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Elaine von Veritrax

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Elaine von Veritrax
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes, later Naboo
Mother Ilyna von Veritrax
Father Marshall von Veritrax
Spouse None
Siblings Classified
Children None
Born Unknown
Imperial Service
Branch II_Archive.png
Imperial Intelligence
Positions Current:
  • Director
  • Politician
Prior Service

Sith Councilor
Bureau Chief
Minister of Culture
IIS Director
Imperial Security Bureau
Regional Government
Training Officer
IIS Writer

Awards 8896_von_veritrax.png

"Ambition without direction can be self-destructive.
—Elaine von Veritrax

Elaine von Veritrax, acclaimed under the ominous alias of Darth Nantius, stands as a revered pillar within the tapestry of Imperial Society, her presence demanded at the opulent gatherings hosted by the Imperial aristocracy. Among her numerous eminent roles, she holds the exalted mantle of Director of Imperial Intelligence, a pivotal position within the enigmatic web of power, as well as being an esteemed member of the Empires Political Party and formerly an influential voice within the Sith Council.

As a devoted luminary within the Empire's Political Party, Elaine's legacy has been etched through years of service in the hallowed halls of the Ministry of Culture's Cabinet. Her tenure, marked by exceptional prowess, culminated in a permanent seat, a testament to her distinguished stewardship as the Minister of Culture under the reign of Emperor Seele. With an adroit hand, she navigates the labyrinthine corridors of Imperial politics, subtly crafting the trajectory of development, policy, and advancement across all sectors.

Elaine's saga of influence traces back through her multifaceted career. Her previous roles as Minister of Culture in the Central Government as a member of the Select Committee, and Imperial Security Bureau, alongside her suspected covert contributions to Imperial Intelligence, weave a narrative of a figure enshrouded in mystery and mastery. Her astute stratagems and intrinsic diplomacy have earned her the accolades of the Empire's elite echelons.

Beyond the realm of politics and bureaucracy, Elaine's aura of mastery transcends to a domain where the Force weaves its intricate threads. As Darth Nantius, she emerges as a paragon of the Sith arts, her dominion over the Force elevating her to unparalleled eminence. This arcane knowledge offers her a distinctive vantage, a lens through which she discerns the Empire's inner mechanisms, propelling her aspirations both personal and political. Yet, for all her triumphs and station, she remains an enigma, her poise reserved, her life veiled in privacy.

Elaine's unswerving loyalty to the Empire and the Sith Order resonates as an unwavering anthem. Her counsel is invoked in the highest sanctums of Imperial leadership, her sagacity a lodestar to those who steer the Empire's course. Her far-reaching influence has woven her name into the very fabric of power and prestige, a symbol synonymous with dominance among the cognoscenti who traverse her orbit.

In Brief

Elaine von Veritrax's journey commenced within the corridors of the Akheton Corporation, where the early chapters of her career were penned. However, destiny beckoned her towards a grander purpose, one intertwined with the very fabric of the Imperial Union, as she cast her lot with the Tresarian government. This pivotal juncture took shape against the backdrop of the Trade Federation's acquisition of Akheton, a former member of the Imperial Union. The cosmic dance led to the consolidation of the Naboo system under the Trade Federation's aegis, and amidst this transformation, Elaine's trajectory underwent a shift.

Guided by her aspirations and a pivotal meeting with a Tresarian recruiter, she embarked on a new chapter. The Tresarian Academy became her crucible, forging her into a refined entity. Graduating with distinction, the baton of her service was handed to the Tresarian Fleet, where her acumen, honed through her tenure in Akheton's sprawling production and construction endeavors, found an even broader canvas for development.

Yet, the corridors of military service did not harmonize entirely with her aspirations. The cadence of her heart's call led her to resign from Tresario, carving an exit that would pave the way for her metamorphosis. Elaine's compass, now fixed on the Empire, bore her towards a higher calling. The ideals of the New Order resonated in the depths of her being, and she pivoted her purpose towards becoming an enduring cog in the machinery of Imperial efficiency.

Seizing her role within the Regional Government, Elaine's capabilities became a siren's song that drew the gaze of officers and officials alike. Her work ethic, marked by both efficiency and the prescience to anticipate future requisites, painted her as a luminary in the Imperial constellation. Progressing through the ranks of bureaucracy, she left her indelible mark on the tapestry of Imperial administration, a journey that encompassed the Regional Government, Imperial Intelligence, the Imperial Security Bureau, and COMPNOR.

In this symphony of service, Elaine von Veritrax's narrative resonates as a testament to adaptability and unwavering dedication, each note carefully orchestrated on the grand stage of galactic politics and Imperial ascendancy.

Beginning Chapters

Early Years

Hapes - Elaine's birthplace.

Born into the embrace of a moderately influential Hapan family, Elaine's origins were marked by the shifting tides of fate. While still in her tender years, her family's sails of fortune caught a different wind, guiding them to an entirely new world outside the intricate dance of the Hapes Cluster. This strategic distancing from the convoluted courtly intricacies of Hapan nobility would set the stage for the enigmatic chapters of her life.

In this distant realm, the house embarked on a journey of gradual expansion, akin to the unfurling petals of a determined bloom. Under the wise tutelage of her paternal grandmother, the family's endeavors spanned a tapestry of disciplines, their mastery intertwining with their indispensability. Like artisans of old, they harnessed various arts, weaving them into the very fabric of their prosperity.

Yet, it was Elaine's father who would imbue the family name with an enduring legacy, altering their destiny like a celestial body altering the course of a river. His discovery and development of a groundbreaking propulsion system bestowed the monarchy of Naboo with a new vigour. With this momentous stride, the family's trajectory surged skyward, its success a testament to their ingenuity.

In the wake of this achievement, the familial odyssey unfolded once more. Elaine's paternal grandmother, the helmswoman of their aspirations, set sail again, leaving the Naboo capital to the radiant shores of the lush planet. Here, within the embrace of a different realm, her grandmother's nurturing hand guided Elaine's formative years. The arts of business, the intrigue of politics, and the grand symphony of strategic warfare were inscribed into her very being, aspirations kindled with the ancestral fire that flowed through her veins. It was a legacy entrusted to her, a mantle of ancestral dreams to bear upon her shoulders.

