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Ryan Roche

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Ryan N. Roché
Biographical Information
Race Corellian (Human)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Anna Roché - Deceased
Father Robert Roché
Spouse None
Siblings Ben and Tony Roché
Children None
Born Year -14 Day 190 (age 23)
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions None
Prior Service 4th Imperial Fleet Member

Art Team Director

Awards DST.jpg

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Ryan Roche was a Corellian pilot in the Imperial Navy.

Character History

Early life

Ryan was born in Tyrena City, Corellia at Year -13 as Ryan nar Roché or simply, Ryan. His father was one of the working men in the Corellian Shipyards and his mother died when he was just 4 years old. Not much is known about the Roché family tree, only Ryan's close family is recorded in the database. His father's name was Robert Roché and his mother's Anna Roché. His mother took care of Ryan until he was 4 years old when she died unexpectedly. Some say it was a disease that killed her, but Ryan never knew. His father never talked about it nor his two brothers. Ryan's two brothers are Ben Roché and Tony Roché. They both went to work with their father like Ryan in the Corellian Shipyards to build Spacecraft. They still work there in Corellia, and when Ryan comes to visit, he is glad they make Corellia proud. We also have information about Ryan's uncle and his son. Ryan's uncle was Robert's brother, and his name was Joseph. Joseph lived in a City nearby, Coronet, which is the Capital of Corellia. They were very wealthy. Joseph's family, although connected to Ryan's, was always trying to avoid Ryan and his family since they were working-class builders, while they were the ones to fly ships, not build them. Joseph's son, Rylan, was a couple of years older than Ryan, and when Robert and Jospeh still had contact, his name was the inspiration for Robert to choose Ryan, as his third son's name. Rylan left the family furious, and only told his father why he did it. Joseph was ruined, and his life was destroyed. He never talked to Rylan or what happened to him from the day he left. The truth behind Rylan's story was uncovered by Ryan when he found his personal journal in what is believed to be his only known ship. The journal explains much about Rylan and his past, as well as the last entry to it which (in short) tells how he died. While traveling in the Unknown Regions, he was captured and killed by pirates. There is much more behind this story, but Ryan will probably never know.

Tyrena City at Dusk.

When Ryan was 6, 2 years after his mother's death, his Father sent him to the Tyrena Flight School, to get him familiar with ships, and be an excellent pilot. Ryan's Father had many plans for him. After he finished the Tyrena Flight School at the age of 15, he went to work with his Father in one of Corellia's many Shipyards and besides being a pilot, Ryan's father wanted him to know how ships are built, and how to build them. His father was a successful man that was one of the designers of the CR90 Corvette. Ryan worked with his Father and two big brothers, and in the mean time also got to know Space travel, Starships, and how Hyperdrive works. 3 years afterwards, Ryan decided that working in the Shipyard all his life is not the way for him.

A New start

Ryan left Corellia when he was 18 years old, still young, but ambitious. He was a freelancer for a long time, trying to find something to do; he bought a small cheap ship with the money he had, capable of traveling in the The Galaxy using Hyperspace. Ryan was in many places, at first trying to sell his ship design ideas, and later a Freighter pilot, but none of it was good or useful for Ryan. He wondered in the galaxy, trying to make money to be a ship that could fly faster than 40 MGLT, that was always his dream. But he didn't see a good way of making money to complete it, he wanted his fleet so much but was so far away from reaching his target. Ryan was desperate for something to do. He decided to go to the nearest planet and have a look at the local mercenary groups. But instead, he saw an abandoned shop with mercenary jobs offers. There was an old ad there about a mercenary guild called Roso's Raider Group. The two people behind him saw the same ad as well. They were talking, but they weren't sure if they want to join or not. Ryan overheard they have a large salary, and that's what he was looking for. He grabbed himself and flew to Coruscant, where surprisingly their HQ is located.

Roso's Raider Group

As the name suggested, Roso's Raider Group was a group of War veteran rouges that started their own group. They are not in favour of any Government or faction, they do not help the Rebels, or the Empire, they are not bounty hunters, and not smugglers, they wanted to be referred as a group of trained people who wanted to make money. Coming to their camp at Coruscant, Ryan saw many more people trying to apply, some look unintelligent, some were like Ryan, and some acted as if they were actually pirates. And on the other line, Ryan saw the people who did not make it inside. He understood it's not going to be easy, but he knew that if he won't get the job he'll look for something else to do.

Ryan entered the camp where the application was held. The recruiter looked at him, he took Ryan's papers and prepared the Red stamp, which indicates, "Denied". Luckily, he did look a bit inside Ryan's resumé, and was surprised to find out he is a remarkable Ship Designer, he approached Ryan and told him to enter the door behind him. Ryan didn't know what was that all about. The room was empty, nothing inside but a table and a door, with a small light on the sealing. A man entered. He said his name was Roso, or at least that was his code name. He questioned Ryan, and Ryan was as honest as he could. He said he was good at designing ships, he can help with Space Combat and Ship Modification. The man called Roso looked at him, he examined his body, Ryan wasn't so muscular as the man hoped. But in the end, he took Ryan for the job, Tactical Advantage is a key factor in Space Combat, and if Ryan could modify their ships, and teach them about useful Space Combat, he will be an excellent edition to the Group. They wanted to know how to attack Ship weakness points, and how to penetrate shields and such. In return, they paid Ryan well, and showed him the arts of the Melee Combat.

Training and Roso

Ryan started training under Master Roso himself. He learned all about Melee Combat, and how to fight with the Sword. Ryan thought fighting with a Sword was old-fashioned, but Roso always said that when a Jedi or a Sith will come after you, a Cortosis Sword would be your last resort. Other than training Ryan wished to know Roso more, as team work is the most important thing in battle. Roso was a Thyferran, born in Thyferra when it was under the Empire's control. He was raised by an old Master that showed him the ways of the warrior. Since he was young, war and battle was the only thing he knew. He was his teacher for everything, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology, Control of fear. The GE was quiet on the planet, and Roso and his Master lived quietly in the mountains of Thyferra. It was when the Rebels came that Roso had to leave the planet. His Master was killed by cross fire between the Rebels and GE forces. He would never forget that day, Roso was 25, and his Master's last words were encouraging for Roso. He told him to become a Master himself, and achieve his dream.

