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| name=Zahar Al-Mahyar
| image=http://art.swc-empire.com/avatar/9256_al-mahyar.jpg
| race=Human
| homeworld=Coruscant
| mother=
| father=
| spouse=None
| siblings=
| children=
| born=
| positions=
| awards=https://www.swc-empire.com//images/awards/IABG-H.jpg
Zahar Al-Mahyar is one of the newest graduates from the Imperial Academy, and one of the newest in the Imperial Navy.
== Character History ==
The al-Mahyar family has various businesses and ventures in Coruscant and beyond. These in the fields of manufacturing, transportation and trade. His father is a considered to be a industry tycoon in his own right. While not developing such a vast conglomerate on his own, he and his wife have done more than their part in furnishing its growth.
Zahar is one of their two sons and one daughter.
= Heading 1 =
== Heading 2 ==
=== Heading 3 ===
==== Heading 4 ====
===== Heading 5 =====
====== Heading 6 ======
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