report card stated that "Lee is demonstrating a severe lack of concentration in his work, being more interested in the goings on of the galaxy than anything related to his studies. From my observation, he would prefer to be an Imperial Officer than something more worthwhile."

Government Service

At the age of 12, Lee, like all others of his age on Naboo, entered into compulsory Government Service. It was here that he began to excel, having enrolled into the aviation program, as a navigator. After his initial training, he was asssigned to the Naboo Diplomatic Service aboard transport craft flying on various trade and diplomatic missions.


Lee at the age of 17.

Years later, at the age of 17, Lee was made a pilot and permanently transferred to the Queen's personal transport. His duties included flying not only the Queen of Naboo, but also important trade and diplomatic missions that were sanctioned directly from the Nabooan Throne.

It was on a mission to Coruscant that Lee (now aged 19) met a young student named Edaara Erimirc (then aged 16). The two became close friends, to the point where Edarra took a chance to study art on Naboo, just to be closer to Lee, and the two started dating shortly after her arrival. His service for the Nabooan Queen continued until the age of 24, when he applied to join the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Navy


Lee during survival training with a fellow recruit.

At the age of 24, Lee enlisted into the Imperial Navy as a recruit. Despite his excellent service in the Nabooan Diplomatic Service, he only obatined average grades, even failing one of his courses twice. With the help of his Academy Professor Kato Forn, he was able to pass and graduate at the rank of Crewman (now known as Cadet). His initial assignment was with the 8th Imperial Fleet in the Coruscant Sector under the the command of Rann Van, shortly followed by Axe Vulcan. After about one month of patrolling, and taking delivery several vessels, Lee was promoted to the rank of Crewman First Class (now known as Crewman. He continued his work for approximately three months before receiving a double promotion the the rank of Flight Sergeant. After this, he was assigned to a classified construction project and promoted to Staff Flight Sergeant about a month and a half later.

After the assasination of Admiral Calor Assam, Vice-Admiral Vulcan left the 8th to be replaced by Fleet Admiral Savk. Under Savk's command, Lee was able to continue his work without much in the way of prominance until the merger of the New Imperial Order and the Galactic Empire. The merger became somewhat of a rennaissance for Lee due to his transfer to the Ninth Imperial Fleet under the command of Captain Mark Inkster. It was here that he was promoted to the rank of Master Flight Sergeant and given command of a Carrick-S Class Light Cruiser.

At this point in time, Lee continues to serve in this capacity with the Ninth.

The House of Pritchett


The House of Pritchett: Ike, Sonbe, Lee, and Rusol.

Besides Lee, there are three other members to the House of Pritchett.

Rusol Pritchett:


Rusol (pronounced roo-sol) is Lee's father and currently on his fifth marriage, having divorced the previous four for infidelity, and gold digging. He is currently working for PritchettCorp, a consortium where he is Owner, Chairman of the Board, and CEO. The relationship that Lee and Rusol share is close, despite there being nearly 56 years between the two. Rusol also is the only family member that supports Lee's Imperial service (and is immensely proud of it as well), as he himself served briefly in the Imperial Navy, reaching the rank of Lieutenant-Commander. He is also currently a General in the Nabooan Citizen Defence Corps.

Sonbe Pritchett:


Sonbe (pronounced son-bay) is Lee's mother and still on her first marriage. Like most ultra-wealthy Nabooan housewives, she operates a charity (which is more for keeping up appearences, as she couldn't really care for the plight of the under-privileged). Her relationship with Lee is rocky at best, having always favoured Lee's younger brother Ike. The main problem she finds with Lee is that he hasn't been able to get his wife Edaara pregnant.

Ike Pritchett:


Ike (pronounced ii-kay) is Lee's younger brother. He is currently the Vice-President of Complaints at PritchettCorp, a position Rusol created just for him just to keep Sonbe quiet. Although he excelled at school, Ike lacks what's known as 'street smarts,' and couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag. He loathes Lee, due to the relationship that Lee and Rusol share. He is a member of the Nabooan Citizen Defence Corps currently holding the rank of Acting-Major. He has been known at times to pull rank over Lee, knowing that his elder brother only holds the rank of Master Flight Sergeant. These attempts have proven futile as Rusol will always pull rank on Ike stating "an Imperial Sergeant always has precedence over a Nabooan Acting-Major."

Imperial Service Record

Ranks Held

  • Recruit (E-1)


  • Crewman(E-2)


  • Crewman First Class (E-3)


  • Flight Sergeant (E-5)


  • Staff Flight Sergeant (E-6)

mil-e6.gif (Before GE-NIO Merger),

ME-6.gif (After GE-NIO Merger)

  • Master Flight Sergeant (E-7)



  • DIS.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches
  • IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate
  • SOEH.jpg School of Engineering Honours Graduate