Elaine's Father, Marshall von Veritrax

Age of Discovery


The sunrises and sunsets that marked Elaine's days on Naboo stretched long and arduous. Within the framework carefully woven by her grandmother's hands, each day unfurled as a tapestry of learning and refinement. Etiquette and manners were etched into her like verses of an ancient poem, while the currents of Hapan societal nuances were channeled through her veins. This orchestrated journey held a singular purpose: to forge a path towards a pinnacle of power within the Corporate government that would come to govern Naboo in later years.

Time flowed like a river, and as Elaine's age ripened, the fruits of her unwavering diligence and pursuit of excellence during her formative years came to fruition. The company, lured by the prospect of her exceptional dedication, welcomed her into its embrace. Here, amid the company's corridors, she unfurled her expertise like a masterful tapestry weaver, crafting factories and presiding over the intricate dance of production operations. In the alchemy of her touch, production pipelines were streamlined, birthing a new era of efficacy within the Corporation's realm.

However, this chapter of triumph nestled in the arms of Akheton was fated to be brief. Like a constellation shifting in the night sky, the majority of shareholders opted to entwine their destinies with the Trade Federation's orbit. This pivotal shift in the cosmic dance led to the acquisition, and the subsequent merger of Akheton into the Trade Federation's vast conglomerate. The winds of change swept with a culture shock, leaving Elaine at a crossroads.

The overwhelming tide of this transformation became the backdrop against which Elaine made her decision. The compass of exploration guided her as she tendered her resignation, stepping away from the familiar shores of Naboo. In the shadow of this departure lay the allure of new ventures, the blank pages of unwritten chapters awaiting her indomitable spirit.

Arrival to Tresario

Adrift within the void left by her abrupt detachment from Naboo's intricate society, Elaine sought solace in the embrace of the cosmos. Memories from her childhood flooded back, intertwining with the yawning depths of the dark abyss that stretched before her. The cold tendrils of space encircled her as she lay curled in the embrace of her Starrunner-class Starship, the Vendrix. In the solitude of her vessel, she grappled with the echoes of her past. The vessel, a cocoon of memories and meager savings, was now her sole companion as she navigated the galaxies, traversing days that bled into one another.

Finally, her journey led her to the sectors governed by Tresario, distant lands that stood in stark contrast to the rolling hills of her once-familiar Naboo. Amidst these alien vistas, she found a sliver of belonging, a foothold upon which she could commence anew. The forced merger of her former employer left her no alternative but to relinquish her only haven—a modest flat at the time—and resign herself to the confines of her ship. As she soared through space, her course mapped towards Bak`rofsen, the promise of a new beginning pulsed in her heart. A landing site had been reserved for her in the foreign expanse, two weeks to secure a place to call home upon this unfamiliar terrain.

From the vantage point of the cockpit, ensconced in the captain's chair, Elaine gazed out upon a sprawling tableau of warships and civilian vessels. An intricate choreography unfolded before her, ships dancing in harmonious chaos. Suddenly, a shadow cast itself over her vessel, and a blinking communication request materialized on her dashboard. Swift and deft, her fingers danced across the console, forging a secure and encrypted connection. It was her inaugural encounter with a behemoth of the spaceways—a Mon Calamari warship, a ship of the line, and recognition surged through her veins. The ship bore the hallmarks of an MC-60 class.

Elaine's response was swift, her actions akin to a maestro orchestrating her vessel's movements. She plotted a course that carved through the open lanes of space, guiding her to an orbit around Bak`rofsen. As her ship drew nearer to the planet, her breath caught in her throat at the sight that unfolded before her. Twin Home One cruisers graced the cosmic tapestry, orbiting the planet side by side, guardians of the realm. The visual spectacle inspired awe within her.

Securing her passage to the world below took time, as protocols and permissions were meticulously navigated. Eventually, her starship descended upon the designated landing pad, a gentle touch that marked the beginning of her journey on this uncharted land.

Arrival to Tresario.

Initially, Elaine embarked on her days by immersing herself in the vibrant tapestry of the Tresarian Recruitment Center, along with the local hospital and an array of noteworthy bars and restaurants. Amidst this exploration, her ship remained her haven, a cocoon in the vast unknown. The luminous days unfurled before her, an opportunity to traverse the contours of the planet before formally engaging in the recruitment process. Along her meandering journey, she cast her applications into the job market, each a fragment of possibility. Yet, despite the array of prospects, none managed to truly captivate her aspirations. After six days of contemplation, a pivotal decision ripened within her: it was time to step through the doors of the center.

And so, not long after her choice crystallized, Elaine found herself embarking upon a trajectory that led her to the hallowed halls of the Tresarian University. Less than a week had passed, and she was poised to undergo a chapter of intense personal growth. The University's embrace welcomed her without adversity; her physical prowess was evidenced by her effortless navigation of the physical tests, each challenge a mere step on her path. On the range, amidst camaraderie with her classmates, she found herself at home. Her prowess as an accomplished markswoman painted her as an enigma amidst her peers, a skill nurtured from the earliest moments under her grandfather's sagely tutelage. In the realm of piloting, a skill already etched into her repertoire, she scored commendable marks, a testament to her prior experience.

The journey through these academic corridors was a symphony of triumph, crescendoing towards the pinnacle of her final exam. Like a constellation of stars aligning in a wondrous display, her marks painted a portrait of perfection. With pride and accomplishment, she donned the mantle of formal service with Tresario, stepping forth into the realm of her chosen destiny.

Leaving Tresario

Elaine's tenure within Tresario proved to be fleeting, a chapter that filled the void of belonging yet failed to quench the thirst for the meticulous structure that her heart yearned for. The tapestry of her experience there lacked the well-defined contours and the disciplined social hierarchy that she had earnestly sought, reminiscent of her formative years. Yet, the echoes of such a system resonated nearby, albeit in a different context—politically, as the stars of fate would have it. Amidst this realization, a decisive path began to unfurl before her.

With deliberation and resolve, she penned her resignation from Tresario, a bold step that illuminated the map of her destiny. Her gaze turned towards the Galactic Empire, where the symphony of structured order harmonized with her aspirations. Here, within the confines of Imperial majesty, she perceived the promise of a more disciplined realm, one where her desires for purpose and hierarchy could find their sanctum. And so, the ink on her decision to join the Galactic Empire marked a transformative juncture in her odyssey.

