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Editing Protocol


The official protocol of the Imperial Archives. This protocol must be followed by everyone using the database and contributing. If you wish to help and make articles or edit them, you will have to follow these rules. Any person who violates the rules, will be warned one time prior to a ban. If you violate the rules after the warning, you will be banned for a period of a week. If you violate the rules after your one week ban, the ban may be permanent. Read this protocol wisely and embrace it.

Imperial Archive Staff

The Project Staff is the Administrator group for this Archive, following their guidelines and rules is mandatory.

  1. The Imperial Archives Staff has a final decision on all articles.
  2. Insulting the Imperial Archives Staff will result in a temporary ban.
  3. Arguing with the Imperial Archive Staff will have the same effect.


  1. Members of the Empire must use their Combine Handles as their Imperial Archive Account name.
  2. Only one account is allowed per member.
  3. IP Addresses that have been permanently banned will not be allowed to return unless stated otherwise by the Director of the Imperial Security Bureau. An investigation will be conducted and the owner of the IP Address will be required to explain himself if he wishes to return to the Galactic Archive.

Editing Protocol

  1. The Imperial Archives Staff may create and edit any part of the Imperial Archives including articles, talk pages, categories and so on.
  2. Articles may be locked by the Imperial Archive Staff in order to prevent further editing or vandalism. A Sysop (Administrator) will often leave a message saying why the article was locked and if it's going to be opened any time in the future.
  3. Upon completion of a new page or an edit, one must use the Preview button before pressing the Save Page Button. Repeating to save the same page over and over in a short period of time will make the Archives messy and might even result in a warning or temporary ban.
  4. A member can create as many articles as he/she may wish and that are useful and relevant to the Imperial Archives. One may create an article about his/her character, his/her ships and even about an NPC character which exists in the Combine and is close to him/her. He/she may not create excessive amounts of pages about his NPC family or other characters, dead or alive. He/she should contain those characters in his/her own page and not make a new for each one. Refrain from creating an excessive amount of pages.
  5. Articles which relate to Real Life events are not allowed. The Imperial Archive is an IC information center, everything written here is either RP or Combine related information.
  6. Vandalizing an Article is strictly prohibited. One may not write spam or commercials in articles, create empty pages, erase content from articles, write nonsense in article and so on. Users who vandalize the Imperial Archive will be banned with minimal chance of returning back after investigation.
  7. Members are responsible for their own pages, users may not edit one's character page without his permission. However, minor edits such as fixing spelling and grammar mistakes are allowed to be done by everyone and is even encouraged. When making more drastic edits to the page of current or former characters, ask the Archives Staff for permission first.
  8. If one creates an article about his/her Combine character, the Article's name must be identical to the character's name, no exceptions. Sysops may alter or delete articles with incorrect names.
  9. Recreating pages that have been deleted in the past is not allowed. If you wish to make a query to the Imperial Archive about a deleted article, contact the staff.
  10. One may not create an article to insult someone or debate on a personal matter. These issues can be handled in a Private Message or in the article's talk page. A member may not add sexual content.
  11. Classified Information. Only information deemed Unrestricted is allowed to be published on the Imperial Archives. No information classified Restricted or above may be published. This includes, but is not limited to: Unit, Commanding Officer, Fleet Mates, etc; unless that information is deemed public (such as, the CO of a Fleet). Classified information cannot be revealed either directly or indirectly. Doing so may result in a ban. Multiple offenses may result in a permanent ban and possible charges by ISB. All classified information is subject to deletion without notification.

Talk Pages

  1. One may edit his talk page to include whatever he wishes such as a to-do list, personal notes or reminders and everything else he considers important. He/she should bear in mind that information is visible for all to see.
  2. Talk Pages with past discussions in them may not be deleted or cleaned. Such conversations may be useful for future reference.
  3. One may not insult someone on their talk page, or harass them for no reason. Such personal attacks may result in a permanent ban with no chance of returning to the Archives.
  4. A person must identify himself by adding his signature after posting in any Talk page. The add signature image looks like this button_sig.png.


