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The Executor is a member of the Imperial Throne and the second highest office within the Galactic Empire. The precise powers and responsibilities delegated to the Executor are determined by the Emperor, but the holder has generally been given broad authority to oversee day to day administration. In the absence of the Emperor, the Executor will act in his stead. While theoretically the Emperor may name any individual as their successor, the Executor is the heir presumptive and since the creation of the title every Emperor to take the throne has served as Executor immediately prior to their ascension.

Amongst the high offices of the Galactic Empire, the post of Executor is a comparatively late innovation. Most of the early Emperors did not appoint a single deputy, preferring for the members of High Command to report to them alone. The earliest incarnation of an Executor-like office came during the reign of the third Emperor, Vodo Bonias, who appointed Spytek as Minister of Defence, giving him authority over the Commanders of the Imperial Navy and Army. However, when Spytek took the throne he abolished the position and presided over high command alone. The Emperors Piett and Trey Connel also followed this convention for most of their rule, although Connel briefly served as Chief of Staff before Piett's abdication.

Emperor MccArthur would create the title of Executor, initially for Thomas Cherokee. The number of Executors would swiftly rise as the title was granted to Charon and the previous Emperor, Trey Connel, who received the even higher distinction of First Executor. When Charon took the throne in succession to MccArthur, the post of Executor was abolished. Only when the Dark Empire reunited with the Galactic Empire was it revived, this time for Greyson Uebles. Since then the office has been vacant only for brief periods.

Around Year 7, the responsibilities of the position was divided by Emperor Vodo Bonias. Although Darth Knyte retained the title Executor and would have taken the throne in the event of Bonias becoming incapacitated, much of the day-to-day management was delegated to the newly created office of Pro-Consul. Both roles were then reunited Year 9, with the Pro-Consul Arturus Goth taking on the title Regent in light of the Emperor's failing health. After Goth's fall from power the old title of Executor was restored.


Emperor Vodo Bonias

  • Spytek (as Minister for Defence)

Emperor Piett

Emperor MccArthur

  • Thomas Cherokee
  • Thomas Cherokee and Charon
  • Trey Connel, Thomas Cherokee and Charon
  • Thomas Cherokee and Charon

Emperor Charon

Emperor Greyson Uebles

Emperor Vodo Bonias

Emperor Thomas Cherokee

Emperor Guinar Ndengin

Emperor Seele

Empress Inwe Ventidius