After learning more about Roso, Ryan continued his training. For 2 years Roso trained Ryan, and the two became great friends. Ryan trusted Roso with his life, and was his source of inspiration. Roso sent Ryan on missions all alone, with no backup, to experience what it is on the field. Small space battles as well as melee fights, and Ryan always came back successful. Ryan gained Roso's trust over the years. Ryan thought that his trainings came to an end when he became an expert at whatever Roso had for Ryan. Roso told Ryan about the real things the Raiders do, and that trainings go on forever, there is no stop. Ryan didn't understand that the money he received now as salary, is nothing compared to the real missions the Raiders do.

A Tibanna Gas Station

It was time for Ryan to do some real action, get a nice amount of money. Ryan always wanted to go into something serious, especially when big money is about. He needed the credits to survive and eventually get his own Fleet. One of Roso's Raider Intelligence sources was the good old Nar Shadda cantina. Lots of Bounty Hunters and dealers, Ryan wasn't so welcome in this place. But his mission was to get information from Zedana the Hutt. Unknown Crime lord that had control on some intelligence in the area. Ryan was given a bag with millions of credits, if Ryan was corrupted he would just leave with it. But Roso wasn't a fool, the money was fake, and attached to the inner part of the bag was a time bomb, thus, Ryan had to do that as fast as he could. Zedana's inspectors asked Ryan to give them the money for inspection, but he said Roso sent him to talk to Zedana alone. The Hutt heard that and asked Ryan to come with him to a private room. The fat Hutt looked at the money and smiled, he was a happy fool, he had no idea the bag was trapped. Zedana gave Ryan information about a new Space Station that the people of Bespin built. The Space Station contains Tibanna Gas, a very valuable material.

Ryan reported back to Roso's shuttle that waited outside. They fled from Nar Shadda only to hear an explosion behind them, Roso chuckled. The Raiders decided on a plan to get to that Station and steal the Tibanna Gas, and sell it for millions afterwards. Ryan, along with Roso and his guys were on the mission. Ryan took the Hawk's Claw with him and prepared for an easy hit-and-run operation. Roso was right behind him with his own Firespray and his guys behind him with an Assassin Corvette, whose weaponry was taken down, and all that was left is the docking bay. Inside there was a group of Razor fighters waiting for battle. When they got there they found out they are not the only one that heard of that Space Station. Or more likely the Tibanna Gas inside it. It was a group of Pirates sent by Zedana's brother, that wanted the Gas as much as Ryan. He didn't think they were after revenge, money was their motive. Ryan didn't know what to do at first. They overwhelmed him with more forces and more equipment. But Ryan was experienced, not like the Pirate pilots that they just took out from the street. The Razors were dispatched and Roso and Ryan on the front line against the Pirates.

Roso didn't like to do much job. He's plan was perfect. Ryan and the Razors fought the incoming Pirates in Space, while he waited in the clouds of Bespin unnoticed and waited for the Pirates to steal the Tibanna Gas. The Bespin forces didn't have a chance against the Pirates. They quickly took the Gas and escaped. Roso chased them down to open Space, and ordered Ryan and the Razors, who just finished the job, to go with him. When the Pirates were close to Hyperspace, Roso coordinated an attack with Ryan, and they both started firing at the Transports. The Pirates didn't want to risk their Transports being destroyed with the Gas inside, they only sent their small fighters against Roso and Ryan. Roso had no problem taking them down. He told Ryan to keep them busy while he'll board the Transports. Ryan did as he said, and indeed Roso stole the Gas from one of the Transports. The second Transport engaged their sublight engines in order to get into position for Hyperspace, the Razors along with Ryan chased after it and a second before it escaped, Ryan sent the blast that destroyed the whole transport. A victory for the Raiders.

Changes in Plan

Ryan's mercenary life had to come to an end at some point. It was one time when an operation issued by the Raiders gone very badly that Ryan had to change his future plans. Ryan was inside Roso's Assassin Corvette, en-route to the planet of Vakkar in the Fakir Sector. He was sitting quietly in his chambers doing some paperwork for the upcoming mission, but unexpectedly the ship exited Hyperspace in the middle of deep space, somewhere near the sector of Fakir. No one knew what happened until a message was sent from the Engine Room, apparently the Hyperdrive system malfunctioned, and had to exit Hyperspace as means of protection. The whole crew was suspicious, they never encountered such a problem before. Ryan went down to the Engine Room to find out what happened. Pretty soon after that, a ship exited Hyperspace, it was a Bayonet-class Light Cruiser. Ryan looked on someone weird that was attached to the main motivator, he picked it up and saw a red bleeping light coming out of it. It was certainly a bug that someone planted for the time to exit Hyperspace at certain time. When Ryan shouted that he found something, his voice was cut by a laser shot from the nearby Bayonet-class Cruiser. Ryan looked outside the window in shock, he knew that the Assassin Corvette had no chance against the Bayonet-class Cruiser. Not only its shields were down, the weaponry was taken down and sold in order to get money for the Razor Fighters.

Ryan immediately ran to Roso's room, but he wasn't there, instead out from Roso's office window, Ryan saw an escape pod going towards the Bayonet-class Cruiser, seems it was launched from the Assassin Corvette. Ryan was confused, but he continued to the Bridge to find out most crew was dead on the ground, some of his friends as well. The ship was taking damage and Ryan was still aboard. He ran like hell to the Hanger and entered his Firespray, the Hawk's Claw. he set coordinates to Corellia and engaged the Hyperdrive motivator. But it wasn't successful. The Assassin Corvette blew up and Ryan was tractored back to the Bayonet-class Cruiser. Onboard he saw the Zydana the Hutt, Zedana's brother and next to him, none other than Roso himself. Ryan looked at him in disbelief, "How could he betray us?". Ryan shouted at Roso, telling him what traitor he is, asking him why did he do that. Roso laughed and answered with a smile, "Money". It was all about a few million credits Roso was bribed. He planted the bug in the Corvette, and his intentions was not to keep Ryan alive to witness his betrayal. Roso threw Ryan in a holding cell and the ship was on it's way to an unknown location.

