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Amber Region

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Amber Region
Oversectors Kuat Oversector
Corporate Oversector
Galactic Sectors Alderaan

Kuat - Oversector Capital

Sith Worlds - Oversector Capital

Grand Moff Nikolaus Ephranor
Historical events
Infrastructure Imperial Intelligence

Imperial Army
Imperial Navy
Regional Government
Ministry of Industry

Controlled By Galactic Empire

The most geographically dispersed Region of the Galactic Empire, the Amber Region is distinctly divided into two components: the Kuat Oversector in the galactic core, and the far-flung Corporate Oversector at the galaxy's outer-most boundary.

Possessing the famed Naval Yard orbiting Kuat and the mysterious Sith Temple on Korriban, the Amber Region's influence stratches from the ancient and arcane to the leading edge of galactic technology. Considered the centrepoint of ship development for centuries, the coreward areas of the Region attract heady industry and scientific research which continues to push the development of spacecraft technology, making the Region a high-tech and wealthy component of the Galactic Empire.

Complementing the well-established core areas of the Region, the Corporate Oversector draws the bold and intellectual in different ways through the ongoin exploration and expansion of the Outer Rim. This gives the Region a strong draw for archealogists, explorers, settlers, and entrepreneurs hoping to build new industries on new-found worlds in the Outer-Rim.

Kuat Oversector

The Kuat Oversector is an important industrial territory on the Eastern borders of the Galactic Empire. It includes 8 constituent sectors, amongst which are its capital and namesake Kuat. In no small part due to the famous Kuat Drive Yards, the Imperial sector is a galactic leader in several industrial and technological sectors and amongst both the galaxy’s largest exporters and importers of goods. Highly developed and with a very high standard of living, it maintains a comprehensive social security, a well-established health care system and diverse environmental protection laws known as the Ephranor Accords. After the Coruscant Oversector, it is the second-most popular migration destination in Imperial space.

Meanwhile the Kuat Sector itself is, after the neighboring Humbarine Sector, both the third-most populated sector of the Kuat Imperial Sector and the second-largest by area, consisting of 7 systems and a total of 23 planets.

Corporate Oversector

The home of the revered Sith Worlds, the Corporate Oversector is for many a symbol of Imperial perseverance and skill. Despite being immeasurably far from the rest of Imperial Space and being surrounded by unfamiliar territory- isolated from the rest of the Galactic Empire- Imperial presence within the Corporate Sector is overwhelmingly secure. Therefore, the Galactic Empire continues to develop and improve the Corporate Sector to further solidify the Imperial presence in this part of the Galaxy, employing a vast array of military and civilian personnel to achieve any goals as set out by the local Moff.

The Corporate Sector’s most notable feature is the fact that it encompasses the Sith Worlds. This makes the Corporate Sector a highly important one strategically in the Galactic Empire as it seeks to continue the smooth running of the Order of the Sith in conjunction with the Imperial Military, and support the Sith in their infinite war of religion against the corrupt and vulnerable Jedi Order. The high presence of the Sith within the Corporate Sector increases the levels of security within the Sector and also adds to the depth of culture within the Corporate Sector and the Galactic Empire as a whole. Therefore, the Corporate Sector is a valuable asset to the Galactic Empire and one of the most secure areas of space in the Galaxy, deterring any criminal or feeble rebel elements that might otherwise attempt to incur upon this region.

Command Staff

Regional Government

Visual ID Name Position
0.jpg Phaedra Thester Grand Moff
0.jpg Leeanna Mailhot Regional Coordinator
0.jpg Vacant Corporate Oversector Governor

Amber Taskforce

Visual ID Name Position
0.jpg Filipe Barro Amber Task Force Commander

Visual ID Name Position Visual ID Name Position
0.jpg Alexander Darthmoor 2nd Legion CO 0.jpg Thokul Tovcor 3rd Fleet CO

Imperial Intelligence

Visual ID Name Position
0.jpg Vacant Security Bureau Liaison
0.jpg Garret Vin-Reth MISL