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Tracyn Gouka

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Admiral Tracyn Gouka was a native Corellian and Navy Logistics Officer of the Galactic Empire.

Tracyn Gouka
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Aryn Gouka
Father Joran Gouka†
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -8, Day 363
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Navy Logistics Officer

ICR Recruitment Officer

Prior Service 8th Assault Group GXO

1IF Fleet Training Officer

Awards 8806_gouka.png


Early Years

Tracyn Gouka (Born Year -8, Day 363) was born the only child of Joran and Aryn Gouka. Joran was a retired Corellian Security Forces agent, serving on the elite Tactical Response Team who was discharged after being severely wounded in the line of duty. Aryn worked as a contractor delivering freight for various corporations throughout the Corellian Sector. Tracyn lived in a small town outside of Bela Vistal until the age of 8 when his parents began to take him on their transport jobs. It was here that Tracyn's love of piloting and spacecraft began to grow. Under the tutelage of his mother, Tracyn's piloting skills began to flourish to the point that, by age 14, he began to perform missions on his own.

Gouka family YT-2400 light freighter "Wonat"

At age 22, the family YT-2400 light freighter "Wonat" was attacked by pirates while on a relatively easy job. Tracyn's father was killed in the attack and his mother wounded however the ship was saved thanks to the intervention of Imperial starfighters responding to a distress signal.

Imperial Service

Grateful to the Imperials and seeking to punish those who would commit similar offenses against innocents, Tracyn decided to join the Galactic Empire, enlisting Year 16 Day 331. He graduated with Honors Year 16 Day 341 and was promoted to the rank of Ensign. The young Officer was assigned to the 11th Combat Group, formerly of the Fifth Imperial Fleet and now part of the newly configured First Imperial Fleet. On Year 17 Day 233, Lieutenant Commander Gouka was accepted as the Fleet Training Officer of the 1st Imperial Fleet.

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Branch Start Date
[E-1] MT-1.png Recruit Imperial Academy Year 16, Day 331
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Imperial Navy Year 16, Day 341
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Imperial Navy Year 17, Day 74
[O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant Imperial Navy Year 17, Day 183
[O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Imperial Navy Year 17, Day 316
[O-5] MO-5.png Commander Imperial Navy Year 18, Day 150
[O-6] MO-6.png Captain Imperial Navy Year 18, Day 342
[C-4] MC-4.png Admiral Imperial Navy Year 19, Day 5


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