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3rd Imperial Fleet

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18px-Soldier_stub.png This article is about The 3rd Imperial Fleet (Post-Y12) . You may be looking for The Third Imperial Fleet (Pre-Y12)

3rd Imperial Fleet
Abbreviations 3IF
Motto "The Third Will Prevail"
Active Year 12 - Present
Branch tinynavy.png Imperial Navy
Garrison/HQ Ruby Region
Fleet Command
FCO RADM Cihl Rezik (Interim)
GCO CAPT Marc Farstan (Interim)
Operation Swiftsure, Operation Reditus, Corellian Gold

The Third Imperial Fleet (3IF) is one of three active service fleets deployed by the Galactic Empire. The 3rd Fleet's area of responsibility is the Ruby Region, comprised of both the Tapani Oversector and Corellian Oversector. The Corellian Trade Spine, one of the galaxy's largest trading lanes passing through this Region, is of critical importance to the economic health of the Empire and business enterprises located in the Core Worlds. It is of particular importance to the 3rd Fleet's 8th Assault Group, whose Regional Headquarters are located in the Corellia system.

First formed after the Navy Restructuring on Year 12 Day 221 under the command of Commodore Arya Downing by the merging of the original 4th and 8th Imperial fleets, which were re-organised into the 4th Recon Group commanded by Commander Galdarzz Aalon, and the 8th Assault Group commanded by Captain Khaleon Hope.

The 3rd Fleet is currently commanded by Rear Admiral Cihl Rezik.


The 3IF was founded in Year 12 Day 221 by order of Emperor Thomas Cherokee, and in compliance with the Navy Restructuring Act, which saw the re-designation of the 4th and 8th Imperial Fleets into Groups and their merger into the 3rd Imperial Fleet. In Year 15, the 4th Recon Group was disbanded following further force shaping and in Year 17, the 3rd Recon Group (formerly the 3rd Imperial Fleet, pre-Y12) was re-assigned to the 3IF, uniting both legacies under a single banner.

Operation Swiftsure

While under the command of Admiral Mordus Nordstroem, elements of the 3rd Fleet were among the first to arrive in the newly discovered Hosnian system and were present throughout the entirety of Operation Swiftsure. Reconnaissance and world-building assets/officers were deployed across multiple planets - focusing on Raysho, Cardota, and Hosnian Prime - allowing for advance enemy detection and system-wide intelligence which contributed to the early stages of the "build war" efforts and lasted throughout the Imperial campaign.

Operation Reditus

Also referred to as the "CorSec Debacle", Reditus saw the 3rd Fleet embroiled in conflict in the Corellian Sector across multiple systems in the wake of former CorSec Grand Marshall Neria Derycke's betrayal of the Empire.

Corellian Gold

An operation to eliminate a criminal collective known as the "United Front" attempting to capitalize on setbacks experienced by the Empire following both Operations Swiftsure and Reditus. Warships of the 8th Assault Group first engaged UF forces in orbit of Botor in the Botor Enclave Sector in which two enemy capital ships were destroyed along with numerous fighter craft - with both Imperial warships sustaining only minor damage - and a third enemy capital ship put into retreat. The arrival of the Imperial Star Destroyer [REDACTED] cemented the 3rd Fleet's victory over Botor and allowed 3rd Brigade ground forces to lay siege to a UF installation following a brief battle between their remaining fighter defenders and the 8th Group's INSC detachment.


3rd Fleet Command

3rd Imperial Fleet Commanding Officer

Cihl Rezik (Interim)

8th Group Commanding Officer 3rd Group Commanding Officer

Marc Farstan (Interim)


Position Vacant

8th Group Executive Officer 3rd Group Executive Officer

Position Vacant


Position Vacant

3rd Fleet Signals Officer

Position Vacant

Component Units

3rd Recon Group

Woe befell the beast that infringed on the peace of the denizens of Greater Tapani. It intended to devour that one morsel that it believed was unguarded by the Loyal. One foot in quicksand, it ignored the TIE Starfighters and quested toward its objective. Two feet in quicksand, it found a worthy adversary, a Star Destroyer! So it came on, to end this quickly... Three feet in quicksand, it found itself attacked by a Carrack Cruiser, making this unexpectedly complicated. Four feet in quicksand and doomed to perish, it found itself beset by yet another squadron of TIE Starfighters. Teamwork will prevail...