Ryan fell asleep and was unaware of what's going on around him. He woke up in a court back in Coruscant. Ryan was accused of destroying personal ships owned by Roso. But it wasn't all. The destruction came with a price. The death of all of Roso's group. So murder was added to Ryan's file as well. In his defense, Ryan tried so desperately to explain, but was utterly overcome by Roso's statements. In the end no one listened to Ryan, and was sentenced to lifetime in Imperial Prison.
Coruscant from Space.

Time in Darkness

Getting to know the prison was hard for Ryan. He was not afraid of the people inside, those whose crimes are for real. It's the lifestyle that Ryan had to get used to. Ryan always felt free, he traveled across the stars, did whatever he desired. The Prison revealed Ryan how dark life can become. It had an effect on everyone present. Freedom was impossible, Ryan was introduced to living in boundaries, under the ground beyond bars. Ryan's body and mind could not stand it. A lifetime in a cell would ruin him forever. It was a hard place to live in. No heart and no mercy was written all over the Prison walls. He was betrayed by his best friend, and for what? Ryan wondered... a few credits... Ryan shouldn't have expected less from a mercenary.

Inside the Prison Ryan kept quiet. He did not want to get into fights. It was however aמ inseparable part of the Prison's day to day life. It wasn't long until Ryan's sitting aside from the rest made someone else unhappy. The large Gamorrean approached to Ryan, seems he was angry and restless. Ryan looked at him, trying to tell him politely to go away, but it was self-evident that he won't just go away. Instead, the Gamorrean picked up Ryan and threw him away, on the wall, roaring loudly. Ryan, feeling all dizzy, stood up, walked slowly towards the Gamorrean, pulled a small needle he had concealed in his shoe. The Gamorrean started to laugh hard, preparing to punch Ryan in the face and knock him unconscious. Ryan jumped on him and stabbed him with the needle in his right eye. The Gamorrean almost instantly started shouting and screaming, and by that gaining the guards attention. From what they understood, Ryan started the fight, and they are required by order to send all the "violent" ones to the more closed and contained section of the Prison, or for short, the ultimate underground. He was grabbed all the way down to a small, dark cell with no windows but a small hole in which air would normally came through. There were sometimes different types of gasses came out of that hole, requested specifically for those Gand who were sent to the underground as well. Totally outcast from the Prison itself and its population, Ryan set for days in the dark, thinking about different types of thoughts and dreams which would probably would never come true. It was definitely the most terrible thing Ryan ever experienced. Even today you can notice the deep scratches and scars on his back... And not only physically, but psychologically as well. Ryan never completely healed from that experience. There were times when Ryan was all alone, he took his wooden plate and started hitting the ground with it. He saw an illusion of Roso, as if he was there in the cell laughing at Ryan. So Ryan wanted to hurt him back... Then he realised no one was there and started crying. Ryan considered rethinking his life, and probably being what his father wanted out of him, doing ship repairs and giving technical support to those in need. However it wasn't something to make a nice living, or the perfect way of reaching Ryan's ultimate goal, to establish his fleet.

Ryan thinking of his escape plan outside at the Prison yard.

2 years had passed and Ryan was no longer who he was before. He didn't know himself anymore. He suffered from severe mental disabilities and physical weaknesses. You could defiantly see it in his eyes that something is wrong about him. Looking creepy and all wounded, a person that never got a special treatment or medical attention. When looking back on the past from that little child on Corellia, to the person he is now, his eyes are half brown as he had on his childhood and half green from a disease. Stayed up all night for hours and days... Ryan had to leave, he had to go back to Corellia, he just had to get away from the darkness. He was given an opportunity of once in 2 years to get outside to the Prison yard and get some fresh air. Of course that was just a myth since the very surface of Coruscant was filled with small ships and million more flying spacecraft in the sky. Although weak, Ryan gathered all of his strength to figure out an escape plan. He looked around trying to remember the way back to the yard, from which he can probably escape. He waited and planned his perfect escape, just like he did back with Roso. Ryan grabbed himself and tried to escape his misery. He trained himself and made lots of configurations before the escape can be executed. At one point, he felt like he was ready. And in that moment, Ryan's plan to escape was on its way. He waited for the right time to strike and get away. It was dark, it was late and most of the guards were asleep. Ryan looked and observed the guards closely, to see who may be easily taken. Ryan had his eyes on a specific guard, one that patrols alone in Ryan's section only twice a month. Today, was the day he is supposed to be patrolling the area with his flashlight. Ryan's plan was to trick the guard and get his keys. He called him to his cell in order to choke him. The foolish guard approached Ryan close enough for him to grab him and choke him. And amazingly he was successful. Ryan grabbed the keys and freed himself out of the cell. It was truly a once in a life time opportunity to escape. Ryan made his way to the yard and ran like a madman towards the exit. The guards started shooting him and missed by his speed. With the last bit of his powers, Ryan jumped to a sewage and disappeared.

A few days later, someone picked him off the streets and brought him to his house. The mysterious man took care of Ryan and cleaned him. Ryan woke up and thought the man was a threat to him. But the man explained him the situation and calmed him down. Ryan was a bit suspicious about the man, but he thanked him for everything and went on his way. He caught a shuttle and flew to the Polis Messa Medical Outpost in order to be healed. Although he got rid of his disabilities and weaknesses, Ryan will forever remember the dark scars from his time in Prison.


