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'''[[Phaedra Thester]]''' is the Adjutant of the [[Coruscant Oversector]] and the [[Deep Core Oversector]], where she serves His Majesty's [[Regional Government]] under Grand Moff [[Zhaff Orikan]] of the [[Emerald Region]]. She is known for her professional, albeit warm, demeanour. Born in Year -7, she lived in Thyferra for the better part of her life until departing it for higher education, and to explore the galaxy at large; eventually, she made her way back home to Imperial territory.
'''[[Phaedra Thester]]''' is the Grand Moff of the Amber Region, where she serves Her Majesty's [[Regional Government]]. She is known for her professional, albeit warm, demeanour. Born in Year -7, she lived in Thyferra for the better part of her life until departing it for higher education, and to explore the galaxy at large; eventually, she made her way back home to Imperial territory.
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Phaedra Thester is the Grand Moff of the Amber Region, where she serves Her Majesty's Regional Government. She is known for her professional, albeit warm, demeanour. Born in Year -7, she lived in Thyferra for the better part of her life until departing it for higher education, and to explore the galaxy at large; eventually, she made her way back home to Imperial territory.

Phaedra Thester
Biographical Information
Birth Year -8 Day 111 CGT
Age 27
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Thyferra
Father Alexander Thester
Mother Philippa Thester
Siblings Irene Thester, Marcus Thester
Signature 5qNsfVV.png
Imperial Service
Branch RegGov-Med.png
Regional Government
Rank RGC-5.png
Senior Adjutant
Senior Secretary
Positions Adjutant of the Coruscant Oversector
Adjutant of the Deep Core Oversector
Deputy Director of Resource Allocation Department - Regional Government

Chief Editor of the Iron Will
Imperial Archivist

Sith Master
Prior Service Staff Member
Senior Training Officer
Awards 8645_thester.png


Early Life

Phaedra is the middle child of Alexander and Philippa Thester, both wealthy alazhi magnates on Thyferra. The Thester family, owners of numerous alazhi plantations, cared more for business than they did for politics. Phaedra, along with her siblings Irene and Marcus, did not grow up in an environment that cultivated fealty to any principles or mores beyond profit; they were merely expected to take over the family corporations upon coming of age. This lack of any sociopolitical empathy or allegiance would plague the young children later in life, leaving them struggling to find purpose in a galaxy spiralling towards chaos. The family witnessed the end of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire, a change they welcomed - more for the bacta demand it would bring, than for any other reason.


Growing increasingly apprehensive at merely being an instrument in continuing her parents' legacy, Phaedra first departed her homeworld of Thyferra in Year 8 to attend the University of Alderaan for her undergraduate studies. Unwilling to restrict her focus, and guided by her own individual interests and studies, she chose to study Philosophy and Mathematics - perhaps in an effort to answer many of the questions left over from her childhood. Alderaan was an emphatically appropriate choice for this field, its own residents often choosing isolation to allow them to focus on their own esoteric endeavours; much like the introspection Phaedra's studies required. She graduated with honours in Year 11, making a few close friends - and building a lot of lasting relationships with her professors and tutors, many of which were positively impressed by Phaedra's erudite approach to her field.

Later on, in Year 13, Phaedra undertook a postgraduate course in Number Theory and Geometry at the University of Garos. Growing ever more fascinated with the fields of both Philosophy and Mathematics, she chose to specialise in a field that would allow her the best of both worlds. After about a year of service in the Empire, Phaedra decided to finalise her education with a Doctorate in Mathematical Logic from the University of Coruscant in Year 16; she finished her doctorate with distinction in Year 19, after which she returned to active duty.

Pre-Imperial Career

Triumvirate Mining Corporation

Having recently graduated from the University of Alderaan, Phaedra longed to see more of the galaxy and learn more about its people. She opted to join the exploration division of the Triumvirate Mining Corporation in the Pesmenben Sector. Given her family upbringing of few political affiliations or allegiances, she never truly understood what the Galactic Alliance was, at the time. She would soon come to understand its full meaning. In her career as an explorer and prospector of unseen or little-touched worlds, Phaedra witnessed the magnificence and beauty of the galaxy. She became close friends with her Kaminoan supervisor, Kaira Mirv, as well as many other personnel in the Triumvirate Coalition and its subsidiaries.

It increasingly became apparent, however, that the Coalition's advocated principles of freedom and equality were all false pretenses, rhymes to be repeated ad nauseam to no true effect. With the admiration she had gathered from her coworkers, Phaedra succeeded in being elected to the Senate of the Triumvirate Coalition. She launched many campaigns, including surveys to gauge the confidence of the public in the Coalition's ruling body, the Chambers; many reported a lack of trust for them, though no actions were taken to rectify these concerns. Instead, it seemed the Coalition was much more preoccupied with pleasing the New Republic than its own people, for promises of technological advancements and exchanges.

