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Faol Sean

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Faol Sean
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Ruadh Sean (deceased)
Father Muileid Sean (deceased)
Spouse none
Siblings Corbidh Sean(sister)
Children none
Born Mos Eisley (Tatooine) [2,7]
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Prior Service
  • Super Star Destroyer Pilot
  • Imperial-class Star Destroyer Pilot
  • Victory-class Star Destroyer Pilot
  • Interdictor-class Heavy Cruiser Pilot
  • Escort Carrier Pilot
  • Nebulon-B Pilot
  • Carrack/S-class Light Cruiser Pilot
  • Carrack/I-Class Light Cruiser Pilot
  • Lancer-class Light Cruiser Pilot
  • DP-20a Gunship Pilot
  • DP-20b Gunship Pilot
  • DP-20c gunship Pilot
  • Lambda Shuttle Pilot
  • Sentinel-class Landing Craft Pilot
  • Cygnus Gunboat/Starwing Pilot
  • TIE/Bomber Pilot
  • TIE/Scout Pilot
  • TIE/Int Pilot
  • TIE/Ln Pilot
Awards 7909_sean.png


Faol Sean

Imperial Naval Officer: "Faol Sean"

Prefers the black or grey Imperial Uniform

- - - Y14D324 - - -

Faol Sean is a dedicated and loyal member of the Imperial Navy. He presently serves in Naval Command as the Imperial Navy's Commanding Officer. Un-customary of a member of the Admiralty, Sean does not usually wear the telltale white uniform of an Admiral, preferring the more practical gray and black uniforms that dominate the Imperial Navy.

His face is weathered and is starting to show its age. The hair of his beard and head are streaked with gray, although you get the feeling that each and every gray hair was earned over his many years of sevice. He is a very stern man, very rarely showing any emotion, and always seemingly in deep thought. Despite this though, he never takes himself too seriously, always willing to break a stressful moment and put peoples minds at ease.

Currently Navy Commanding Officer;


Faol Sean


Faol Sean was born and grew up on Tattoine in the rough starport city of Mos Eisley. His mother was a waitress at a local dive and his father was a starship mechanic who had his own business. Sean speant his early days in his fathers shop learning ships from the inside out. This naturally lead to his desire to pilot anything that could move under its own power. Starting off with Speeders and speeder bikes, he quickly progressed to bigger faster ships.

--Mos Eisley, Faol Sean's Home City;--

--Tatooine, Faol Sean's Home Planet;--

On into late teens, Faol Sean joined a local stunt flying club were he traveled the planet and sometimes the system, performing show with the Mos Eisley Krayt Dragons. On his 19th Birthday he was performing in his home city to a enthusiastic crowd. While conducting a 2 ships tailslide manoever, the wingtips of the HH-87 Starhoppers touched, causing both ships to spiral uncontrollably toward the ground. both ships crashed and the pilots spent weeks in bacta tanks. This was a wake up call for Sean, that giving his life for entertainment was not something he was willing to do. Following his desire to be a pilot, as soon as he was once again healthy, he joined the Empire.

Faol Sean joined the Galactic Empire on the Year 9 Day 68 (20th of January 2008). After graduating the Imperial Academy he was transferred to the Imperial Navy as a Crewman First Class rank. He was then assigned to 2nd Fleet under command of Zachary Savk. 2nd Fleet was his home for the First year of his career were he worked on many great missions. Most notable was the legendary "Fight for Farffin", were he worked under Vice Admiral Calor Assam.

Service Record

...under construction

Operational History

---Fight for Farffin---

  • This operation came about when the Eidola attempted to take over an Imperial planet through a build war. Upon time of discovery, their building operations were well established, with many cities and dozens of buildings under construction. A secret mission was created with the purpose of searching and destroying all builders, therefore ending all building operations. I was one of the operatives on the mission, which ended in a complete success.
  • One famous transmission from this operation was from Calor Assam;

---Incoming transmission--- ---Origin: Farffin sector, Farffin system--- ---To: Imperial Navy--- When accepting the incoming live transmission, you see something you had far from expected to see. Not quite the neatly dressed admiral, ready to address you from the bridge of his Imperial Star Destroyer. Instead, an admiral with messy hair, standing in a city on the surface of a gas giant. Behind him, a construction site with about 40 aliens working on an apartment building. Next to it, two Lambda Class shuttles. It's not hard to recognize the admiral as Rear Admiral Assam, even though he doesn't look in the camera. You wonder if he knows he is being filmed. Why would he allow this to be recorded, especially when just having been appointed Commanding Officer of the Imperial Navy? Assam walks with a straight posture, dressed in the white attire of an admiral, straight towards an Abyssin male, working on the construction site. The Abyssin looks questioningly, curious what the uniformed human wants of him. Never did the Abyssin expect a Vibroblade to appear in Assam's right hand… never did it came to him the vibroblade would end up in its one eye, slicing him open from head to abdomen. As the blade sliced through the Abyssin version of the human aorta, blood spouted out all over Assam. The admiral was turning away already, calmly walking on toward the next builder. Most of the builders had noticed the unexpected exposure of their colleague's internal organs, but few were able to compose themselves quickly enough to see Assam's sudden change of pace as he sliced open the Nautolan he walked past. A second vibroblade appeared in his left hand, while he started running. Large fences surrounded the construction site, leaving the panicking builders only one exit. Unfortunately for them, the platoon of Stormtroopers was not very willing to let them pass. Anyone coming too close, received a few warning blaster shots on the ground in front of their feet. Soon, they realized their only option was to kill the admiral. By then, their numbers had dwindled to a mere 5 builders. The platoon of Stormtroopers kneeled down and aimed at the exact same time Assam stepped behind a pile of construction materials. The blasters made short work of the remaining two Kel Dor, a Nikto, a Toydarian and a Defel. The Stormtrooper platoon captain quickly marched towards Assam, giving the admiral a much needed towel. The alien blood was all over him, turning his white uniform into quite a colourful one with the yellow, blue, red and brownish colours of alien blood. Assam calmly wiped his face and hands clean, while following the Stormtrooper captain back to the shuttles. Two big steps brought him alongside the captain, a quick move and the captain was without a blaster. Assam kneeled and aimed. A scream is heard and the view pans upwards to the gas giant's orange atmosphere. Seconds later, you hear Assam demanding "Don't tell me this is a live feed, Captain…" A stuttering "I…I'm...afr…afraid so…s..s.sir…" is followed by the gurgling sound of someone's throat filling up with the red bodily fluid most people refer to as 'blood'.

The orange atmosphere fades to black as the live transmission is interrupted.

Ranks Held in the Imperial Navy

Non Commissioned Ranks

  • Recruit [E-1]
  • Crewman [E-2]
  • Crewman First Class [E-3]
  • Flight Corporal [E-4]
  • Flight Sergeant [E-5]
  • Staff Flight Sergeant [E-6]
  • Master Flight Sergeant [E-7]
  • Chief Flight Sergeant [E-8]
  • Flight Officer [E-9]
  • Command Flight Officer [E-10]

Officer Ranks

  • Ensign [O-1]
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade [O-2]
  • Lieutenant [O-3]
  • Lieutenant Commander [O-4]
  • Commander [O-5]
  • Captain [O-6]

Command Ranks

  • Commodore [C-1]
  • Rear Admiral [C-2]
  • Vice Admiral [C-3]
  • Admiral [C-4]
  • Fleet Admiral [C-5]
  • Lord Admiral [HC-3]


  • Being in the Navy, Faol Sean has a great fondness for all types of ships and still to this day enjoys piloting above all else. There is not a ship type in the Empires vast inventory that Sean has not piloted at one time or another. Due to his rank and position he finds himself more often then not, on the bridges of Star Destroyers. Although the massive Super Star Destroyer Kraken is his Flag Ship, he tends to utilize the much smaller Imperial Star Destroyers and Victory Star Destroyers, preferring their speed and practicality. Other imperial ships he uses are the Lambda shuttles that are often used by imperial officers when conducting business on Imperial planets. Still to this day Faol Sean can be caught sneaking off the Docking Bay in order to take a Tie Interceptor out to push his piloting skills to the extreme, his staff often reminding him after that fighters are no place for an Admiral.

  • The Admirals Flag Ship, The Super Star Destroyer Kraken


  • His personal collection is small but of good quality. His Corona Frigate Fearthainn is his personal Frigate and carries the majority of his personal holdings. It is his home away from home, when he desires a break from the gray and dingy hallways that are common amongst Navy ships. When long trips come up, he often takes his Horizon Star Yacht Dark Wraith, choosing it for its sheer comfort and speed. Tucked inside the Star Yacht is his Sith Starfighter Dirk, which he uses for descending to planets. Sean is very fond of the Firespray Interceptor, which is why he owns two, the Old Wolf and Raven. also on his list is the YT-2400 Praetorian, a dependable Corellian ship. A fan of old classics, he owns a Y-wing which is called Solstice. Finally for sentimental reasons, from his undying love of the Empire and Imperial navy he owns his own personal Tie l/n Starfighter which is known as Vampire. Faol Sean is constantly on the hunt for new ships for his collection, who knows what will be added to his inventory.

  • Faol Sean's Personal Frigate, The Corona Class Fearthainn


  • Sean's long distance travel ship, the Horizon Star Yacht Dark Wraith

  • His secondary frigate is a Neutron Star-class bulk cruiser (Frigate)


Bonus Material

This is a picture of a rare limited edition Faol Sean action figure;


Below is a picture of Faol Sean's infamous pet, and general nuisance to everyone, Toeater;

hb-header-ewok-canon-sub03.jpg }}

Medals held by Faol Sean under the old medal system;

'Imperial Navy Awards'

FSM.jpg Fleet Service Medal
LOC5.jpg Letter of Commendation 5
2IFV.jpg 2nd Imperial Fleet Veteran
3IFV.jpg 3rd Imperial Fleet Veteran
FoM3.jpg Fleet of the Month 3
DIS3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches 3
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate
SOEH.jpg School of Engineering Honours
DB3.jpg Duty Bar 3
OCSH.jpg Officer Command School Honours