In Service of an Empire 40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png

Imperial Academy

Prakith greeted Elaine with an overwhelming embrace that reached beyond her senses, a planetary colossus of monumental proportions. The tapestry woven by the city-planet's intricate infrastructure stretched far beyond her expectations. While the worlds she had encountered under Tresario's banner were adorned with architectural marvels, never before had she stood amidst a metropolis of such staggering magnitude, housing a density of population that seemed to mirror the constellations themselves. The cityscape stretched out like a cosmic canvas, an urban symphony that played upon her senses.

Guided through the threshold of this grand expanse, Elaine found herself swept into a cavernous hall, a gathering place for innumerable Cadets like her. As she took her seat, surrounded by a sea of aspiring individuals, her anticipation mingled with the energy in the air. The hall was alive with the movements of droids and personnel, a synchronized ballet that sent staff on their way to rendezvous with training officers. Time flowed like a river, until her turn arrived like a guiding star.

Summoned into the presence of Training Officer Lieutenant Commander Mordus Nordstroem, Elaine's expectations encountered a surprising twist. The officer's office stood vacant, yet the holographic presence projected his authority from afar. Swiftly and succinctly, her directives were issued, a list of tasks that would test her resolve. Drawing upon the teachings of her upbringing, she committed herself wholeheartedly, embracing her tasks with a fervor that bore the essence of her heritage. The shadows of her ancestors walked alongside her, whispering encouragement with every stride.

As her lessons unfurled and the threads of her education began to weave a tapestry of knowledge, a tempestuous upheaval shrouded Prakith. A surge of electrical storms reverberated through the cosmos, provoking the planetary defense network to awaken. At the behest of her Training Officer, Elaine was swiftly dispatched alongside a pair of steadfast stormtroopers. Their mission was clear: to uncover the truth hidden within the tempest's wake, to ensure that civil order held and that the specter of hostility remained vanquished. Guided by duty, she delved into her assignment with an unwavering spirit, documenting onlookers and gathering intelligence with meticulous precision.

Upon her return, as the tempest subsided and the stars reclaimed their tranquility, Elaine's journey shifted once more. Her final trials and examinations stood as the crucible through which she forged her path to graduation, her honor like a radiant sun. With the blessings of diligence and heritage, she emerged from her trials victorious, a graduate adorned with the laurels of excellence. Stepping into her role within the Regional Government, her journey was not just a story but an odyssey marked by resilience, purpose, and triumph.

Arrival to Prakith.

Imperial Gala

Amid the blossoming tendrils of her early Imperial career, one event stood as a defining chapter in Elaine's journey: the Imperial Gala commemorating the reign of Emperor Guinar Ndengin the Undying. Within its opulent embrace, the stage was set for daring action to etch her mark on the annals of influence and ascendancy. Arriving at the palace aboard a JV-7 Delta shuttle, Elaine descended the ramp in the splendor of her finest gown. Each step was a dance of grace as she held her dress aloft, a young officer poised to make her presence felt.

Navigating through the intricate passages, she presented her credentials at the checkpoint, a formality that led her into the palace's embrace. The statues of Emperor Ndengin and his predecessors cast a commanding gaze over the path, flanked by turbolaser batteries standing sentinel, their presence a reminder of the power woven into the very architecture. As Elaine ascended the grand staircase, the main hall unfolded before her like a treasure trove of artistry. Its magnificence dwarfed anything she had witnessed before, a breathtaking display of craftsmanship that left her breathless.

In this realm of awe, her path intertwined with Heron Vandroy, a fellow member of the Regional Government. A shared curiosity led them to the gardens, where conversations flowed like a meandering river. It was here that Director Seele made his entrance, accompanied by his confidant Joer Knight. Elaine's audacious spirit led her to guide Heron toward this prestigious duo, a move that would herald the twist her evening took. Much to her astonishment, Director Seele extended an unexpected invitation—a tour of the palace. Under his guidance, they moved through guarded corridors, weaving past retinues of guards to explore reserved sanctuaries within the gardens.

As the tour meandered to a close, Elaine's gaze shifted to the man beside her, Director Seele. The embodiment of history and power, his very essence was woven into the foundations of the Galactic Empire. The triumvirate of Directors and their esteemed advisors were pillars that could not be shaken, their legacy a testament to the Empire's resilience and strength. Amid these contemplations, a sense of anxiety tinged Elaine's thoughts, her mind racing with the implications of her daring maneuver.

A sideways glance betrayed the trepidation that churned within her, yet Director Seele's gaze remained unyielding. Together, they traversed the threshold of a chamber, a vault adorned with a kaleidoscope of statues crafted from various stones. These intricately detailed figures painted stories of the past, each carved form an ode to history itself. Among them, an obsidian sculpture caught Elaine's eye—a depiction of a mother and child frozen in eternal embrace, their visages etched with astonishing realism.

The evening's tapestry unfurled, a tapestry of awe and wonder that wove its threads around Elaine and the Director. She moved as if caught in a dream, a child exploring a realm of splendor and majesty. Room after room, hall after hall, they ventured forth, a pair embroiled in a symphony of power and elegance as the night flowed toward its conclusion.

The Father, The Sun, And a Rising Metropolis

Veritrax unveiling a construction project.

Elaine's arrival at the hallowed precincts of the Regional Government's offices brimmed with unbridled enthusiasm, a spark that ignited her relentless engagement with her responsibilities. The once-neglected projects, mere fragments of potential, flourished under her nurturing guidance, sprouting to fruition. Wrapped in her unshakable faith in the Empire's political arm, the COMPNOR, she embarked on a journey of integration, weaving threads of design from the Core into the very fabric of her architectural endeavors. Her prowess as a swift executor of tasks acted as a siren's call, drawing the attention of esteemed senior officials. With their gaze upon her, expectations soared, carving out a path of heightened standards. Undeterred, she embraced this mantle of progress, dedicating herself anew with a blazing fervor.

Like a star ascending its celestial path, she charted a trajectory through the echelons of the Regional Government. A metamorphosis occurred within her, one that nurtured an appreciation for the viewpoints of several Class B Citizens. In this nuanced dance of governance, her orbit expanded to envelop those whose voices might have otherwise been muted. A few of these voices found resonance in her, and she extended her hand, drawing them into the intimate folds of her personal staff. The trajectory she carved was one of inclusivity, an embodiment of her commitment to fostering unity within the Empire's embrace.

