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"Scientia, Ordo, Potestas."

The Imperial Archives is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the history of the Galactic Empire. Registered users may create or edit articles to create a comprehensive database for Imperial citizens.

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Tapani Oversector


Tapani Oversector resides many light years to the south of Coruscant, spanning parts of the Core, Colonies and Inner Rim, and forms the western half of the Empire's Ruby Region. This oversector represents an important new frontier in the Empire’s battle to spread order and civilisation throughout the galaxy. Protected by the steadfast men and women of the 3rd Imperial Fleet and the 3rd Legion, each year sees new settlements and industries rise up as all benefit from the peace that only Imperial administration can bring. (more...)

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"Together these groups make up the mighty 1st Fleet; the guardians of the Imperial heartlands, the shield of civilization and a sword of the Emperors justice. Our words are 'Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum ', 'If you want peace, prepare for war'; alluding to their noble intent, and the means with which it shall be achieved."
— Fleet Admiral Fenris Soontir, presenting the First Imperial Fleet

"The frontier of space is an incredible beast. It shapes Imperial Officers from every corner of the Galaxy with the courage to protect liberty back home. Bonding us with the commitment to serve with honour. To defeat or defend. To comfort or to awe. To victory or to rescue."
— Fleet Admiral Vidar Sicarius, presenting the Second Imperial Fleet

"As you see, both groups are formidable and may act in concert to crush any enemy. Together the 3rd Fleet serves the Will of the Emperor in the Tapani and Corellian Oversectors. Their motto: THE THIRD WILL PREVAIL!"
— Commodore Pash Xen, presenting the Third Imperial Fleet

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"Celebration of Service"

Posted by: Elaine von Veritrax on Year 20 Day 312

(CORUSCANT) SOCIAL – Imperial Intelligence announced today the retirement of Jett Blackheart from the position of Director of Imperial Intelligence. After a long and esteemed career of service to the Empire, Jett Blackheart elected to lead a quieter, more private life, leaving public service. His seat will be filled by Deputy Director Tec Vaan, who will be acting in the capacity of the Director of Imperial Intelligence.

Jett Blackheart initially joined the Empire at the invitation of Emperor Vodo Bonias, and was quickly also invited to become a member of the Order of the Sith, an organisation he flourished in, eventually rising to lead the esteemed Sergeti Enclave; a post he held up until retirement. Prior to his Imperial service, he served to compromise the rebellion against the New Order as a covert agent for Black Sun, as part of an operation that brought the fledgling New Republic to its knees. Afterwards, he also delivered...

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"Imperial Union Strengthened As Faerytail Family Granted Parliamentary Membership"

Posted by: Seele - Faction: Galactic Empire
Date: Year 20 Day 185 From the Imperial Palace Imperial Palace in Coruscant 09,01 on Coruscant (-15, 88).

Coruscant (INB) - Citizens of the galaxy rejoiced today as the Imperial Union welcomed the Faerytail Family as a full member of the Grand Parliament in a public ceremony. The full membership of the Imperial Union was granted after a unanimous vote following the ten month assessment of the Faerytail Family, during which time it was conferred the status of a Provisional Member of the Grand Parliament.

Representatives from the Faerytail government met with their counterparts from the Galactic Empire, Tresario Star Kingdom, and Black Sun to celebrate the entrance of Faerytail and its subsidiaries into Union. Gathering on Raithal II, headquarters of the Imperial Union, the Grand Parliament ceremonially welcomed the Faerytail Family as full members of the Imperial Union. This move affirms the increasing importance of Faerytail as a state actor within the galactic conflict, and their strategic bearing in the galaxy. Since its formation, the Faerytail Family has opposed the tyranny of the Galactic Alliance. This enmity was born out of the atrocities committed by the Infinite Empire, a Galactic Alliance puppet state and the predecessor to the Archduchy of Tolonda.

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  • ...the Executor-class Star Destroyer Imperious was renamed IMS Lennorian on Year 18 Day 361, in remembrance of the late Vice Admiral Mayas Lennorian?
  • ...after the Galactic Empire fought two campaigns to secure control of Thyferra, the system was subsequently reclaimed through diplomacy?
  • ...the Emerald Region encompasses the cradle of galactic civilization and is renown for its historic, political and cultural significance?
  • ...despite originally intending to join the Imperial Navy, Beric Staghorn instead chose to become part of Regional Government after graduating from the Imperial Academy?

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