When he was 22, Ryan bought his first Thunder ship, the YT-1210 "Thunderhead". His former vessel, the Firespray "Hawk's Claw" had been lost, and no where to be found. It was a stormy night in Corellia where Ryan decided to name his first fleet ship, "Thunderhead". Ryan was grown up a little, and realised there isn't enough hours in a day to do everything one had planned for himself. He was angry, he felt betrayed, and his life miserable. The only answer to his cries is Revenge, and revenge shall be brought upon Roso. Ryan would not let Roso take his life and end it for that thing Roso cares the most - the Credit. Ryan decided to take what most important to Roso in his life, just like how Roso took his. What would be more perfect than getting Roso while he's trading money? Ryan wanted to eliminate Roso so much, to terminate his life and make him suffer. After he will accomplish that, he will be able to live a normal life again. In order to do that, he must find Roso, and separate him from his body guards, and make him suffer.

Ryan flew across the Galaxy with his ship in search for Roso. He asked around various places and visited countless trading space stations to find the famous trader and rogue mercenary, Roso. Though at one place, a small bit of Roso was left behind. Centrepoint Station was the place. Back at his home system of Corellia, Ryan boarded the enormous vessel to ask about Roso. He was known there for his recent purchase in the sum of 28 million credits. Ryan wanted to 'help' Roso break that record of his by trading 30 million credits. Under a disguise, Ryan sent Roso a message through the Trader contact list, and asked him politely if he was interested in a brand new Bulk Freighter, that can be custom painted afterwards. Roso, having no clue, agreed to the deal and arranged a meeting with Ryan. The meeting was held in a small remote and cold planet of Soronia, where Ryan could engage Roso in fight, defeat him and leave no evidence. Upon arrival, Roso immediately asked where the ship is located. Ryan smiled seeing his old 'friend', but did not say anything. Only referenced to a nearby dock where the ship is located. Ryan of course, had no Bulk Freighter, and Ryan, as he knew Roso, did not have 30 million credits on him. Instead, he probably only brought half of it, and another half after he gets the ship. Ryan brought Roso and his men to a small bunker to get some rest, and said tomorrow the deal will take place. But Ryan did not go to sleep. He went to the Control Room and isolated the room where Roso's men were. Then he threw gas grenades there, and they died slowly. Roso suddenly woke up and saw Ryan without his disguise. Although hard to recognise after all this years, Roso was shocked to see Ryan still alive and out of the Imperial Prison. He made a run for it only to be locked in a Force Field by Ryan back in the Control Room.

Ryan walked slowly to Roso laughing so hard. Roso tried to escape but was not able to. Ryan showed Roso a datacard saying all of his money was transferred to a charity organisation to help those in need. He muttered saying it is a lie, but soon realised he taught Ryan himself how to fake IDs and signatures. Roso was so angry he hurt himself inside the Force field. On the other side Ryan just continued laughing. Until eventually he had enough and disabled the force field, knocking Roso unconscious so he cannot escape. Waking up in a strange room, Roso looked around and begged Ryan to let him ago. He said he was sorry. But Ryan ignored him. He screamed but no one heard. Ryan started injecting different kinds of crippling poisons to Roso's body, making him to scream and suffer. Ryan spent the following hours making Roso forgive all of his crimes. In the end... Roso apologised, and said if he could do things differently, he would. But it was too late. Ryan took his pistol, and shot Roso in both of his knees. Ryan then said... "Go Roso... You can go". He showed him the exit. But Roso was too wounded in order to walk. His blood all over the floor. Ryan stepped on him and said "Oh dear Roso... I wish I could make you suffer the same time you made me suffer." Ryan sighed. "However... Life is too short, and you did a mistake by throwing me away, now I will have my revenge.". Ryan took a deep breath, and the shouted "I shall have my Revenge!". He grabbed Roso and threw him on a chair, and with all his anger... He shot Roso between the eyes. Once a great friend and a mentor, now a greedy careless trader, Roso, is dead. ryangun2nn8.png
Ryan ends Roso's life forever.

Dark Times

Roso's death was not that simple for Ryan. After all, he was his good friend, one he trusted. Now that he is gone, Ryan does feel that something is missing. When he escaped Prison, he had a target, he had a purpose, something to achieve, now his goal is complete and dark times lay on Ryan once again. With nothing to do, he went on a journey to find his old vessel, the "Hawk's Claw". However, the journey was not long. The Hawk, after running out of fuel, drifted in the Corellian Sector and finally came to a stop when it crashed in Asteroid Field. Ryan who was still inside his ship in the Corellian System, had almost no hard time at all finding the Hawk with his new YT-1210 improved sensors. The Hawk was in a very bad shape, primary systems and life support were offline, and the only way to retrieve the ship was to scavenge it and break it down to smaller pieces. Ryan's old crest was still visible, and near it in, almost completely vague, the name of his former pride, "Hawk's Claw". Many memories came back to Ryan when he was still a young Mercenary, traveling around the stars with nothing to bother about. Ryan traveled back to Corellia and stored the Hawk as it is in his hanger. Promising to come back one day and repair it, return its former glory.

The year was near its end, and during the times between the Hawk's retrieval and the present day, Ryan worked in many different places yet again to earn more money. Slowly saving the money to buy his fleet. One after another, Ryan worked out his fleet, he bought a YT-2000, followed by a YT-2400 and so on. He used a transport company known as SYT Transports in order to deliver his fleet into a one single location - Corellia, his homeworld. Ryan was too busy to do it himself, he had to keep a small amount of credits to have where to sleep and eat. He did contribute time to custom paint his ships, in the colours of Navy blue and white. It looked like there were no dark times anymore. But that was only what people assumed Ryan feels. It was on the contrary, he was lonely, still in pain from the death of his past friend. It was not easy to forget, even after some months passed. Inside, Ryan had no one to relay on. His family was too busy working, and Ryan did not talk much to his father since his departure when he was 18. Only once in a while Ryan talks to his brothers, who are as busy. He had absolutely no social life, and that was hard on him as well. Ryan was yet to understand why he feels miserable all the time. If you look on him it seems he has all he needs. A great fleet, a decent amount of money... But Ryan needed more than that to survive, a man needs friends and people to trust in order to exist... Someone to love, care about.