Guided by her burgeoning influence, she was entrusted with the monumental task of crafting the blueprint for the development of the enigmatic planet ████████. This canvas was unveiled amidst the rallying cry of COMPNOR, where the cadence of progress resonated with the hearts of refugees fleeing the clutches of the New Republic's tyranny. Elaine's revelation wove seamlessly into the tapestry of a greater narrative, a testament to her dedication and her belief in the Empire's enduring ideals.


Academy Revisited

Elaine's adeptness in management and her unwavering attention to even the minutest of details swiftly cast a spotlight upon her within the hallowed halls of the Academy. Like a constellation aligning, the Dean's declining health plunged the institution into a state of uncertainty. In this pivotal juncture, the Commandant—an eminent figure and the most senior authority under the Minister of Culture in COMPNOR—recognizing Elaine's potential, bestowed upon her the role of acting Dean.

As time wove its tapestry, Elaine embraced her newfound responsibilities with an ardent spirit. The flame of her dedication kindled the drive for modernization, igniting the fervor to refine Imperial training materials and elevate academic standards to greater heights. Her relentless pursuit of progress served as both her anchor and guiding star, and it wasn't long before she was officially anointed as Dean, her rise a testament to her competence and commitment.

Yet, like a celestial body journeying across the heavens, her tenure in this esteemed role was destined to be brief. The inexorable demands of her duties within the Bureau reached out like gravitational forces, pulling her into its orbit with increasing intensity. Recognizing the immutable call to fulfill her responsibilities, Elaine made the decision to step back from her position as Dean. The torch she had carried was entrusted to Assistant Secretary Arya Solus, a transfer of power that occurred nearly a month after she had assumed the mantle herself. The tale of her stewardship was brief but impactful, a chapter of her journey that illuminated her capacity for leadership and adaptation.

Signal Amplifier

At the helm of the Bureau's Surveillance Department, Elaine assumed the mantle of a vigilant observer, her gaze spanning both local and imperial news with an unwavering dedication. Yet her role extended beyond mere observation, as her pen often danced across the pages, crafting and refining narratives for precision and accuracy. A virtuoso of truth, she wielded her words to shape the very information that coursed through the Empire's veins.

Her multifaceted contributions rippled across the landscape, each note of her symphony resonating through the corridors of influence. The Ministry of Culture, recognizing the orchestrator behind the scenes, extended an invitation for her to chair the Department—an invitation Elaine met with a resolute nod. Eagerly, she stepped into this elevated role, embracing it as both an honor and an opportunity. Her passion for unearthing the Empire's heartbeat burned brighter than ever before, propelling her into a relentless pursuit of events unfolding throughout the reaches of the galaxy.

Imperial Security Bureau

Veritrax, early in her career during an interview.

In the midst of year 18, Elaine Veritrax embarked on a pivotal shift, transitioning her allegiance from the Regional Government to the commanding realm of the Imperial Security Bureau. Adhering to protocol, her journey commenced at the hallowed ISB Headquarters on Coruscant, where the corridors whispered secrets and every step held the weight of potential. In the capable hands of her training officer, the enigmatic Kathleen Tate, she embarked on an immersive probationary period.

Under the seasoned eye of her mentor, her days were etched with the indelible ink of rigorous training. A symphony of subjects unfolded before her, encompassing the realms of law, policy, risk management, and the rigors of physical conditioning. These crucibles of learning were the forge in which she honed herself for both overt and covert operations. Her ascent through these trials was swift and unwavering, fueled by a fusion of innovative ideas and unconventional methodologies. With her graduation from this crucible of knowledge, she unfurled her wings to embrace her newfound role as the Regional Liaison for the Empire's illustrious capital—the Emerald Region.

In the embrace of the capital, Elaine's presence proved magnetic. A tapestry of agents and informants rallied beneath her banner, drawn by the gravitas she emanated. With determination and resolve, she endeavored to consolidate the disparate strands of Bureau operations, weaving them into a cohesive fabric that exemplified the Empire's unwavering stance. Her approach, marked by stringent rigor and unyielding purpose, echoed through the corridors of power. Planets and aristocrats in the Core were compelled to heed the Empire's ideals, guided by the metronome of her unrelenting actions.

Chief of Surveillance

Elaine's swift and adept consolidation of the Empire's law enforcement units within the Emerald Region painted her as an exceptional figure in the Directorate's gaze. Impressed by her prowess, the Directorate made a resolute decision—to grant her a dual command, entrusting her not only with the mantle of Regional Liaison but also as the Chief of Surveillance. This elevation to dual leadership prompted a symphony of transformation as she orchestrated a sweeping overhaul of the program she now helmed.

With fervor as her beacon, Elaine embarked on a journey to breathe new life into the Surveillance Department. Her canvas was a realm of doctrines and reporting methods that demanded reinvention, an operational landscape ripe for enhancement in capacity and the stratagem of information compartmentalization. The very foundations trembled as she restructured and reequipped Surveillance, arming it to face both domestic and intergalactic threats. The architecture of her design promised a harmonious interplay between intelligence and action.

Stepping onto the hallowed grounds of Coruscant, Elaine's presence seemed to reverberate with the weight of purpose. Here, she immersed herself in crafting procedural plans that would seal the gaps in data compartmentalization. The machinery of the Department of Surveillance was reshaped to harmonize with a relentless stream of intelligence, channeled through the tireless endeavors of surveillance professionals. This undercurrent of work served as the heartbeat behind counter-terrorism, foreign counterintelligence, and criminal investigations, orchestrating a symphony that influenced the trajectory of Imperial decisions.

Elaine's tenure marked the dawn of a new era—an era of sophisticated analysis and dissemination of intelligence. Advanced technology and cutting-edge data analysis techniques converged under her guidance, transforming the Bureau into a sentinel of precision. Her innovative strategies breathed life into the act of data analysis, unraveling potential threats and vulnerabilities with a swiftness hitherto unattained. These insights, an oracle's whisper, guided proactive measures to protect the Empire's interests and quell threats before they could strike.