  1. Categories are used to organize articles better. All pages are highly encouraged to be categorized. One may not create irrelevant categories, any attempt will be punished. Make sure to check if a similar category already exists before creating a new one. Make sure to use the proper spelling of the category name, or your page won't show up in the category.
  2. Reorganizing articles is not allowed unless given permission from the Imperial Archive Staff. Everything is ordered in the best way so you can enjoy a better way of navigation through pages. If you have a suggestion, please contact the Staff on their IRC channel, #cmg-empire-Archives.


A large amount of articles in the Imperial Archives are biographies of both current and former Imperials. To make your own biography, simply search your name and click the red link to create a page. Biographies may be filled in as the creator pleases, but there is a minimum requirement for all biographies.


Each biography must contain a filled in infobox about the character it describes. These can be found in the User templates category. The choice of color is not free. It must reflect the current (full time) branch of the character. If an Imperial has served in multiple branches during his career, the last branch they served in must be used.

  • Non-Imperial Persons: CharacterBoxNonGE
  • Imperial Navy Personnel: CharacterBox
  • Imperial Army Personnel: CharacterBoxRed
  • Imperial Regional Government Personnel: CharacterBoxYellow
  • COMPNOR Personnel: CharacterBoxGrey
  • Ministry of Industry Personnel: CharacterBoxGreen
  • Imperial Intelligence Personnel: CharacterBoxScarlet
  • Order of the Sith Members: CharacterBoxBlack
  • Members of the Imperial Throne (the Emperor, Executor, previous Sovereigns, Advisors, and Guardsmen): CharacterBoxPurple
  • Imperial Academy Recruits: CharacterBoxGold

Biographical Information

Infoboxes need to be filled in in a strict and uniform manner. The race of a character should be that character's Darkness race. A Coruscanti must list 'Coruscanti' and not 'Human'. The homeworld may vary from the actual starting location in Darkness. Family does not need to represent actual characters in Darkness. If an individual is deceased, this must be noted by adding (Deceased) or a dagger ("†") after that individual's name.

Imperial Service

The branch must display the current primary branch of the character. In the case of a retired Imperial, this must be the last branch they served in. Positions do not equal ranks. While 'Soldier', 'Pilot', 'Enlisted' and 'Officer' all count as positions, 'Flight Corporal' and '1st Lieutenant' do not. Only current positions should be listed here. In the case of a retired Imperial, the position must be 'Retired', or any other description of their status within the Empire. Prior Service may only contain positions as well. These must be listed by writing the name of the position (for example: Commanding Officer), followed by a comma and the unit or branch (for example: Commanding Officer, 1st Imperial Legion).


As of Y14 D328: All awards displayed on personnel profiles will be in the format now used on the holonet (ie. only award ribbon racks shall be displayed in the "Awards" section at the bottom of the CharacterBoxes).


ALL character profile pages on the Imperial Archives will have the following text present, to ensure all biographies are properly listed and archived:


It is good form to have this text present at the bottom of biographical and profile pages.


It is mandatory to use titles in your biography. Larger titles (which can be made by adding two equals signs on each side of the title) should be kept to an absolute minimum. The standard layout for an Imperial biography contains only two of these larger titles: 'Personal History' and 'Professional History'. The first contains general information and the history of the character before, during and after their Imperial service. The second part contains tables describing the ranks and positions held by the character.

Smaller titles (which can be made by adding three equals signs on each side of the title) may be used whenever the author likes, within reason. They can be used to split up paragraphs of a character's personal history, or they can be used to split up tables of different branches or factions in their professional history.

Content of Pages

  1. Obscene content, offensive material, ridiculous or unneeded information and everything under the PG-13 rules will be removed from articles and talk pages without notice. This is strictly prohibited. Those who include such information will be punished and banned.
  2. Some information about you or your character may be classified. Such as your Unit information or which branch you belong to. Unless given permission, this information should be removed from your page. Other things such as past service positions and awards are allowed.


  1. Although uploading images option is disabled, linking to offensive or copyrighted images is not allowed.

Featured Articles

  1. Featured articles are selected by the Archives staff often based on user recommendations.
  2. The Featured article tags may only be applied with permission from the Chief Editor of the Imperial Archives

The Above rules will be enforced on all users and articles, be aware.

For all questions please contact the Director of the Imperial Information Service, the current Project Manager of the Archives, or any of the Project's staff members, listed on the Main Page. The rules above may be changed and edited at any time, please keep an eye on this article.