Crave for Darkness

You can't read Ryan, he is too complex to profile or categorise. He is both sides, good and evil. He was contradictory, felt alone, looked miserable but in some way he also liked it. Who is Ryan these days? He asked. He is still young, almost 23 in age, still have most of his life in front of him. He had some dark aspects, he wasn't really a good soul, he killed, stole, slaughtered and damaged in the past, and all that before turning 23. He can't wear a mask of a good man anymore. His dream fleet was supposed to be used in order for him to explore the galaxy, Ryan was pretty much limited to the Inner Core sectors. To demonstrate his true feeling, Ryan had to do one more act. Create another fleet, a fleet to express his pain, anger, and all his dark deeds. A fleet to display his crave for darkness. The Dark Crave fleet. It consisted from various types of ship types, and its number unknown. The first ship to join it was a fighter, a small one. A Y-Wing Longprobe, named the Dark Spirit, and painted in black and white. Ryan's need for friends was acomplished, and it seems like the Shadows were Ryan's new friends. Appartently he was not healed completely from his mental diseses.

The Galactic Empire

Still 22 and very soon turning 23, Ryan ran out of money and needed to find a good paying, regular job. Otherwise he will be forced to sell his lovely fleets. And that was out of the question. With his Dark mind, Ryan decided it would be best to continue the dark path, slaughter more, steal more and continue with his deeds. The Galactic Empire was the best answer he could find. His skill as all-around pilot will be challenged as he joins the hundreds of recruits of the Empire. He went to the Academy and finished it with success, not as good as he may thought, his knowledge in Ground tactics was not as strong as Space ones. And therefore was assigned to the Imperial Navy, as he wanted. As Crewman, his fellow fleet-mates did not know much about Ryan's past, where he came from, and what's his story. He kept quiet, receiving a nice salary each month. Although it would seem like Ryan did not plan on staying with the Empire a long time, he actually wanted to stay. He rose through the ranks and gained friends he could trust. Every operation was not just another task, but another challenge, to test his skills. In order to explore the galaxy, your piloting skills need to be improved dramatically, learn Hyperspace tactics as well as combat ones. The Empire helped Ryan excel himself and learn things he did not know. It was good not only money-wise to Ryan.

He kept a close relation with his fleet-mates only, with a small interaction with any other GE body. But it was not long until the Government had to crash in Ryan's life. He was sent on Construction missions back on the ground, and security of personnel. He needed to come back to the Stars. That wasn't easy though, he had to again push the boundaries in order to progress, and finally get some kind of authority in his own fleet. He became the 5IF's Fleet Chief of Staff. While in this position, he can have a small command over his fleet, and new recruits. All his trusted friend moved to other fleets and progressed as well, faster than Ryan. But pushing the boundaries was too much, and it was not unnoticed. He was arrogant, and sometimes did not follow protocol. Ryan did not like to be strict, he was more free. Those actions got him demoted back one rank, personally by the Imperial Navy's CO, Vice Admiral Assam. Not much there is to say about Ryan's service in the Empire, he was witness to many changes that occurred inside, and outside, and passing on and on. The Assassination of Lord Storm, rise and fall of the Imperial Outer Rim Authority, and the construction of the Empire's latest jewel, Scylla. Though one normal day, when Ryan woke up, he did not expect his career to change forever.


Some time after Ryan gained back his rank, a new recruit joined his fleet. He said he is experienced and went through a lot of things, but did not reveal anything about his past, much like Ryan did back when he joined. It seems like he was more than just a normal recruit though. He was a veteran, a former member of the Empire, with plans of his own. He managed to gather a group of loyal members to him, that believed the current Pro Consul of the Empire, Pro Consul Goth wants to overthrow the Emperor and take over. They thought they can beat him and prevent it. Unfortunately, being in his fleet, the person told Ryan and his good friend, Jathrin Thoyan, the truth about the whole new cult. Ryan refused to believe, knowing the Pro Consul to be a respected member and a good friend of everyone in the Empire. Jathrin was tricked by him and joined his cult. Ryan however, did not want to take part in it, and discouraged Jathrin to do anything, but it was too late. The cult arranged a group outside Imperial Territory, and discussed about their matters. Ryan was not present, but his figure appeared in a holocron, attending to the last of the meeting. He tried to warn everyone privately that it was a mistake, and none of it is real. The meeting was adjourned and everyone continued their service, and was not allowed to talk to each other.

Although mad about the situation, Ryan continued his service as if nothing happened. But while piloting an Imperial vessel, he suddenly received a message regarding his immediate exile from the Empire, and all other people related to the cult will found, and brought to justice. Ryan remained calm and was shocked to find out his career, the one he progressed crashed so quick. Of all he was mad about his friend, that although he warned him not to do anything, he did, and it spread out to those loyal to Pro Consul Goth, and he gave Ryan's name as well. Another case of betrayal. Ryan wondered if he will ever trust anyone else but himself... The controls on his vessel were locked, and there was no escape to anywhere, he was boarded and taken along with the rest to trial. This time, Prison time was not an option, execution awaits those who betray the Empire. Everyone was taken to different rooms and questioned. They wanted to us to give in our friends. Ryan had a hard time, but the pressure was on him, and as his friend betrayed him, he betrayed his friend. Ryan claimed his innocence, and said that his only connection the cult was hearing about it, but he never officially joined, nor he wanted to assassinate anyone or participate in an empire-wide event, unlike his friend. The charges were cleaned for Ryan, and a few others, and all the other connected to the cult were executed in Coruscant. Another tragic event in Ryan's life, one that he won't forget easily. How much more Ryan can handle?

The Choice

Ryan served in the Empire as his fleet's Chief of Staff in Year 9. He received many medals, and tried to do his work the best he could.