Yet Elaine's reach extended beyond the realm of technology; she wove the tapestry of relationships with finesse. Fostering partnerships with key stakeholders across the Emerald Region and beyond, she became a conductor of collaboration. Her symphony of unity harmonized with local law enforcement agencies, military units, and other entities, creating a nexus of information and effort to safeguard the Empire's stability.

As the crescendo of her leadership resounded, the Department of Surveillance emerged as a beacon of excellence, admired by law enforcement agencies galaxy-wide. Elaine's unwavering dedication to the safety of Imperial citizens elevated her to a position of universal recognition and respect. She walked as a sage advisor, a trusted ally, offering her counsel to senior government officials and military leaders alike. In the pages of history, her legacy shone as a testament to leadership, vision, and an unyielding commitment to the Empire's safeguarding.

Ministry of Culture

Year 19, Day 355 marked a turning point as the names of Elaine and Draelor Nah`utal resounded across the Empire, bestowing upon them the titles of Ministers and inducting them into the revered Select Committee of the Empire's Central Government. This momentous elevation was not only a nod to their worthiness but a union with the embodiment of the Empire's ethos—COMPNOR, the cornerstone of both the Central Government and the Empire's Political Party, affectionately known to Elaine as "The Party."

With the mantle of Minister of Culture draped upon her shoulders, Elaine accepted a formidable challenge—the stewardship of the Empire's ideological dissemination and the unwavering loyalty of its populace. Her past stints as Director of Information Services and Chief of Surveillance had seeded the soil of experience, allowing her to sprout a plan to breathe life into propaganda's embers across the Empire's dominion.

Initiating this grand revival, she orchestrated the securing of funds to fuel the Ministry's expansion, casting her gaze on distinguished officers who could serve as key pillars. A chorus of "true believers" answered her call, embodying the very spirit of the New Order. This assembly, featuring luminaries like Arya Solus, Patrick Mueirech, and Lirri Elysar, catalyzed a rapid metamorphosis. Their departments, veritable engines of influence, were reengineered to pierce the veils of private lives, kindling public interaction with the State.

In tandem with these visible shifts, subtler tides of transformation surged beneath the surface. Sven Jazzel, the maestro of artistic ingenuity, sculpted new media and banners that beckoned audiences from across the galaxies. Through the canvas of Culture, the Empire painted its tales. Krakonico Petermind, a beacon of advocacy, rallied for the nurturing of the Empire's future through the Sub-Adult Group. Under his baton, triumphs etched in the Empire's annals were celebrated with exuberance. The Ministry's growth became a crescendo of engagement, each note a siren's call beckoning more souls into the embrace of The Party.

As the Ministry's influence swelled, its reach expanded beyond mere numbers. Underneath the surface, the very fabric of the Empire was rewoven. The efforts of Sven, Krakonico, and their peers infused new hues into the canvas of Imperial existence, transforming it into a masterpiece of engagement and unity. The Ministry's pursuit of igniting passion and loyalty blazed like a beacon, and as its flames leapt higher, it illuminated the Empire's path toward a future of shared purpose and unyielding dedication.

Focused Signals

Elaine's immediate focus became the rejuvenation and fortification of the Empire's propaganda machinery. This endeavor called for a collaborative symphony of minds, and she summoned her Secretaries to orchestrate this transformation. In this harmonious exchange, two brilliant officers were anointed to helm pivotal sections within the Information Service. Phaedra Thester was entrusted with the mantle of Chief Editor for the Empire's beloved magazine, "The Iron Will," while Owen von Ismay took on the mantle of Chief Archivist.

Return to The Shadows II_Archive.png

On Year 22, Day 282, a symphony of roles converged as Elaine embarked on a dual journey—assuming the mantle of Chief of Analysis for Imperial Intelligence and Chair of the Imperial Information Service, responding to the beckoning call of the Select Committee. Her sagacious foresight had already set the stage, engaging in profound discussions with the Director of Imperial Intelligence even before the official appointment unfurled its wings. Together, they wove a tapestry of strategic renaissance, breathing life back into an organization that had weathered the storm of former betrayals.

Their shared pursuit of revitalization was a beacon of synergy. Elaine's focus became a beacon—recruiting exceptional talents to stand as her lieutenants. Two stellar figures emerged, stepping into the spotlight: Max Corrino and Thrae Claddlyl. Their combined expertise and dedication converged, forming the pillars of Elaine's strategic vision.

In the annals of Empire, Elaine's commitment was an unwavering note, resonating through the hearts of its denizens. A melody of dedication that could not be ignored. This song found harmonious recognition within the halls of the Political Party of COMPNOR. An intimate ceremony held within the chambers of the Select Committee enshrined her as a permanent member of this revered assembly. This honor was a crown, adorned with jewels of acknowledgment for her exceptional service as Minister of Culture and the multitude of contributions she had woven into the ministry's tapestry. A testament to her tireless work and indomitable leadership, this honor was the Empire's ovation to Elaine's symphony of dedication.

Silencing Heretics

Darth Nantius

A devoted scholar of Kintik's teachings and the lore of the Dark Lord himself, Darth Nantius' philosophical voyage through the realms of Sith ideology took an intriguing trajectory. As her mastery of the Force burgeoned, her perspectives swerved into the depths of violence and zealotry. Within the Order's labyrinthine passages, her influence blossomed, a testament to her growing understanding of the intricate dance within the Sith Order's society. It was a maturation marked by cunning and manipulation, a symphony of power orchestrated with precision.

Amidst this symphony, Year 22 heralded a pivotal crescendo. Darth Nantius, now a name spoken in hushed reverence, took her rightful place on the Dark Council. Within its shadowy chambers, she embraced the mantle of leadership over the enigmatic and formidable Saarai Enclave, a realm defined by its secrecy, violence, and unwavering devotion. The Enclave's name carried weight, resonating with whispers of fear and reverence—a stark testament to its place within the Order's hierarchy.

A solemn vow, etched in shadows, bound her to a singular purpose: to silence those who dared to raise dissenting voices against the teachings of the Empire and the sanctum of the Order. Her inner circle, a coterie of confidantes, became the bedrock upon which her vision was cast. With the precision of a master craftsman, she embarked on a journey to fortify the Enclave's standing. Stagnation was banished, and the seeds of transformation were sown. Training facilities, once a reflection of mediocrity, now stood as temples of growth and ascension. The reigns of control tightened, clutched in the hands of her trusted advisors, who mirrored her conviction and fervor.

