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Daniel Ascarion

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Daniel Ascarion
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Tattooine & Coruscant
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unkown
Children None
Imperial Service
Branch compnor.png
Positions Director of Imperial Holonet Services
Prior Service Navy

Naval Advisor
Navy Commanding Officer
Navy Executive Officer
Navy Signals Officer
1IF, 9th Group GCO
6IF, 3IF, CDF, NDF Member

Minister of Culture
Director of the Imperial Security Bureau
Imperial Academy PG, DPG
Art Team Assitant Director

Awards 3_ascarion.png

The Most Honourable, Lord Daniel Ascarion, Earl of Glithnos, is a Human of the Hapan variety in the service of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order. Travelling the galaxy as a child he feels at home in space. Despite feeling at home witht he Imperial Navy and having served on her ships for a large duration of his career, he has now moved on to COMPNOR.



Daniel Ascarion's life was featured by the Imperial News Service: [1].

Coruscant Birth

Daniel doesn't remember much of the days with his original family. Later he found out that they must have been a rather poor family from Coruscant with Hapan roots. They could not afford raising him and so he was left on the street, where he was found by a merchant and his wife from Tattooine. They took him with them on their freighter.

Space Adventure

After being abandoned on Coruscant's streets and rescued by his new "parents" in the first year of his life, Ascarion lived with his new parents on their Gallofree Freighter. His adoptive parents knew very well that their ship was dangerous place for a little child, but for Daniel it was very exciting. In the first years he didn't notice much of his surrounding as is the nature with little children, but soon the whole ship became his playground. He learned to to tear technical things apart and restore them and he also spent many hours in a flight simulator, after he and his adoptive father had reconstructed it from scrap acquired in junk yards all over the galaxy.

Mos Eisley Education

When he was five years old, he first visited the apartment his adoptive parents possessed in Mos Eisley. He didn't like the planet from the beginning, he hated all the sand and the hot air, although the sun never bothered him due to his Hapan genealogy. He only stayed there about a week, but he wasn't very eager to ever return. When his adoptive parents told him, he would have to return there to go to a school, he was nine years old. At first he thought about running, but then decided to actually take the transport to Tattooine. He pushed himself very hard to learn as much as his adoptive parents deemed necessary to return to space. Next to his school time he did some small jobs to earn his own money, so he could save it and maybe buy his own freighter once he was old enough to run his own business or take over his adoptive parents' ship. When he was sixteen his parents took him on a trade trip, at the end of which he decided to join the Empire's military.

Imperial Service


After graduating the Academy, RADE failed to process Daniel and it took several months, before he was transferred to his first Naval unit, the Naval Defense Fleet, Coruscant Defense Group, which later became the Coruscant Defense Fleet. After a Naval reform, the CDF was taken out of service and most members were transferred to the Third Imperial Fleet. Daniel served in the 3IF for over a year and was then moved with most of his Group to the newly formed Sixth Imperial Fleet, where he became a first opportunity at a command position as the Fleet Chief of Staff and later as the Fleet Executive Officer. During that time, he also graduated with honours from the School of Officer and Command Studies. At the end of Year 10 Ascarion left the 6IF to take command of the Ninth Imperial Fleet. Being its commanding officer for more than a year the fleet eventually became the Ninth Group of the First Imperial Fleet. Only a month after this latest reform, Daniel was put in charge of one of the new fleets, the 2nd Imperial Fleet, which also brought the promotion to Commodore with it. After half a year, he was put in command of the 6th Imperial Fleet, which he commanded for approximately another half year before he was moved into Navy Command completely, first as the Navy Signals Officer, later as Navy Executive Officer under Lord Admiral Rawius Titan before becoming the Lord Admiral himself early in Year 14.

Serving as the Navy Commanding Officer, he had the chance to work on the Imperial Inner Circle and with the Emperor and Executor, Guinar Ndengin and Seele. In the first half of Year 15, Daniel announced his wish to retire from the position as Lord Admiral. After retiring and taking several months off, he returned to serve in Imperial High Commmand as the Director of the Imperial Security Bureau. While ISB-Director, he is created Earl of Glithnos.

Service Record

Ranks Held

Rank Grade Insignia Date
Recruit E-1 mil-e1.gif Year 6, Day 300
Crewman E-2 mil-e2.gif Year 7
Crewman First Class E-3 mil-e3.gif Year 7
Flight Corporal E-4 mil-e4.gif Year 7
Flight Sergeant E-5 mil-e5.gif Year 7
Staff Flight Sergeant E-6 mil-e6.gif Year 8 Day 161
Master Flight Sergeant E-7 mil-e7.gif Year 8 Day 211
Chief Master Sergeant E-8 mil-e8.gif Year 8 Day 314
Flight Officer E-9 mil-e9.gif Year 9 Day 33
Command Flight Officer E-10 mil-e10.gif Year 9 Day 217
Lieutenant Junior Grade O-2 mil-o2.gif Year 9 Day 323
Lieutenant O-3 mil-o3.gif Year 10 Day 67
Lieutenant Commander O-4 mil-o4.gif Year 10 Day 190
Commander O-5 MO-5.gif Year 11 Day 19
Captain O-6 MO-6.gif Year 11 Day 304
Commodore C-1 MC-1.gif Year 12 Day 77
Rear Admiral C-2 MC-2.gif Year 12 Day 222
Vice Admiral C-3 MC-3.gif Year 13 Day 46
Admiral C-4 MC-4.gif Year 13 Day 180
Lord Admiral HC-3 MHC-3.png Year 14 Day 16
Fleet Admiral C-5 MC-5.png Year 15 Day 235
ISB-Director HC-1 ISBHC-1.png Year 16 Day 19
Minister HC-1 PGHC-1.png Year 18 Day 111
Senior Secretary C-5 PGC-5.png Year 18 Day 111

Positions Held



  • Art Team Assistant Director (since Year 9, resigned in Year 10)
  • Senior Traning Officer - Imperial Academy (since Year 10, resigned in Year 11)
  • Deputy Provost General - Imeperial Academy (Succeeded Galdarzz Aalon in Year 10, succeeded by Vrogard Delahon in Year 11)'
  • Provost General - Basic Training (Imperial Academy) (Succeeded Galdarzz Aalon in Year 11, succeeded by Vrogard Delahon in Year 11)
  • Web Development Team member (since Year 11)
  • Director of ISB (Succeeded Mikel von Bianchi on Year 16 Day 19, succeeded by Icarus Carinae on Year 18 Day 111 (as Deputy Director of Imperial Intelligence))
  • Minister of Culture (Position created Year 18 Day 111, succeeded by Elaine von Veritrax on Year 19 Day 355)

House of Lords

  • Earl of Glithnos (created Year 17 Day 111)


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NC.jpg ACHx2.jpg CMP.jpg NMP.jpg
IMC.jpg CMM.jpg CISA.jpg GCM.jpg
LOCx9.jpg IAM.jpg ISM-12.jpg CSA-9.jpg
ICMx4.jpg IABG.jpg MIDx3.jpg IMM-12.jpg
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[NC]    [ACHx2] [CMP]   [NMP]
[IMC]   [CMM]   [CISA]  [GCM]
[LOCx9] [IAM]   [ISM-12][CSA-9]
[ICMx4] [IABG]  [MIDx3] [IMM-12]

Commendations before IHAS

  • Letter of Commendation x5 [LOC5] • Mentioned in Dispatchers x3 [DIS3] • Duty Bars 6 Years [DB6]
  • Navy Activity Medal [NAM] • Fleet Command Proficiency Medal [FCP] • 3rd Imperial Fleet Retired Veteran [3IFRV] • 6th Imperial Fleet Retired Veteran [6IFRV] • 6th Imperial Fleet Cross [6IFC] • 9th Imperial Fleet Retired Veteran [9IFRV] • Fleet of the Month x4 [FoM4]
  • COMPNOR Service Cross Bronce [CSCB] • COMPNOR Service Ribbon 4 Years [CSR4] • Imperial Academy Basic Graduate [IABG] • Officer and Command School Honors Graduate [OCSH] • Certified Veteran Tutor [TUTV] • Development Services Team [DST] • Art Team Veteran [ATVT]
  • Calaron Holdout [CALHO] • Tax Planet Adkinien [TPAD] • Operation Free Meridian [MERIDIAN] • Dostra Race [DOSTRA]