Join the Imperial Knights, the most fiercely coherent group of officers you will find in the Imperial Navy, and examine your surroundings closely. Abregado System space looks crowded to you, does it not? It certainly should! The shipyards here require vast resources if they are to realise their high capacity. Behold how the tractor beams even now gather the debris of ancient battles together so it can be utilised again for a masterful purpose. Greater Tapani could ask for no finer naval capital. From here was directed Operation Sundered Anarchy, the pacification of Loedorvia System in the Weemell Sector. Many veterans of Sundered Anarchy serve here still, but they do not rest on their laurels. Instead, the 3rd Group aggressively looks to the future in always developing their personnel, their fitness, and their expertise. Everyone is taught to watch each others' back, and this policy has helped to keep casualties lower than many other organisations, whether Navy or Army, and certainly lower than the enemies of the Empire who have the misfortune to come across our path. We shall relentlessly confront them in combat and bear down heavy fire-power to destroy them!

Our officers are known for their grasp of the lessons of history, their professional work ethic, and their reputation for tenacity. Advancement is always on offer for one who serves meritoriously in our ranks -- whether greater wealth, greater inherent personal capability, or greater official importance. The 3rd Group could be a pathway to command of the entire Imperial Navy or even the throne of the Galactic Empire. It has happened before!

Frater Totus "Brothers All" -- By this motto, we welcome our newest members, no less than our oldest, and help them to realise their destiny as potent guardians of the New Order.

8th Assault Group

The Eighth Group of the Third Imperial Fleet. A deadly combination of extreme firepower, the likes of which few in the Galaxy could ever hope to challenge, with the highly skilled and unpredictable pilots the Third Fleet is known for. A combination considered by many more cautious officers to be a potentially volatile mixture. Yet in the hands of seasoned commanders this potent mix results in a group capable of feats others would deem impossible. A group relentless on the offence, insurmountable in defence, respected by both friend and by foe yet whose tactics often remain a mystery to both. Though able to perform standard Imperial manoeuvres to the letter, their true capabilities are revealed in how they use their ships in a manner few would imagine possible, and even fewer can imagine how to defend against.

Responsible for preventing disruption of the Corellian sectors significant and vital industrial capacity the Eighth group is used to standing firm against the enemy. The key element in the wide array of defences preventing any harm falling to the Corellian people, their numerous shipyards or their vast network of factories. Allowing them to fuel the Imperial economy and expand the resources of the Imperial military unhindered by the criminal or rebel elements to which they are a prime target. The Eighth Group is constantly aware of the consequences to the Empire as a whole if the supply of ships and material is interrupted, or worse, co-opted by the Empires enemies. The Eighth Group is constantly at work to prevent any such occurrence.

Tasked with keeping a keen and watchful eye on the mysterious and poorly understood Centrepoint station, constantly aware of the threat its unknown power could pose if ever awoken. Prepared to take whatever action is necessary to ensure it continues to bring wealth into the sector as the hub of galactic trade it has grown to be, and only as that hub. Patrolling Eighth Group Star Destroyers, TIE fighter and TIE Bomber squadrons act as a stoic reminder to the stations occupants that the Empire extends a sheltering hand to legitimate trade. An iron fist should anyone reach too far and threaten the stability of Imperial territory.

When entrusted with the protection of a Sector so sure to demand everything even they can give being capable of achieving the impossible is the only option. For the Eighth Group it is more than simply their duty to bring a time of peace and prosperity to a sector that has seen upheaval and war for too much of its history. It has become their very nature to provide such a symbol of hope and strength that even the most fiercely independent of Corellian factions can rest easy knowing their fate is well cared for in Imperial hands. To be a symbol that every Corellian can have pride in as an example of what they can achieve in co-operation with the Empire.

Origin of Fleet Motto

The Third Fleet's motto, "The Third Will Prevail", was established in Year 19 Day 228 by then 3rd Fleet Commanding Officer, Admiral Mordus Nordstroem. During a presentation in front of assembled officers from across the Imperial Navy, and in reference to the events surrounding the discovery of the Hosnian system, Admiral Nordstroem first spoke the words:

"To the terrorists of Zann, I say this: Your time is coming. The Third will see your filth eradicated from Imperial space. Your worlds will be freed. Your ships will burn. Your associates will be in chains. I will see it done. The Third will prevail."

From there, officers of the 3rd Fleet took on the motto as both an affirmation of their promise to the Emperor and as a threat to all who would stand in their way.

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