Personality and Traits


Ryan is 1.79 meters high, just a little bit below his father, the Roché Family members were always tall people. He has a more or less brown coloured eyes and a brown/blond hair. His body construction is muscular, weighting 82 kgs and he has strong arms and legs as all Corellians. After years of evolution and hard working in shipyards, most Corellians have their body almost engineered for factory working. That's how his father and bigger brothers looks as well, but everyone is different in their own way, and Ryan bolds out with his unique distinguishing marks. He has a scar on his left leg caused when a mechanical part of a ship he was repairing fell off, and hit Ryan's leg. A long scar going from his knee all the way to the sole was left from the surgery that saved his leg. He also carry small wounds on his chest and some large scars on his back from the time he was in prison, nothing serious though. Today he wears his Imperial Navy uniform, showing a rank of E-8, and some medals he earned through the years. You'll never see Ryan walking around the streets with his uniform though, in fact, he rarely even wears it. He prefers to be in a standard Pilot suit he bought back home, or his Fleet's issue armour. The armour itself isn't that bright and shiny like his uniform is, but from time to time when cleaning is due, Ryan brushes his armour and wears it again. You can say Ryan is proud wearing his Fleet's armour, he feels belong that way.


On a daily basis, Ryan walks with his Kinetic 5IF Armour, a backpack, and a belt. His belt contains his current weapon of choice, an ELG3A and two magazines if he runs out of ammo. In his backpack he has some Stun Cuffs in order to arrest anyone opposing the Imperial Order. Ryan also have a Combat Knife and more weapons and ammo scattered in all his ships. Ryan never leaves his entities in an unknown place.


See: Art Team Palace for info.

It is believed that when Ryan was appointed Director of the Art Team, he received a gift from the former Director, a Dual-Brushsabre stored in a secret location in the Art Team Palace. Weather if Ryan carries it with him in a cloak or not is unknown.


Ryan is a nice person, aware to his environment. He is loyal to his close friends and likes to be the head of a small community rather than a small person in a large community. Ryan hangs around with his friends and meets new every day while in service. He connects better to certain type of people than the rest. He often likes to make fun of people he doesn't like, but nothing serious. He doesn't like when conversations develop to hurt his feelings and beliefs. Ryan can be serious when needed, and fun and loose when the time is right. Ryan knows when is the time to act serious and when it is to laugh. He will never hurt someone he doesn't know just to make fun of him unless provoked. He will apologise and be sorry if he does. Ryan almost never argues with his friends, but when he does, they all know it's not for real, and will end the conversation with a smile to indicate he did not mean to harm anyone.

Ryan will help anyone in need, he likes to help those in trouble. Sometimes Ryan give trade tips and financial support to those who do not know much about the industry and how the system goes. His knowledge in making income is well known throughout the communities he hangs around with. He likes his fellow Corellian`s and has no problem with other Human races. Ryan is not a racist, he doesn't hate someone for their appearance, but he may dislike someone for their political alignment only in certain situations. As well he does not like people who show off with their rank and entities, although he does that himself not too often. He has a great sense of humour and he is a talented artist.

Ryan's Beliefs

Ryan has his own code and perspective about life and people. He believes everyone should above all, respect each other, and never disrespect someone, especially if they don't know him/her. He thinks that if you treat someone well, he will treat you well back. Betrayal and disloyalty is strictly a violation of Ryan's beliefs. Ryan will not tolerate someone being loyal to him, being his friend, and then stabbing him in the back over night. He believes friendships are not just to be nice to each other, but as well as be loyal and respectful, and ready to help when needed.

Ryan believes someone in trouble should be taken into attention. He/she should be treated fairly and well. Disrespecting the poor is intolerable by Ryan. Everyone should be treated how they deserve. Ryan does not however, over-treat someone. He will rather teach someone how to fish than just give him a fishing rod.

As far as the creation of the galaxy, Ryan is not sure. He believes in the force and has seen it. He does not believe in any god or a superior being that created everything. He does not believe in fate or pre-written life for everyone. Ryan is pretty strict about that subject, and he will rather avoid talking about it. When offered to worship an unknown god, Ryan refused.

Titles and Family

Ryan, through out his life held many positions and titles. From a simple Crewman, to the GE's Art Director, a Viscount, and Roché Family son. Before Ryan was born, the Roché family lived long in Corellia, but was not a part of Corellia's true natives. At the time of the Great Hyperspace War, when hyperspace was introduced, many people immigrated to Corellia in order to live a better life. It is believed that the Roché family founding fathers were a group of scientists that researched the Galaxy and its history. They traveled all across the Galaxy and to the farthest reaches of space. Mapping and exploring everything they encounter. When arriving at the Roche Asteroids, the ship had hard time navigating through the asteroids, and one of the asteroids hit the ship in the Life Support system. Time was running out, and from the Life Support systems, fire spread to the Bridge, and finally, before the scientists were able to escape, the ship was destroyed. The names of the scientists are unknown, but although it is believe there were no survivors, there were in fact 2. A Human male, and a Human female, who started the family. After the incident they decided to quit the researches world, because of how dangerous it is, and how their lives could end so easily as their friends. They decided to start over, get a new life. They moved to Corellia and changed their last name to 'Roche', where they decided to change their lives and live together.

A couple of hundred years later, the grandchildren of the Roche family wanted to avoid their past, and live on as Corellians. They renamed themselves to 'Roché' so the family name will not be pronounced like the Asteroid Field's name. And they declared themselves as official Corellians, and through the years the Corellian blood merged into the Roché family. Like all of his brothers, Ryan's full name is Ryan nar Roché. The word nar comes from an old dialect used by the family. It means "Son of" and followed by the Family's name or the Father's name if the firstborn child is a male. So Ryan's full name would be "Ryan son of Roché".

Family Crest


Most Corellian Families have a Crest of their own, to symbolize who they are in different locations across the galaxy. The Roché Family also have a Crest, it is a flag that carries the Roché Logo. The Roché Logo's design is very similar to the actual Roche Manufacturing Company. Ryan plans on taking it over and rebuilding it.

Personal Flags

  • Ryan's Flag


  • Thunder Fleet's Flag


Ryan has several Flags and Insignias he designed himself. He has his own Flag to identify his entities and himself in some places. As well as a unique flag to the Thunder Fleet. The Thunder Fleet's Flag is like Ryan's personal Flag with minor modifications, it includes the symbol of a Thunder, and Lightning bolt, also symbolize something strong and mighty.