In the shadow's embrace, Darth Nantius wove her narrative, threading her path with the essence of the Force itself. The symphony of her influence played on, resonating through the annals of Sith history, a testament to her unyielding spirit, her determination to carve her name into the tapestry of the Dark Side.

The Ubiqtorate

In the annals of Y23 D202, the tale of Elaine von Veritrax carried her to the very heart of Imperial supremacy—the grandeur-laden chambers of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. Even though she had traversed its sprawling expanse before, this summons held an air of significance that eclipsed her previous visits to the colossal citadel. Empress Inwe Ventidius herself issued this enigmatic invitation, a gesture shrouded in veils of shadow and intrigue. Recognizing Elaine's steadfast devotion and the far-reaching waves of her impact, she was granted an ascent to the zenith of Imperial Intelligence, a position of singular prominence as the Director.

With the mantle of her newfound authority draped upon her shoulders, Elaine strode boldly into the forefront of the Ubiqtorate, embodying its intricate mechanisms. A recruitment campaign unfurled beneath her banner, seeking to beckon forth the most ingenious and ingenious minds the galaxy harbored. Across the tapestry of the cosmos, seeds of doubt were meticulously sown, and the Empire's dominion stood unwaveringly affirmed. As the mastermind behind clandestine symphonies, she dedicated herself ceaselessly to weaving a cosmic web of influence, intricately connecting the fates of those who dared challenge the Empire's unassailable dominion.

Emergente Nobilis

On Y25 D202, during the Imperial Monthly Meeting, Emperor Jai Meridan summoned Elaine von Veritrax to deliver the monthly update for Imperial Intelligence to the assembled retinue of the Empire's most esteemed officers. As she prepared to give her report, the Emperor unexpectedly interrupted, recognizing her exceptional service and contributions. In a moment of great honor, Emperor Meridian named her a Marchioness of the Galactic Empire, officially cementing her status within the Empire's House of Lords. This prestigious appointment not only acknowledged her past achievements but also signified her continued importance in the Empire's future endeavors, and as having the full faith and trust of the Emperor as a leader across the Empire.

Campaigns & Operations

War for Hosnian

In the annals of Year 19, precisely on Day 188, the cosmic stage bore witness to the unveiling of the Hosnian system by explorers hailing from the Tresario Star Kingdom. What followed in the subsequent weeks was a crucible of trials by fire, a test that would challenge the resolve of all involved. As the echoes of this revelation reverberated, a clarion proclamation resounded—the clarion call of Imperial ownership, heralded by none other than Emperor Seele.

A cascade of humanity, numbering in the thousands, converged upon the once-veiled system, each drawn by the irresistible allure of untouched landscapes and untapped potential. Yet, within this intoxicating opportunity lay the seeds of turmoil. A motley assembly of the influential and the wealthy rallied, crafting militias that played their part in the symphony of chaos, capitalizing on rebel factions' fervor to strike a blow against the Empire. This confluence of motives, fueled by avarice and fueled further by the echoes of rebel indoctrination, thrust thousands of workers into the fray. Their aim: to thwart the Empire's advance.

Amidst this chaotic maelstrom, Elaine von Veritrax emerged as a key player, her role akin to a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, a delicate dance against the backdrop of shifting allegiances and treacherous ground. The formidable Kuga Morgul was her counterpart, a sparring partner in this intricate choreography. As build crews endeavored to shape the future of Hosnian, Veritrax maneuvered with calculated precision, orchestrating the ebb and flow of confrontation.

A tide turned, a conflict began to tip in favor of the Empire, and amidst this shift, Elaine donned new mantles. The ranks of special units beckoned, and with unwavering determination, she took up the task of rounding up build crews, many of whom had been hired by parties harboring hostility toward the Empire. In the shadow of this conflict—dubbed Operation: Swiftsure—she emerged as a stalwart presence on various fronts, a beacon of Imperial commitment and valor.

When the dust finally settled, and the echoes of battle had faded, a Letter of Commendation adorned Elaine's achievements—a testament to her service during this tumultuous campaign. In the backdrop of her actions, the name Veritrax was etched onto the canvas of history, a marker of dedication, courage, and an unyielding commitment to the Empire's cause.

Second Battle of Krmar

Year 20, Day 70 marked the inception of the Second Battle of Krmar II—a pivotal chapter within the tapestry of the ongoing Second Galactic Civil War. The stage was set for a monumental clash between the Faerytail Family and the Archduchy of Tolonda, both vying for dominion over the fiercely contested planet of Krmar II. Among those who answered the Empire's call to arms were illustrious figures such as Arya Solus, Filipe Barro, Emillio Peares, and the indomitable Sven Jazzel, each converging to lend their strength to the impending struggle.

The curtain of conflict had unfurled well before Year 20, Day 70, with the Archduchy of Tolonda's forces descending upon the planet's surface, a storm of ground forces echoing their intent. As days turned to weeks, the gathering storm was mirrored by the arrival of formidable reinforcements, both from the Imperial Union and the New Republic. Two formidable titans aligned with their respective allies, casting their lot into the cauldron of combat.

Yet, the battle exacted its toll—a somber toll that carved deep into the annals of history. Amidst the fervor and fury, four prominent figures from the galactic tableau fell into captivity, while the specter of execution cast a shadow over three of them. A heartrending chorus of loss sang through the universe as nearly 15,000 soldiers and laborers found their fates intertwined with the brutal dance of war. The canvas of Krmar II was splattered with blood, the price of conflict painted in crimson.

Finally, on Day 135, the crescendo of combat met its denouement. The forces of the Archduchy of Tolonda and the New Republic, weary and bloodied, disengaged from the planet's surface, and the once-ravaged Krmar II could breathe a sigh of respite.

Yet, the story did not conclude with this battle. In the aftermath, the Archduchy of Tolonda underwent a transformation—an enigmatic metamorphosis that saw it rise as a false Sith Imperium, rewriting its narrative with the ink of intrigue and subversion. The echoes of the battle continued to reverberate, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the galactic theater, forever marked by the crucible of Krmar II.

Operation Reditus

Around Year 20, Day 247, the specter of the CorSec Crisis cast its shadow across the galaxy—a tempestuous chapter that unfolded as former Executives and senior figures from the Correllian Security Force embarked on a daring endeavor. Their aim: to dismantle Imperial control that held sway over the expansive Correlia Sector. In the wake of this audacious operation, officers from diverse branches coalesced, forming a formidable vanguard poised to counter the insurgent threat.

