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Imperial Security Bureau

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Imperial Security Bureau
Leadership Director Patrick Bisson
Deputy Director Eliana Nicabre
Headquarters Byden ISB Complex, Imperial Centre
Locations Imperial Territories
Status Active
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Imperial Security Bureau, commonly abbreviated to ISB or The Bureau, is the domestic intelligence and security service of the Galactic Empire. It serves as the primary law enforcement organization in the New Order. It is the sister department of Imperial Intelligence.

Mission Statement

The Bureau is responsible for the security of all Imperial territories and personnel. They enforce the Imperial Crimes Act on Imperials and others alike. They station agents within every unit and department of the Empire. Their roles include, among other things, policing, counter-terrorism, investigation, apprehension, communication monitoring, surveillance, interrogation, Order-wide human resource management, re-education, adjudication, and protocol enforcement. The Bureau maintains the ability to monitor all Imperial communication channels, providing additional security and an accessible means of contact for all Imperial citizens to voice their concerns about the security of their military unit, or civilian group for the benefit of the Empire.


ISB Central Office, Byden ISB Complex

The Director is the head of the ISB. He reports directly to the Grand Vizier and the Imperial Throne. The Deputy Director is responsible for leading the ISB in the absence of the Director. Together, the Director and Deputy Director form the ISB Directorate.


The Department of Surveillance works alongside Imperial Intelligence as well, gathering and maintaining an immaculate record of all Imperials. It is their duty to identify potential threats before they have the opportunity to do damage to the Empire. This is done through multiple strategies, including but not limited to covert agents throughout the Empire, maintenance of extensive databases, and analyzing internal intelligence information.

Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs handles all matters relating to the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR), service personnel, and the citizens of the Empire. The Internal Affairs Department coordinates investigations, conducts trials, prescribes, and carries out sentences of punishment in accordance with the guidance provided by the Imperial Crimes Act. In addition to this, they are also responsible for managing internal processes such as security clearances, citizenship applications, and background checks.


Handling the Rebel threat and physical security of the Empire, the Enforcement Department polices Imperial Territory and responds to threats, sometimes functioning as reinforcement for other departments when required during high-risk arrests or dangerous situations. Enforcement prosecutes crimes committed by non-imperial entities such as foreign criminal organizations and terrorists. It is also the Department of Enforcement’s mandate to manage the Imperial correctional system and its facilities. The Enforcement Department often works alongside Imperial Intelligence officers and bounty hunters to assist the Bureau in the apprehension of wanted criminals.

Regional Supervisors

The ISB Regional Supervisors oversees all ISB forces serving within their Region. Supervisors are responsible for maintaining records of all personnel within their Region including roster management and human resource management. Supervisors are also responsible for monitoring Imperial communications mediums and enforcing Imperial laws and protocols. It is the ISB Regional Supervisor's mandate to carry out punishments for those who have been convicted of a guilty act against the Galactic Empire, property, and people. They will keep the Region Command apprised of any actions pertaining to this.

Inter-departmental operations

In a textbook case, Surveillance or the regional supervisors would detect a security threat, and relay the information to Enforcement who would direct the operation to arrest the perpetrator. Internal Affairs would build the evidence for a case, and try the individual on the charges. Enforcement would put them into the appropriate re-education facility where they would serve out their term. The Directorate would monitor this process.


A New Era

Coinciding with the transfer of Director von Bianchi to focus on his duties as Dark Lord of the Sith and act as Grand Moff of the Corporate Oversector and Sith Worlds, Executor Seele announced his retirement after a long and illustrious career. In tribute, as his first order of business, newly-appointed Director Daniel Ascarion announced the formation of the newest expansion of ISB with the opening of the Seele Centre for Security and Legal Training, Improvement, and Professionalism.

This sprawling campus offers new and veteran agents alike the opportunity to become versed in professionalism, with a goal that one day all ISB agents will be at a level that would not only meet the former Executors standards but even exceed them. This lofty goal is the driving force behind the Centre's large budget and a long list of staff.

Merge with Imperial Intelligence

Return to COMPNOR

Organizational Structure

DWQprWj.png Director of the Imperial Security Bureau

Patrick Bisson

DWQprWj.png Deputy Director of the Imperial Security Bureau

Eliana Nicabre

DWQprWj.png Chief of Surveillance DWQprWj.png Chief of Internal Affairs DWQprWj.png Chief of Enforcement

Eliana Nicabre


Adrian Althalus


Navarro de Molay

DWQprWj.png Amber Region Supervisor DWQprWj.png Emerald Region Supervisor DWQprWj.png Ruby Region Supervisor

Ikurei Serper


Nyla Barrett


Isolder von Alard

Directors of the Imperial Security Bureau