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Imperial Information Service

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Imperial Information Service
Leader Mordus Nordstroem
Foundation Date Y8 (INS)
Y10 (INB)
Y12 (IIS)
Type Part Time Job
Professions Media
Motto TBD
Application Process TBD
Forum Imperial Information Service (COMMCENT)
Affiliation COMPNOR

Ministry of Culture

Imperial Information Service (IIS) is the mass media of the Galactic Empire. IIS is a department within the Ministry of Culture, a sub-branch of COMPNOR. The Director of the IIS coordinates with the heads of all planetary-based news organizations, such as the Bothan News Bureau and the Coruscant News Network, and is responsible for making important news available through all mediums to Imperials, regardless of their location and status within the galaxy.


In Year 8, the Imperial News Service (INS) was formed as a department under the Ministry of Truth. The Editor-in-Chief was the head of all the departments of the INS. The newsmagazine Imperial Gazette, the Imperial Holovision, and the Imperial Radio all came under the supervision of the INS. In Year 10, Minister of Truth Orphaea Imperium decided to change the organization's name to the Imperial News Bureau (INB) and the Imperial Gazette to Iron Will. After the dissolution of the Ministry of Truth, INB became a department of the Coalition of Progress. The INB was reformed into the Imperial Information Service in Year 12.


Director of Imperial Information Service
Preceded By:
Patrick Mueirech
Mordus Nordstroem
Y23 D313
Succeeded By:

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