After her term in the Senate was over, Phaedra formally resigned all of her posts in the Coalition and its Mining Corporation. She instead decided to seek employment in one of the factions the Coalition had worked closely with, yet looked less interested in betraying its own values. Or at least, that is what she thought at the time.

Order of Krath

Phaedra arrived to the southern depths of the galaxy full of hope about her new home. Initially, the Order of Krath seemed like a more open and meritocratic group, as did its parent faction, the Krath Dynasty. Phaedra quickly began working in developing new planets for the Dynasty, and her ceaseless efforts in these developments led to her being noticed by the group's leadership. She was eventually granted much freedom in her operations, as well as a seat on the Dynasty Council of the Krath Dynasty - in addition to leading recruitment efforts for the Order of Krath.

Yet it was not freedom of operations that Phaedra was granted. Rather, it was a lack of direction, and a government full of absentee leaders who neither delegated nor performed their critical duties themselves. Naturally, this led to multiple breaches of security and high-profile lootings of both the Dynasty itself and its subsidiaries - its own leaders too withdrawn or too incompetent to care or notice. Phaedra chose to quietly recede back into her studies, and attended a postgraduate degree.

Upon her graduation, Phaedra had decided that not only would it take too much work to even reform the Dynasty to operational status from the inside; rather, her own life would be at stake given the lack of security within the faction.

"[The Krath] have time and time again sacrificed their identity and soul for financial gain. The core religion of the Krath has been sacrificed in order to appease to the Jedi, and unable to actually build a military for itself, the government relies on Mandalorians to staff its defence forces. They manipulated Nova crystal prices whenever it suited them, and even became so greedy they stopped producing nova crystals at all and instead just registered people with a kind of 'digital nova crystal' to cut their costs even further. Seeing it all from the inside, I really saw how the Krath had lost its way and just became about greed and power."
—Phaedra Thester, "Veritas Umbrarum", GNS

The Empire

Phaedra had paid the price of her upbringing and its failure to instill any political loyalties and values in her. For years, she had wandered the galaxy while serving questionable groups and listening to their incessant, but empty, mottos about lofty and useless ideals. Her naivete was brushed aside, and now she knew which ideals mattered: Peace, Order, Stability. All of these were afforded to her and her family back on Thyferra, yet their greed had blinded them too much to what they had taken for granted.

With this in mind, Phaedra finally made her way home to Imperial territory. Despite her wayward past, Phaedra was welcomed into the New Order. She soon enlisted at the Imperial Academy, graduating quickly. She immediately began serving in His Majesty's Regional Government. She spent quite a while dutifully working in the Corellian Sector; she found her work fulfilling, and consequential. This was more than could be said for much of her past: Phaedra finally felt that her work was contributing to a bigger picture, guided by a hierarchy that truly cared for the ideals that guided it. Soon after, she went on to do a doctorate in the University of Coruscant - one of the more prestigious institutions in the galaxy.

Within the Empire, Phaedra made an unprecedented amount of friends - at least, compared to her past endeavours. She has found that an environment guided by sound morals, tempered by His Majesty's wisdom and might is much more conducive to true friendship than the chaos fostered by those still living in the denial propagated by the Galactic Alliance.

Currently, she serves as the Sector Adjutant of the Coruscant Oversector - where she puts her significant education to use in maintaining peace, stability and order for the people in the most developed part of the galaxy.

Phaedra in Challon's farmer's market

Coruscant Oversector

As part of her role as the Adjutant of the Coruscant Oversector, Phaedra represents the interests of Grand Moff Zhaff Orikan, and the Galactic Empire at large, within the oversector. Dealing with the administrative tasks of governance and the smaller matters of the highly advanced population, Phaedra exercises her calm judgment and a firm application of the ideals of the New Order. One of the first instances where her judgment was required was the Challon Peasant Incident. Facing long working hours and alleged exploitation at the hands of private enterprise, it was reported that some agricultural workers had begun to suffer health complications. After investigating the matters on the largely agricultural settlements on the world, Phaedra reasoned that no serious health consequences were suffered. Still, she understood that a content population is much easier to rule, and in the interests of safety and prosperity, she liaised with planetary agencies to raise the minimum wage for Class A workers. Additionally, she ensured the removal of unnecessary red tape and regulation in the employment of Class C citizens, making it possible to ensure that such citizens would reach their full potential in their agricultural careers without being bothered by such trivial matters as consent to contractual employment terms, unnecessary remuneration and other trifles. The conclusion of the incident was a success, and was celebrated in the small markets of Challon as a triumph of the ideals of the New Order.