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Imperial Army

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Imperial Army
Active c. Year -4 – present
Motto "The Fist of Imperial Strength"
Headquarters Carida
Legions 1st Imperial Legion
2nd Imperial Legion
3rd Imperial Legion
Battles Galactic Civil War
From the Ashes
Allied Tion
Bacta Wars
From the Ashes 2
Battle of N'zoth
ACO LGEN Arya Solus
AXO CGEN Sven Jazzel
ALO CGEN Samual Johnson
ASO Vacant
Insignia lkBSCqv.png
Government Galactic Empire

The Imperial Army is the Galactic Empire's planetary military force, enjoying access to some of the most advanced munitions and technologies in the Galaxy, as well as coordinating with the Imperial Navy to better safeguard the Emperor's territories. Given the mandate of protecting and enforcing the rule of Imperial law on the scores of sovereign Imperial worlds, the soldiers and officers of the Imperial Army rely on superior discipline, advanced weaponry, and courage to carry the day. However, the Imperial Army's strength is not in its training regimen or vehicular might, fields in which it dominates nonetheless, but its strength lies in the dedication, devotion, and strength of character of its personnel, from the humble enlisted soldier, to the officers who comprise Army Command.


The mission of the Imperial Army, in short, is to:

  • Defend the sovereignty of Imperial worlds from foreign military forces and insurgent movements,
  • Enforce Imperial law and order in conjunction with the Imperial Navy, officers of the Imperial Security Bureau, and Imperial Intelligence agents,
  • Conduct regular training operations and maneuvers to ensure unit cohesion and efficacy,
  • Coordinate efforts with the Imperial Regional Government to ensure the Emperor's rule remains unchallenged in Imperial space, and lastly,
  • Provide assistance and support in the form of military action to allies of the Empire who so require it.


When Hiram Drayson declared himself Emperor of the Galactic Empire, the Grand Army of the Republic was reorganized into the Imperial Army. The Imperial stormtroopers became a symbol of the New Order, most notably due to their unwavering loyalty to the Emperor.

Year 0 to 2

The forces now known as Legions was then called Armies, with the 1st and 2nd Imperial Armies being comprised of two Legions each. These Legions were referred to as 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, and 2-2. Each Legion was led by a Commanding Officer and his Executive Officer who reported to their Army's Commanding and Executive Officers. There were no confirmed Army defectors during the uprisings against Emperor Connel, a time when many pilots deserted the Imperial Navy to form what they called the Imperial Core. The proven loyalty of these Army officers and their men greatly increased the prestige of the Army. It would remain one of the Empire's most steadfast forces in the next few years to come.

Known Army Commanding Officers at this time include Surface Marshal Trey Connel, Grand General Clockwork, Grand General Beroge, Grand Admiral Black Lodge, Command General Skynet, Command General Sarge, Lord General Discord, Lord General Corranboat, and Lieutenant General Headstone.

Year 2 to 4

With Emperor Charon's approval, the Imperial Army started a massive reformation under the leadership of General SyberJedi. Legions were phased out in favour of Battalions, Companies and Platoons. Battalions were assigned to a Sector and reported to Army High Command and the Moff of their Sector. The 1st Army Battalion, known as Scorpions, were assigned to the Coruscant Sector. The 2nd Army Battalion - Darkblades - were tasked with guarding the Corellian Sector. The Spectres of the 3rd Army Battalion were assigned to the Kuat Sector, as the 4th Army Battalion was to the Farrfin Sector. The 5th Army Battalion, nicknamed "Inferno," were assigned to the Fakir Sector. As needed, Battalions would be assigned Companies to fulfill their assignments. Army High Command was responsible for moving Infantry, Mechanized, and Reconnaissance Companies between the Battalions as strategy dictated. In addition, an elite Storm Corps was formed as a standing unit that would sometimes draw Companies for special missions. Companies were made up of close-knit soldiers who had fought and served together for long periods, creating a cohesive fighting force under the command of a junior officer or senior NCO whose main duties were day to day operations, training, morale and tactical combat operations. The Battalion HQ facilitated the link between strategic planning and tactical combat operations as well as supporting the Sector Moff's requests.

