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"Scientia, Ordo, Potestas."

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Tapani Oversector


Tapani Oversector resides many light years to the south of Coruscant, spanning parts of the Core, Colonies and Inner Rim, and forms the western half of the Empire's Ruby Region. This oversector represents an important new frontier in the Empire’s battle to spread order and civilisation throughout the galaxy. Protected by the steadfast men and women of the 3rd Imperial Fleet and the 3rd Legion, each year sees new settlements and industries rise up as all benefit from the peace that only Imperial administration can bring. (more...)

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"With the integration into the New Order and the evidence brought before me, I have no alternative than to conclude the Republic Senate is incapable of serving the people. By my order, the Senate is hereby disbanded on Year 21 Day 30. As you know, I have appointed Imperial governors to oversee the transition to rule by the Imperial Union. While accepting the unconditional surrender of the New Republic on behalf of the entire Imperial Union, it is important your worlds are divided amongst the Imperial Union member states. This is in recognition of the need to respect local traditions and cultures, and that direct Imperial rule over some of these regions is not an appropriate or responsible approach to harmony."
— Emperor Seele, dissolving the remnants of the Galactic Republic

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"Imperial Boloball: A Come Back To Stay-At-Home Entertainment"

Posted by: Patrick Mueirech on Year 21 Day 110

KUAT (CULTURE) — Boloball has hit the sports centers again across the Imperial Community. The resurgence is owed to the cheery youth's interest in recreational activities. Sports are a popular pastime for the many, be it for casual or competitive - more specifically the game of Boloball, another ballgame favourite alternative to Shockball. The Imperial Gaming Commission took kindly to this comeback and renewed the Imperial Boloball League. The chosen League Administrator was none other than IGC Deputy Director, Max Corrino of the Imperial Navy. He is particularly known for being actively engaged in COMPNOR's events, furthering goals for the New Order. The renewal season, League Season 23 kicked off rather well and had now concluded with Everard de Montfort's Chandrila Boloball Club winning the season's cup, followed by Lord Admiral Drenall's Vandor Vanguard and Marc Farstan's Corellia Boloball Club coming up in third place.

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"De Fideli Administratione"

Posted by: Seele - Faction: Galactic Empire
Date: Year 21 Day 95 From the Golan II Raithal II Sentry in system Raithal (50, 123).

RAITHAL II (INB) - The Imperial Union Defence Committee has formally broken the ongoing secrecy regarding the Imperial Union’s activities and plans for the occupied territories of the former New Republic. Ending the two-month silence on ongoing military operations, Defence Committee spokesman Major General Christopher Lothbrok announced the Imperial Union’s strategy to secure worlds and establish effective governance over the newly claimed worlds.

The briefing identified the key strategy of the Imperial Union as being one of careful and peaceful transition to the new arrangements for governance. Chief within this plan has been the use of military forces only to assist the local police forces, or to fill gaps where some elements of police forces have refused to recognise the legitimate reign of the Imperial Union. Although General Lothbrok acknowledged not all of the local constabulary were willing to recognise or follow Union law, he emphasised these were rarities and citizen safety was quickly assured through the use of Imperial Union forces as temporary reinforcements.

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  • ...Fletcher Welks still uses the Imperial Academy Recruit avatar image as his passport?
  • ...Max Corrino was promoted to Commander by the Emperor himself at Vigo Banquo Knox's referral?
  • ...Former II Director Voor discovered a breakthrough in hyperspace travel, allowing his ship with an enhanced hyperdrive to instantly materialize in any system?
  • ...Did you know there is one ear belonging to Vodo Bonias floating around?

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