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Theft (GNS)

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GNS accessed by Voor.

Year 3 Day 92

The emblem of OmniCorp is flashed in the bottom right of the screen as the image of Director Voor comes into camera. The man, as is evident in his facial expression, is far from happy. “Citizens of the galaxy, this short broadcast comes before you all today to bring your attention to a new element, dissident, of our epic story. A story, a tale, of the struggles of the businesses of the growing galaxy, of companies fending for themselves – against the odds, against others, against it all.” Voor swivels slightly in his chair and the planet Celenuir is shown in full glory from the bridge of the Etruscan. “One company, my company, has met a new odd – rather a new other.” Voor folds his hands and pauses for a moment. “Known to some as simply pirates, to others as Raptors, this organization recently stole a star-cruiser from OmniCorp.”

“Society, irrelevant as to which society, sets its own standards and laws for living. Each must therefore follow to the letter all the laws and regulations related to business. These laws, despite what some say, were not made to ruin your chances in life – they were made to secure them and to allow prosperity. He who denies these laws because he believes they were made to hurt him hurts only himself and others. Who violates them from neglect or forgetfulness does just as much damage as if he did so intentionally. Each must take the law with the seriousness it deserves.

“Now, as the people of the galaxy know well by now, I have never been tolerant over the act of theft. No, I have stood firmly against this act – establishing insurance for companies after the acts of zeblork upon the public and private companies.” Voor looks at the camera once again. “Acts of thievery have not been treated well in the past. Former leaders of the Rebel Alliance pulled from their positions, impeached, because they had stolen. Imperials brought to trial and forced to return belongings they had stolen. Thievery has never been taken lightly in the galaxy, and I’m not about to take it lightly myself. A Marauder Corvette, a valuable piece of equipment I might add, was recently hacked into and the ownership of which changed orbiting Celenuir.” Voor turned and points at the Marauder Corvette – surrounded by over a dozen other warships of equal size. “Unless the ‘Raptors’ return this stolen ship back to OmniCorp it will be taken with force.”

“This isn’t a war, corporations do not wage war. I simply ask that if you consider your group such a righteous organization looking out for the people of the galaxy that you return what is rightfully OmniCorp’s.”

Voor is silent for a moment, “All actions have reactions, I might add. The reaction for this is obvious. The Raptor Pirates, who have made it clear they wish to destroy the possibility of life and growth for our corporation, any corporation, forced this upon us. If they succeed, our present generation of businesses will have lost everything that countless generations have won over millennia of struggle by hard work and sacrifice. If you, as a bystander, allow such atrocity to be committed you become no better than they are. Moreover, if left to steal and pirate that which they wish what is to stop them from coming after you, your wife, your children?

“OmniCorp is just like any other business, any other company in this galaxy. We work hard for our wages; we strive to expand in a very competitive market. Is it not your duty to help your brother when he is hurt? I do not state that you should be your brother’s keeper – but would you not say it is in your best interest to help him when he is down?” Voor takes a sip of water before continuing, “OmniCorp is not harmed greatly from this matter, the public should be relieved something such as this happened to us rather than a weaker business you rely on. Let it be a sign, let it be a lesson, companies should band together, to prevent these acts of violence against their interests.”

Voor puts the matter aside, having more important things to do than bother with pirates, “On another happier note, OmniCorp business has soared in the past months, I have the public to thank for your support. The groups effected by the zeblork incident have received amble funding for their losses, and OmniCorp continues to expand. The corporate stories of today’s galaxy are told within these walls, the financial rags to riches are created in our boundaries.” Voor turns his chair slightly away from the camera. “With OmniCorp at your side there are no limits to what your company can do; whether building a new ship or what have you, with OmniCorp success is sure.” Voor turns back to the camera and smiles. “As I said, OmniCorp was not crippled by this disaster, but I know the Raptor Pirates will be.” Voor laughs slightly before he carries on.

“OmniCorp is here for financial aid. In today’s economy the only thing you cannot afford to lose is your freedom, the foundation of your life and your company’s future. Financial restrictions steal this freedom. Not only from you, but also from your workers – forced to work harder and longer with less vacation so they can provide for their families – so your company doesn’t fail and plunge them into unemployment. The rates of unemployment in today’s galaxy are staggering. People are forced to wander the streets begging for stale bread to feed their starving family. Do you want this future? Of course not, but how can you survive if your company does not adapt to the ever-changing economy? OmniCorp brings this freedom. Everything else can be replaced, even if only through years of hard work. But a loss of your freedom would mean the loss of all your other material and economic possessions, both for the company as a whole and for each individual. OmniCorp offers help, if you require it OmniCorp is here, you must therefore be willing to use all we have to defend that freedom. Without it, neither the company nor the individual can live.

“Beware of those seemingly intelligent people who seek to win your confidence with clever words, then undermine your confidence with a flood of phrases and rumors. Listen carefully to what they say, and you will soon see that they are cowardly, not intelligent. They may know better, but they cannot do better. Were they the latter, instead of criticizing they would be filling an important position at home or in your company, contributing by their actions to speeding your victory.

“We are helping those who need it as much as possible. If real help is impossible, those affected should know that it would come after success. Success is the prerequisite for reconstruction that will repair all damage. The more one sacrifices, the more fanatically one believes in success. OmniCorp can assist this success, and permit amble aid to hard work. That alone gives sacrifices – even the hardest ones – their meaning.

“Anything grows dull with time. You must therefore constantly guard against becoming lackadaisical in fulfilling your oath to your company’s duties. In a few decades our children and grandchildren will admire your behavior today. Hopefully, they will not experience the spiritual pain that this long war has brought the economy. Rather, they will see this Civil War only as a bad year. Do not forget that in the midst of the everyday problems of the war.

“Everything comes to an end eventually, even Civil War. We must be sure that its end is a happy one. We can best ensure that by remaining calm and steadfast. When it does end our companies will be rewarded with the virtues of success.” Director Voor nods slowly and the transmission ends.