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"Scientia, Ordo, Potestas."

The Imperial Archives is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the history of the Galactic Empire. Registered users may create or edit articles to create a comprehensive database for Imperial citizens.

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Bonadan is the critical port of entry to the Corporate Sector, and is the primary world in the Bonadan system, boasting 10 gigantic spaceports. It is a strip-mined planet located at the end of the Hydian Way. The Bonadan Heavy Industries Corporation, also known as BHI, is headquartered here. BHI is a firm well known in the Corporate Sector and throughout the galaxy for the superior armor and munitions it manufactures. Natives of Bonadan call themselves Bonadanians, as they are also known by the galactic community. This densely populated planet is home to billions of citizens and species from around the Galaxy. (more...)

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<%ISB-MGEN_Tate> Honestly if it's not about the work, it's about the perceived prestige that comes with the job. But honestly none comes with either, unless you're the Director.
<%ISB-MGEN_Tate> So prestige is a lie.
.Lord_Seele waves.
<%ISB-MGEN_Tate> Seele is a lie.
<RCT_Widom> Wait II is data analysis?
<%ISB-MGEN_Fish> Seele has enough prestige from all his other titles and positions :P
<.Lord_Seele> This is true. I was never here, and have been a figment of your imaginations this entire time.
<RCT_Widom> That doesn't sound bad


"Greatness is not a stationary pinnacle. It is not some solid foundation one which one may plant an intrepid flag and then cease all labors for having conquered the goal. No, greatness is achieved again and again in a perpetual hunt for excellence. Each time excellence and greatness are captured, they slip once again out of grasp like an elusive fey, demanding to be caught yet again. It takes no less than an Imperial to courageously embrace the tantalizing dilemma. Listen then, and recognize that you are an important part of the whole, exerting your will into existence; your efforts are writing the pages of history. Be encouraged that in many ways, across vast regions of space, Imperials are always advancing the standard."
Grand Vizier Ventidius

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"MInd Puts Employees First"

Posted by: Patrick Mueirech on Year 19 Day 267

THYFERRA (INDUSTRY) – Workplace injuries and accidents are now moments away from remedial treatment. In collective thought, an elaborate scheme was drafted by the heads of the Ministry of Industry (MInd) and COMPNOR. Their proposition aims to enhance the personal lives of employees within the workplace. The quality of work life is of paramount importance to all Nationalized Companies. So in order to safeguard an individual’s accomplishments, their safety and wellbeing must be first intact when it comes to labor. The idea received praise and positive remarks from the Select Committee (SELCOM), therefore the management has been allotted the necessary budget spending with the aim to establish ways for workers get the medical attention they require in a swift manner. Above the worlds where MInd companies operate orbits, pristine Imperial Medical Installations that serve as both sector hospitals and pharmaceutical suppliers to ground based medical facilities and Imperial Medical ships for far-flung operations and aid. These gargantuan medcenters house eight primary docking bays with four medical frigates at its disposal that act as medivacs and transports carrying medical supplies for local planetary deliveries. Transit is quick, methodical and highly mobile, perfect for rapid transfer of injured personnel and equipment.

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"Imperial Proclamation - Hosnian System "

Posted by: Seele - Faction: Galactic Empire
Date: Year 19 Day 197 Onboard the Trading II [GE] Agrilat Trade Centre in system Bosthirda (288, 318).

Coruscant (IPA) quot; The Galactic Empire is communicating to the galaxy that the Hosnian system of the Byblos sector is declared to be part of the Empire’s sovereign territory. Under the Imperial Territories Act, the Hosnian system is subject to governance by His Majesty, Emperor Seele I, who has decreed the Byblos sector to be a contiguous component of the Empire, and part of the Amber Region under the stewardship of Grand Moff Icarus Carinae.

Any persons and organisations which, without proper authorisation of the governor of the Byblos Sector, stake claims or construct any semi-permanent and/or permanent structures within Imperial territory are committing a criminal offence under the Imperial Territories Act. It is also a crime to sell, purchase, trade, or gift any such stakes or constructs that were established in violation of the Imperial Territories Act. Punishments for such offences may include fines, addition to the Imperial Trade Blacklist, refusal of visas to access Imperial territory, and imprisonment.

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  • ...that the Empire alone currently controls 32 sectors, more than the total number of sectors controlled by the New Republic, Triumvirate Coalition, and the Krath Dynasty combined?
  • ...that Guinar I was crowned Emperor of the Galactic Empire on Year 12 Day 328, making him the 2nd longest reigning Emperor in Imperial history?
  • ...that the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order and Dark Lord of the Sith are both of the Kiffar race?
  • ...that the Iron Will is the official news magazine for the Galactic Empire and was in its earliest form known as the "Soldier's Journal", and then later the "Imperial Gazette"?

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