Personal Craft

The Hawk's Claw

The Hawk's Claw was a Firespray-class Patrol Ship which Ryan bought on Taris. The ship was originally owned by his cousin, and when the Pirates killed him, it crashed on Taris and found by the local traders. The ship finally came to Ryan when a market shop worker sold it to him in Taris. It is unknown if it was fate, or a coincidence that made Ryan's cousin ship, come back to Ryan after all that time.

The Hawk's Claw served as Ryan's ship for many years, but the Ship was too old to work on daily basis, it could not stand Hyperspace travel. Ryan parked it in his Hanger back in Corellia and hoped to come back repair it. It was his pride and honour to have this ship.

Former pilot of the Hawk

The Name "Hawk" was taken from Ryan's nickname - "Hawk". The name was taken from his childhood in Corellia. When he was a kid, Ryan was found outside, playing with his friends in "Find the Parts". It was Corellian game found in places of the lower class of the community. The game was about finding Ship Parts in order to construst a small toy fighter. The first one to find and construct wins. Ryan always spotted the Parts faster than anyone else. Always constructing first and winning the game. His friends and parents said he have the eyes of a "Hawk" That can see things from a great distance. So as the Ship the Hawk's Claw, only with sensors.

After Ryan bought the Firespray-Class ship in Taris, he named it the Hawk's Claw. Not very much is known about this ship. Except Ryan's cousin, Rylan used it before him. Ryan never had a real connection with Rylan, thus he never knew his cousin had a ship. Rylan after his birth in Corellia, never liked the Corellian Designs, he was different than the rest. The Roché familly wanted all her members to know Corellia Engineering and take part in the Job. Rylan didn't like the idea. Although Ryan worked with his Father for 3 years, Rylan didn't. In the age of 21, Rylan escaped to Kuat, in order to work there. Rylan stole the Firespray ship and named it Rylan's Anger. Maybe Rylan had special abilities, which resulted in anger, but the records never told of any strange thing he might did. Rylan worked for the pirates, to get money and to steal things. Of course, they have done a lot of things but he didn't know about them. From the start, they didn't like his fighting style. The Pirates were a group, which was hard to join to. They didn't like Rylan in their forces. Instead of letting him go in a peaceful way, they killed him. One day, he was orbiting the planet of Taris and the Pirates ambushed him. They launched a gas missile into the ship]] killing all life forms. The ship crashed into Taris and no one found it. Until 3 years later, a Ship dealer found it and sold it to Ryan. Ryan was surprised to find out about the logs, and the Ship's History.

The Thunder Fleet

The Thunder Fleet, Ryan's dream Fleet is a 6 ship fleet constructed only from YT Class ships and one Corellian Design Corvette, as Ryan wanted it to be. After earning decent amount of credits, Ryan decided to build his own fleet, all from Corellian designs. The Fleet was Ryan's dream since childhood, and it gives him something to be proud of, a joy each time he travels. The new Thunder Fleet will assure Ryan's safety, and Corellia's. The Fleet includes the following ships:

  • The YT-1210 "Thunderhead"
  • The YT-2000 "Thunderstorm"
  • The YT-2400 "Thunderstrike"
  • The YT-1300 "Thunderbolt"
  • The YT-510 "Thunderhawk"
  • The CR-90 Assassin-class Corvette "Thundersword"

The fleet was collected by Ryan Roché from numerous previous owners, it is unknown of the full story of each and every ship, but from now on they will be called the Thunder Fleet. The Thunder Fleet HQ is located in the Corellian System, where they have been painted in new colours, and given their new names. You can say it was all assembled at the Corellian system. The reason for this is Ryan having a strong connection to his homeworld, when asked about the Thunder Fleet he responded: "The Thunder Fleet will help protect Corellia from all its enemies. We are fast as the lightning and might as the Thunder. The Fleet will make sure the system is safe, and is kept this way."

The Thunderhead

The first ship Ryan collected to his fleet. Ryan bought it straight from the YT-1210 producers. Being the apple of his eye, the ship is capable of anything. He used it long before he decided to establish the Thunder Fleet. The ship was all Ryan needed at that time. Giving decent speed and high sensor range, not to mention the 100T space you can put there, the Thunderhead is the true example of what a Corellian Freighter can be. The name 'Thunderhead', that started it all, doesn't have a huge story like some other ship names. It was in Corellia when Ryan first decided to get his own ship after what happened with his previous. It was a stormy night, and you could see lightning bolts and hear thunders all over Ryan's place. Being his first YT ship, he then decided to call it The 'Thunderhead' being the head of his future Fleet. Thunderhead_sml.jpg
The Thunderhead.

The Thunderstorm

The second ship Ryan collected to his fleet. This YT-2000 Ryan purchased from a Mandalorian trader, and what was before that is unknown. You can say the Thunderstorm takes the role of the protector of the Fleet. Maximum speed and great weapon system, you will not get pass this ship without a fight. A unique design, putting the cockpit in the front of the ship, makes it perfect for docking and landing. It will remain one of the more interesting ships in the Thunder Fleet. The name 'Thunderstorm' came from that night Ryan decided to establish a fleet, it was a stormy night, with lots of thunderstorms, just like this YT-2000. ThunderStorm_sml.jpg
The Thunderstorm.

The Thunderstrike

The third ship Ryan collected to his fleet. The Thunderstrike, like her sister YT-2000, came as well from a Mandalorian trader, and Ryan's friend. It had beautiful painting on her, and a lot of burn marks indicating the ship went through more than one battle. Ryan took care of her, and painted her with colours to match the other Thunder Fleet ships of that time. With normal speed and minimum weapon system, the Thunderstrike can sure take care of itself, and the Fleet. The name 'Thunderstike' can't mean anything else than being a Thunder Strike. It came as well from the night Ryan decided to establish a fleet. Thunderstrike_sml.jpg
The Thunderstrike.

