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Zyr Kyrill

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Zyr Kryill
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Shannon Kyrill (Dead)
Father Zhan Kyrill (Unknown)
Spouse N/A
Siblings N/A
Children N/A
Born N/A
Imperial Service
Branch compnor.png
Positions Coalition for Improvements
Prior Service Soldier, Imperial Army
Public Sales Regional Manager, CEC
Awards DIS.jpg



Zyr was born into a poor and deprived family. His residence resided in Coruscant's run down areas. He was born to Shannon and Zhan Kyrill. When Zyr was at a young age Zhan left to try and find work in the planet's upper levels one day, however he never came back. From then on Zyr and his mother had to fend for themselves, even struggling to put food on their table some nights.

One day when he was 16 he came home to find his mother bathing in her own blood, with five blaster holes in her disturbing corpse. Not knowing an appropriate course of action, Zyr sold everything he had and bought a speeder, he could barely afford it even after selling everything, so he did a few jobs for local companies before buying it.

Once he acquired the speeder he embarked on a week long journey to the closest starport. After sleeping there for several days Zyr found a few credits and decided to access the Starport's Holo-net, there he saw an advertisement for work in the CEC. After hours of careful consideration he decided to contact the Corellian Engineering Corporation, and after a days wait he was picked up and joined the CEC as a worker.

Imperial Beginnings

After a few rotations in the CEC, Zyr was assigned to Public Sales, as he had proved his loyalty and skill in flying. He worked hard all

CEC Shipyards

the time even making adjustments to his ships on occasion to make them run more efficiently. Overtime he was observed more closely by his superiors and was given more responsibilities and bigger ships to pilot.

Zyr on duty

Imperial Service

After Zyr's consistent hard work and dedication was finally realized he became the head of the CEC's public sales division. His' morals guaranteed that he would have the job for a while. Sadly, one day disaster struck: After being drunken he attempted to pilot a bulk and do his job as normal, however it resulted in him crashing into an shipyard that was building an Imperial Star Destroyer. Following this he was fired and went out of contact with people for a few rotations.

While in solitude Zyr realized where his true place was in the Imperial Army, he had dreamed of joining ever since he saw stormtroopers as a little boy on Coruscant.


Zyr after a few months serving proudly in the Imperial Army decided he was no killer and decided he would go back to working to make the Empire great behind the scenes. ,After much consideration he put in for a transfer to join COMPNOR, in the Coalition for Improvements division. Felling that he had now found the best home for him in the Empire.

Zyr participating in a COMPNOR Rally

Service Record

  • Transfer to COMPNOR with the Rank of Aide


  • Promoted to Master Sergeant


  • Promoted to Sergeant First Class.


  • Workman