Notable commanders and officers of this period include Major General Kaylene SyberJedi, Command General Sean Patton, Major General Dark Trooper, Brigadier General Chiss Veers along with Allteam, Banquo Knox, Dante Wehr, Jakob Sensar, Jorus Isen, Kharn, Kyp von Exodus, Magnus Locke, Mark DeMeer, Ralic Feali, Seele, Settah, and Vyk Draygo, of various ranks.


Overseen and managed by Army Command, the Army is divided into Legions for strategic command and control. Responsible for the protection of Imperial Sectors within the confines of the Army's mandate, Legions fall under the strategic command of their respective Moffs, who direct the Legion to achieve objectives within assigned timeframes to ensure the Sector achieves its overall objectives. Legions are composed of operationally independent Brigades which are assigned by the Legion Commanding Officer to achieve the objectives of their Sector Moff.


The Brigade is the operational unit of the Imperial Army, responsible for the conduct of warfare. Ordinarily assigned a single planet for combat operations, and a system for patrol operations, the Brigade is a multi-disciplined and equipped combat force designed to operate without the support of other Brigades, but fully capable of joint Brigade operations when required. Brigade type designation - Heavy Assault, Assault, or Reconnaissance - does not determine a Brigade’s function, but rather its equipment allocation.

Assault Brigades are designed to be the primary force of any defence or assault operation. Armed with a large amount of firepower, the primary role of an Assault Task Force is to engage enemy forces with superior firepower and flexibility of forces to protect Imperial territory, or assault enemy worlds. When working in tandem with other Task Forces, Assault elements are generally the primary thrust of operations and used to heavily defend or to assault enemy positions to which enemy forces are present. Assault Brigades are comprised of two Heavy Armour Battalions, three Armour Battalions, one Reconnaissance Battalion, and four Infantry Companies.

Reconnaissance Brigades are designed to be fast moving and agile. Armed with a moderate amount of firepower, the primary role of Reconnaissance Task Forces are to react quickly to developments within Imperial space such as small enemy incursions, pirate activity, and policing actions. When working in tandem with other Task Forces, Recon elements are to generally act as the spearhead for operations to provide battlefield intelligence to following forces, and/or protect the flank of larger forces. Reconnaissance Brigades are comprised of one Heavy Armour Battalion, two Armour Battalions, three Reconnaissance Battalions, and two Infantry Companies.



The Armour Corps is composed of Light and Heavy Armour units utilizing superior firepower and speed and wielding All-Terrain Scout Transports or All-Terrain Armoured Transports as infantry transportation and weapons platforms. The Armour Corps is divided into battalions which work within the Brigades. Armour Battalions are the first combatants sent into battle to deal a crushing offensive against enemy forces - or as the first line of defense against an enemy advance - in order to weaken or neutralize the enemy forces prior to infantry contact.


Stormtroopers of the Infantry Corps are the elite ground troops of the Imperial Army. They are galactic peacekeepers; their white armor is iconic of Imperial justice and power. Stormtroopers are trained to survive and fight in extreme climates like the deserts of Tatooine and the forests of Kashyyyk. They may be tasked to survey the worlds in a system, oversee sensitive construction projects and, most importantly, eliminate any threats to the Empire on land, sea, and air. Stormtroopers operate as frontline combatants, engaging the enemy after the initial assault by the Armour battalions, and are of primary importance in clearing structures on an assault - or protecting structures during a defensive - after the initial battle has subsided. The Infantry Corps is divided into companies which work within the Brigades.


The Reconnaissance Corps is composed of Recon Lance units utilizing speed and manoeuvrability and wielding Cloud Car Combatspeeders as scouts and quick reaction forces. The Reconnaissance Corps is divided into battalions which work within the Brigades. They are deployed to gather intelligence prior to other units engaging a target - or as scouts to deliver intelligence on incoming enemy advances - to find potential weaknesses to exploit or strengths to negate, and are further able to react swiftly to unexpected enemy advances to maintain a light, mobile defense on multiple fronts.