The Thunderhawk

The forth ship Ryan collected to his fleet. Its past unknown, but you could notice the scratches on the rear part of the ship, no doubt the engines were overused. And no wonder they were, this YT-510 is one of the fastest in the Galaxy, boosting maximum sublight speed and hyperdrive, when it comes to speed, this ship is unbeatable. Although it posses no weapons at all, this ship can benefit the whole fleet than any other. Ryan's intentions are to use it as a scout, having a large sensor range and double the speed of any other craft, it will gather info on the incoming enemy and be back in time to make preparations for battle. The name 'Thunderhawk' came from two different things Ryan thought about. One is the 'Thunder' that each of his ships must wear, and the other was the 'Hawk'. Reminding him of his once beloved ship the Hawk's Claw, this Hawk, was named because of the ship's speed. Being as fast as a hawk spotting his pray. At first Ryan decided the name should be Lightning, as if the ship is as fast as a Lightning strike. But it was dropped when Ryan decided all his ships should wear 'Thunder' in their name. YT-510_Thunderhawk_sml.jpg
The Thunderhawk.

The Thunderbolt

The fifth ship Ryan collected to his YT series fleet. The history of this YT-1300]] was recorded by the previous owner in the Ship's logs. Hundreds of thousands of lines which detail about sectors, locations, visited planets, people that were onboard and all the cargo that went in and out. It is clear this ship went through a lot, explored all the Galaxy and was used as smuggling ship. The last log entry was the journal of the original owner. He flew to the Unknown Regions to map the area, but never returned. The ship drifted in space until someone crossed into it, and never erased the logs. Although a normal speed and a cheap Hyperdrive engine, the ship was the last piece left to make the Thunder Fleet alive. The Thunderbolt is the backbone of the fleet, it will backup the ships when in battle. The name was inspired from Ryan's fourth ship, the Thunderhawk which was first named Lightning Strike. Ryan decided it should be named 'Thunderbolt' like the Lightning bolt, and the Thunder which all his ships have. Thunderbolt_sml.jpg
The Thunderbolt.

The Thundersword

The sixth and the last ship Ryan had in his mind for his fleet of YT series fleet. The Assassin Corvette Thundersword though, is an exception. It is the Capital Ship of the Fleet, and belongs to the CR-90 series. It is however, a Corellian Design, so there is no problem with it being in the fleet. It serves as the Mobile Headquarters of the Fleet where Ryan is sitting and observing his fleet from the Command Bridge. The Corvette is enormous in size compared to the small freighters, and has much larger firepower. It is capable of holding all the fleet together and even more ships. As well as key personnel and various types of cargo and vehicles. Whenever the Fleet needs to go all grouped together, the Thundersword will carry it. The Assassin Corvette is under construction and when it is finished, Ryan will add it to his fleet. Thundersword_sml.jpg
The Thundersword.

The Dark Crave Fleet

The Dark Crave Fleet is the second fleet Ryan established. It was a result from his anger, anger from his friends, and a lot of pressure and depression. Because of that he gathered different types of ships including fighters and freighters and painted them black and white, because of his uncertain future. Good or Evil, Light or Dark... Ryan could not stand anymore work and tasks, he needed to be alone, to embrace his pain alone. The exact amount of ships Ryan collected to the fleet is unknown, but so far, he has three:

  • The Y-Wing Longprobe "Dark Spirit"
  • The Consular Cruiser "Dark Shadow"
  • The H-type Yacht "Dark Allure"

The Dark Spirit

The Dark Spirit was Ryan's personal Y-Wing Longprobe fighter. He bought it in one of Scylla's many Starports. Ryan's sudden darkness and hatered was for a reason. He wanted to escape that, after being betrayed by his friends, the Dark Spirit served as his personal transport to various locations across the galaxy. The small Longprobe fighter was modified at Ryan's request, having a special feature. Literally a Dark Spirit, a grey-coloured gas is produced from a small generator in the centre of the fighter's hull, making it appear as if some kind of force is wrapped around the fighter. dark_spirit_sml.png
The Thundersword.

Service in the Empire

Ranks Held in the Imperial Navy

  • Recruit [E-1] - Y8D212 (Prof. Deric Adams)
  • Crewman [E-2] - Y8D214
  • Crewman First Class [E-3] - Y8D225
  • Flight Corporal [E-4] - Y8D265
  • Flight Sergeant [E-5] - Y8D313
  • Master Flight Sergeant [E-7] - Y9D72
  • Chief Master Sergeant [E-8] - Y9D169
  • Master Flight Sergeant [E-7] - Y9D240
  • Chief Master Sergeant [E-8] - Y9D260
  • Flight Officer [E-9] - Y9D309

Art Team

Shortly after joining, Ryan applied to the GE's Art Team (Y8D214), and was accepted and given the rank of Graphics Assistant. Some time later, the past leader of the Art Team, Roth Jalis was promoted to Lieutenant Governor [O-4] and was unavailable to continue his work in the Art Team. The Deputy Director who was supposed to take over Roth's command, left the Empire, and Roth's legacy was left for Ryan to handle. He was appointed Art Team Director (Y8D265), and took care of the Art Team's troubles. Ryan resigned his position as Art Team Director in Year 9 Day 329.

Imperial Wiki

After the Imperial Wiki was created by Orphaea Imperium, Ryan was selected to help Orphaea with the Wiki and take care of graphics. He was made a Sysop. Some time after Ryan quickly assumed control over the Wiki in order to make it noticeable in the Empire, and issued projects to enhance the wiki with various things. So far, Ryan changed the Wiki Main Page to look more interactive, and helped numerous times new people who had hard time to start their own pages. Ryan was shortly head of the Imperial Wiki under the supervision of the Imperial Geographic Team. Now days he resigned his position making Orphaea Imperium the new leader.

Art Team Director
Preceded By:
Roth Jalis
Ryan Roche
Year 8 Day 265 - Year 9 Day 329
Succeeded By:
David Crow

5th Imperial Fleet CoS
Preceded By:
Jathrin Thoyan
Ryan Roche
Year 8 Day 258 - Present
Succeeded By: