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Treaty of Coruscant Proves Successful (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y13D269 by Elvira Falston

Ossus (IIS)-- As the Tresario Star Kingdom recently celebrated its fourth Founding Day, the Galactic Empire is delighted to announce the productive nature of talks between the two factions during the past month. After the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, which ensured mutual defence between the two parties, Navy personnel from both sides engaged in further talks of a friendly, diplomatic nature, helping to strengthen the already fledging bonds between the Galactic Empire and Tresario Star Kingdom. First meeting at the Bak`rofsen system, Auril sector, the capital of the Tresario Star Kingdom, military personnel from the 6th Imperial Navy Unit headed by Commander Dratt Darkstar exchanged greetings and opened communications with the recently retired Fleet Admiral Waymen and current Minister of Military Operations Xias.

After exchanging further communiques, both groups decided to stimulate the comradery with a military training in the Ossus system. In an impressive display of joint Imperial and Tresarian might, a cohesive military action was executed within the system as capital ships converged at different entry points throughout Ossus, launching fighters and striking fear into the hearts of the Jedi that have established a settlement on Ossus. Although no actual fighting took place, to avoid ending the current stalemate and reigniting the conflict between the Imperial Union and the terrorist organisation, the Jedi would have easily been overrun.

A standard galactic day later, the forces -which were unharmed from the previous action in Ossus- moved into the orbit of Colsassa, a planet in the same System. There, diplomatic talks continued positively between Fleet Admiral Waymen and our own Commander Darkstar and Rear Admiral Chambers. The Fleet Admiral cited the corruption and lack of cooperation within the Galactic Alliance as the reason the Tresario Star Kingdom decided to turn their backs on the Falleen Federation and their rebel allies that oppressed them for so long, to side with the Empire and usher in a new age of prosperity, stability and order. He went on to say that these new relations with the Galactic Empire are mutually beneficial, and commended the cooperation amongst all members of the Imperial Union, as well as the sense of unity and professionalism the Galactic Empire displayed in its dealings with the Tresarians. Overall, Imperial officials have declared the talks a great success and foresee a great future for this new alliance.