Much like the echoes of Hosnian, this crisis too was fueled by multifarious motives, greed and the quest for personal wealth being among the chief instigators. As the undercurrents of turmoil surged, strategic commands reverberated, and the call to action resounded. It was in this tumultuous tide that Elaine Veritrax found herself, entrusted with a pivotal role in the unfolding drama.

Guided by the orders of strategic command, Veritrax's mantle of responsibility expanded, thrusting her into the heart of regional operations for one of the systems ensnared by this crisis. With steely resolve and an unwavering commitment to her duty, she recognized the gravity of the situation. Faced with a relentless insurgency, she responded with a calculated plan of action—one that hinged on the synergy of commanders and officers working in orchestrated harmony.

Delegating operational control with finesse, she devised a phased assault strategy that honored each commander's expertise and strengths. This tactically nuanced approach harnessed the collective might of her forces, steering them toward a shared goal while affording them the autonomy to seize opportunities as they arose. This meticulous orchestration manifested as a turning point—a pivot that swung the tide of battle in the favor of the Imperial forces under her command.

As the storm clouds cleared and the crisis subsided, Veritrax's strategic acumen and resolute leadership stood as a testament to the power of unity and calculated action. The majority of Imperial territory within her assigned system was wrested back from the clutches of insurgence, solidifying the Empire's dominion once more. In the annals of galactic history, this chapter served as a beacon of resilience and collaboration, with Elaine Veritrax's name forever etched among those who turned the tide of adversity into triumph.

Operation Swamp Net

In the early stages of her tenure as the Director of Imperial Intelligence, Elaine von Veritrax orchestrated a substantial expansion in the deployment of field agents and contracted operatives, spanning the vast reaches of the galaxy. Among these accomplished individuals, one particularly exceptional talent emerged: the Togorian known as Natsuki Natsu. Natsu's journey into the realm of Imperial Intelligence began when she departed her homeworld, eventually finding her purpose within the Rebel Alliance at the urging of the Ubiqtorate. This affiliation, indirectly fostered by Director Veritrax herself, saw Natsuki Natsu rapidly embedding herself within various Rebellion-affiliated factions. Her adeptness earned her the confidence of numerous high-ranking field officers.

In a pivotal juncture, Natsu astutely ambushed and subdued Jedi Praxeum member Glenn Osmer, displaying remarkable prowess. This triumphant feat culminated in her successfully securing Osmer within her own vessel. Following this decisive act, Natsuki Natsu expediently conveyed Osmer to the direct oversight of Director Veritrax. This closely supervised operation underlined Veritrax's personal involvement in the unfolding events across the Galaxy, a reminder to those who oppose the Empire of her reach.

External Records

Corvus Group

In Year 19, Veritrax embarked on a visionary endeavor, giving rise to an organization that would soon weave its presence into the tapestry of galactic affairs—the Corvus Group. Comprising an assembly of distinguished minds, the group's ranks boasted former luminaries from government, military, and intelligence sectors, each bearing a wealth of experience that lent their union a formidable edge.

Recognizing the complexity of the venture and the multifaceted demands it would entail, Veritrax sought a capable partner to navigate the intricate labyrinth of operations. In this quest for adept guidance, her gaze fell upon the seasoned and esteemed Beric Staghorn. A battle-hardened veteran of the Hosnian campaign, Staghorn had etched his name among the esteemed ranks of Imperial Society. His proficiency as a coordinator and his far-reaching influence made him an asset of exceptional stature.

Intrigued by the prospect of fostering change and advancement, Staghorn's embrace of Veritrax's offer was both swift and resolute. A confluence of destinies was set in motion as he joined the ranks of the Corvus Group. Tasked with the mantle of day-to-day management, Staghorn's capable stewardship became the lynchpin that enabled Veritrax to maintain her unwavering focus on her Imperial responsibilities.

United in purpose, the symbiotic partnership between Veritrax and Staghorn charted a course for the Corvus Group's ascension, navigating the myriad challenges that beset them. Through their collaboration, the group burgeoned into a force to be reckoned with—a testament to the alchemy that transpires when visionary leadership and seasoned expertise converge. As the galaxy evolved, the legacy of the Corvus Group would be written in deeds of influence and accomplishment, its founding names forever intertwined in the annals of history.

40px-Imperial_Emblemsvg20copy.png Imperial Service Records

Positions Held

Director, Imperial Intelligence
Preceded By:
Tec Vaan
Elaine von Veritrax
Y23 D202
Succeeded By:

Holonet Quality Control Officer
Preceded By:
Elaine von Veritrax
Y19 D15 - Present
Succeeded By:

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Sith Councilor
Preceded By:
Draelor Nah`utal
Darth Nantius
Year 22 Day 327 - Year 24 Day 249
Succeeded By:
Darth Emersus

Deputy Minister for The Imperial Information service
Preceded By:
Position Created
Elaine von Veritrax
Y22 D282 - Y23 D313
Succeeded By:
Mordus Nordstroem

Bureau Chief, Imperial Intelligence
Preceded By:
Elaine von Veritrax
Y22 D282 - Y23 D201
Succeeded By:
Ikurei Serper

Minister of Culture
Preceded By:
Daniel Ascarion
Elaine von Veritrax
Y19 D355 - PY22 D281
Succeeded By:
Lirri Elysar

Chief of Surveillance, Imperial Security Bureau
Preceded By:
Leeanna Mailhot
Elaine von Veritrax
Y18 D297 - Y19 D355
Succeeded By:
Navarro de Molay

Director , Imperial Information Service
Preceded By:
Relena Vercet
Elaine von Veritrax
Y19 D135 - Y20 D20
Succeeded By:
Patrick Mueirech

Training Officer , Imperial Academy
Preceded By:
Elaine von Veritrax
Y17 D53 - Y18 Day 158
Succeeded By:

Writer , Imperial Information Service
Preceded By:
Elaine von Veritrax
Y18 Day 92 - Y19 D135
Succeeded By:

Dean , Imperial Academy
Preceded By:
Elaine von Veritrax
Y18 Day 158 - Y18 D289
Succeeded By:
Arya Solus

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
HC-2 IIHC-2.png Director Year 23 Day 202

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Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
████████ ████████ Chief Year 22 Day 282 - Year 23 Day 201
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[HC-1] PGHC-1.png Minister Year 19 Day 355 - Year 22 Day 282
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
████████ ████████ Chief ████████ - Y19D355
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
████████ ████████ Chief ████████
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
████████ ████████ ████████ ████████
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
████████ ████████ Agent Y18 Day 146 - ████████

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[O-3] ████████ ISB Captain Year 18 Day 142 - D146

Grade Insignia Rank Galactic Date
[O-2] RGO-2.png Superintendent Year 17 Day 358 - Year 18 99
[O-1] RGO-1.png Junior Superintendent Year 17 Day 276 - Year 17 Day 357
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 17 Day 261 – 276


Expand this section Awards issued.

Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Honors Graduate [IABG-H] Year 17 Day 276 Imperial Academy
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Year 17 Day 325 Norrec Morrussian
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] x2 Year 17 Day 331 Regional Government
ILC.jpg Imperial Literacy Contest Award (Emperor's Tribute) Year 17 Day 358 Central Government
MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] x3 Year 18 Day 59 ████████
DDS.jpg Departmental Distinguished Service Year 18 Day 99 ████████
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 18 Day 99 ████████
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal Year 18 Day 102 Imperial Security Bureau
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation x 2 Year 18 Day 195 Angelus Devaron
CISA.jpg Certified Imperial Security Agent Year 18 Day 258 Imperial Security Bureau
IISA.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award ████████ Imperial Intelligence
MIDx4.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches Year 18 Day 280 Imperial Security Bureau
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation x 3 Year 18 Day 306 Imperial Security Bureau
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal Year 18 Day 348 Imperial Security Bureau
IOM.jpg Imperial of the Month Year 19 Day 135 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal Year 19 Day 171 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
ILA.jpg Imperial Literacy Award Year 19 Day 203 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
MIDx5.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches Year 19 Day 327 Imperial Throne
CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal Year 19 Day 355 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
CSA.jpg COMPNOR Service Award Year 19 Day 355 COMPNOR
IIMP.jpg Imperial Intelligence Medal of Progress Year 19 Day 355 Director Jett Blackheart
ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal Year 20 Day 277 Imperial Security Bureau
OIS.jpg Order of the Imperial Seal Year 21 Day 11 Emperor Seele
CMP.jpg COMPNOR Medal of Progress Year 21 Day 46 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
LOCx4.jpg Letter of Commendation x 4 Year 21 Day 49 ████████
OSM.jpg Order of the Sith Member Year 21 Day 201 ████████
SSA-3.jpg Sith Service Award x 3 Year 21 Day 201 ████████
LOCx5.jpg Letter of Commendation x 5 Year 21 Day 365 Executor Graeda L'Annan
CC.jpg COMPNOR Cross Year 22 Day 38 Grand Vizier Jai Meridan
ISM-5.jpg Imperial Service Medal x 5 Year 22 Day 281 Imperial Security Bureau
ISS.jpg Imperial Silver Star Year 22 Emperor Seele
SSA-4.jpg Sith Service Award Year 23 Day 82 Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Draxes
LOCx6.jpg Letter of Commendation x 5 Year 23 Day 83 Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Draxes
ISM-6.jpg Imperial Service Medal x 6 Year 23 Day 281 Imperial Security Bureau
CIIA.jpg Certified Imperial Intelligence Agent Year 24 Day 275 REDACTED
IISA-3.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award x 3 Year 24 Day 129 REDACTED
IIC.jpg Imperial Intelligence Cross Year 24 Day 187 Inwe Ventidius
ISM-7.jpg Imperial Service Medal x 7 Year 22 Day 281 Imperial Security Bureau
SMP.jpg Sith Medal of Progress Year 24 Day 305 Order of the Sith


Personality and Beliefs

Elaine exudes an unwavering and ruthlessly disciplined demeanor, a reflection not only of her upbringing but also of the rigorous Imperial training that has sculpted her character. Amidst the intricacies of her high-ranking roles, she finds solace in the indulgence of life's finer pleasures. Savored with the discerning palate of a noble, she takes delight in the opulent symphony of fine wines and delicacies, luxuries befitting her status as a Baroness within the Sith Enclaves.

Her allegiance to the New Order is an unassailable cornerstone of her identity. With fervor, she strives to amplify the Empire's dominion beyond its established frontiers, embodying the very essence of its expansionist ethos. Each day finds her immersed in a meticulous symphony of responsibilities—engaging in a whirlwind of activities that encompass the manifold facets of her roles. From deftly orchestrating diplomatic exchanges to overseeing the Sith's intricate affairs, her presence is an ever-present force that shapes the Empire's trajectory.

Yet, even within the resolute cadence of her professional life, Elaine's devotion extends beyond the boardrooms and chambers of power. During the intervals when respite beckons, she endeavors to inspire the next generation, gracing youth rallies with her presence and delivering compelling lectures that espouse the profound philosophy of the New Order. Her commitment to the ideals of High Human Culture runs deep, coloring her interactions with a distinctive aura of expectation and refinement. She upholds her standards unflinchingly, even towards non-human entities within the Empire, demanding of them an elevated level of excellence that mirrors her own unwavering dedication.

Education & Language

Elaine's educational and professional journey has cultivated a remarkable linguistic versatility, transcending the confines of Galactic Basic. Among her linguistic repertoire, she adeptly wields languages such as Minnisiat, Galactic Sign Language, Hapan, Huttese, and even fragments of Mandalorian. This linguistic acumen allows her to bridge divides, fostering meaningful connections with a diverse array of sentient beings that span the Empire's far-reaching domains.

Her linguistic finesse has not merely remained an intellectual exercise but has become an instrument of harmonious integration. Through her adept communication skills, she has navigated the complexities of cultural interactions, facilitating the seamless assimilation of travelers and outsiders into the intricate tapestry of Imperial Society. In her role as a diplomatic virtuoso, she effortlessly transcends language barriers, forging a sense of unity and understanding that resonates through the Empire's diverse population.

University of Theed - Main Campus
Undergraduate Degree: Business Administration - Focus on Operations Management
Minor: Business Studies - Focus on Human resource management

Known Associates