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Republican Officer Receives Life Sentence (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "Republican Officer Receives Life Sentence"

Posted by: Elvira Falston on Year 14 Day 364

CORUSCANT (ING) - Today the trial of Kayllin Laws took place in an undisclosed Imperial court in Coruscant City. The Chiss was charged with several crimes as a result of his involvement with the New Republic, where he served as a Captain of the Navy, Secretary of Diplomacy and head of the morale department. His capture was the direct result of a successful operation conducted by Imperial Intelligence and an undercover agent who had been supplying the Empire with valuable intel while waiting for a chance to strike. The operative safely transported the target back to Imperial territory where he was taken into custody by the Imperial Security Bureau. The New Republic quickly tried to convince its citizens that Laws had been murdered, but these claims were proven false when he showed up not much later at his public hearing, alive and well. Laws was deemed responsible for the distribution of anti-Imperial propaganda and attempting to undermine the stability and order of the Galactic Empire. When faced with the accusations, he pleaded guilty to all charges. After a lengthy but efficient trial, he received the life sentence and was spared execution due to his excellent cooperation with Intelligence.


Word of the arrest of one of their highest-ranking naval officers has sent the New Republic into a state of chaos and paranoia. Several of their government officials called for the execution without trial of the operative sent to arrest Laws, with only very few citizens seeming to protest the suggestion of unlawful murder. The entire operation has also raised many questions concerning the competence of New Republic Intelligence and its leadership. Not only did it take more than three days for NRI to realize one of its officers was captured by the Empire, the organisation`s Director Kara DuMonte was also forced to publicly admit even the most basic security protocols were never properly enforced. New Republic citizens are questioning whether NRI is still capable of guaranteeing anyone`s safety and it is expected several government officials will attempt to strike a deal with Imperial Intelligence in exchange for their well-being.