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Trey Connel

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Trey Connel
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Unknown
Imperial Service
Branch Imperial Throne
Positions None
Prior Service Emperor of the Galactic Empire

Empire Chief of Staff

Imperial Army Commanding Officer

Director of Imperial Diplomacy

Minister of Defense

Army Advisor

Army Executive Officer

1st Assault Battalion Commanding Officer

Awards Unknown

Trey Connel was the sixth Emperor of the Galactic Empire. He is most famous for his rivalry with Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom, which culminated in the formation of the Imperial Core by pro-Veynom Imperials during his reign. Connel was the first Emperor to have started his service in the Imperial Army. He was the first of a dynasty of just and strong Emperors.

Personal History


Connel as an officer in the Army

Imperial Career

Connel was an ambitious officer in the Imperial Army and quickly rose through the ranks. He was assigned to the First Assault Battalion as its Commanding Officer, where he scored many successes, gradually working his way up to becoming the Commanding Officer of the entire Imperial Army. He served in this position under at least two Emperors, Spytek and Piett. When Spytek abdicated, in the absence of a clear successor, the Empire was divided into those supporting Connel's claim to the Throne and those supporting rival claimant Admiral Gorn Veynom. However, while Connel's forces engaged Veynom's in orbit above Coruscant, Grand Admiral Piett's fleet appeared out of hyperspace and proceeded to engage and cripple both Connel and Veynom's forces. Connel, disadvantaged by his inexperience in space combat and having no fleets at his disposal, was unable to withstand the Grand Admiral and swiftly surrendered. Connel was spared further punishment and remained in his position under Piett, eventually ascending to the position of Piett's Chief of Staff and second-in-command of the Empire.


His rivalry with Veynom did not end with the ascension of Piett however. Throughout the new Emperor's entire reign, there would be incidents between officers loyal to respectively Connel and Veynom. The rivalry reached its peak when Connel accused his nemesis of plotting to overthrow the Emperor. Due to a lack of evidence and in an attempt to end the infighting, Piett relieved both Commanding Officers from their posts, as well as several of their officers. The situation escalated even further and Grand Admiral Veynom, Surface Marshal Connel and Admiral von Esling were all arrested and tried for High Treason. An arrest warrant was also issued against former Emperor Vodo Bonias, but he managed to escape with the help of some officers still loyal to him. Emperor Piett realised he could not risk losing so many experienced officers however and pardoned all three, releasing Connel from imprisonment. Not much later, Piett grew tired of the infighting and decided to retire, appointing his Chief of Staff, Connel, as his successor.

Angered by the decision of Lord Piett, Veynom departed for the Unknown Regions. Many of the Imperial Navy's officers, loyal to their Commanding Officer, revolted against Connel and formed the splinter group known as the Imperial Core, claiming Veynom as the only true Emperor.

A Brave Decision

Although he was a good leader to the Empire, the departure of many high-ranking officers left the Empire in a bad state. Connel attempted to repair the damage, but came to be under a lot of pressure from the continuing defections and the constant threat of the Imperial Core. At the behest of his most trusted advisors, notably former Emperor Spytek, the Emperor decided to abdicate, hoping that a new Emperor would be able to reunite the two Imperial factions. Before he could make the announcement however, Connel's shuttle exploded en-route to the Imperial Palace. His body was never recoved and he was presumed to be dead. Immediately rumours surfaced, claiming that the Imperial Core had sabotaged the shuttle, or that Veynom himself was responsible.

Back from the Dead

Mccarthur, one of Connel's close advisors, ascended the Throne and became the new Emperor, despite protest from certain others. On Year 1 Day 353, not long after his abdication, Connel was learned to have survived the explosion of his shuttle. He returned to Imperial territory and was welcomed by Mccarthur, who appointed him Minister of Defence. This appointment was greatly criticized by external observers, including the Imperial Core, and garnered a stinging public rebuke from former Supreme Commander Fox Spookers of the Rebel Alliance who described Connel's appointment as "the return of a coward". To stifle further criticisms, Connel publicly explained his disappearance and reappearance in an official GNS broadcast: "My mentor and teacher, Former Emperor Spytek, suggested that I take a break from the Empire, and get my life together. I took his advice to heart and faked my own death."

The Emperor was not phased by the criticism and two weeks later elevated the new Minister of Defence to the position of 'First Executor', thus preceding the other Executors, Thomas Cherokee and Charon in the line of succession. Connel remained as Mccarthur's Minister of Defence for several months before retiring from Imperial service on Year 2 Day 81, leaving Cherokee and Charon as the sole contenders for the Throne. He briefly returned during the second rule of Vodo Bonias to again lead the Imperial Army before retiring a second time.

Inaugural address of Emperor Connel

[Inaugural address of Emperor Connel]

Letter of resignation

[Letter of resignation]

Emperor of the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Trey Connel
Year 1 Day 212 - Year 1 Day 320
Succeeded By: