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Order of the Sith

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Order of the Sith
Title of leader Dark Lord of the Sith
Governing body Sith Council
Headquarters Sith Temple
Notable members Hiram Drayson
Darth Imperius
Darth Tempestatis
Darth Knyte
Darth Algol
Darth Volentus
Darth Surra
Darth Vraith
Darth Lethalus
Darth Virsunas
Darth Anhrefn
Darth Venin
Darth Sigyn
Darth Draxes
Darth Excidius
Darth Triaris
Darth Dominus
Darth Taral
Darth Monstrum
Darth Guilus
Darth Nantius
Insignia Sith-Logo-Red.png
Government Galactic Empire

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.
— Extract from the Sith Code

The Order of the Sith is an ancient organisation of Force practitioners skilled in the ways of the Dark Side and followers of the Sith teachings. It is led by the Dark Lord and his Council, who set the goals and tasks of the Order in accordance with the aims of the Galactic Empire. Since the founding of the Empire, the Order has served the Emperor as an extension of his will and has drawn its recruits from the ranks of the New Order. The Dark Lord holds a seat on the Emperor's Inner Circle as one of his most trusted advisors and the expert on all matters related to the Force.


Sith Council

Comprised of the heads of the six Enclaves, the Sith Council rules over the Order from their meeting hall in the top spire of the Sith Temple. These Enclave Heads represent the elite among the Order, having perfected their art and established their own unique ideology which supports the ideals of the Order and the Empire. Their meetings are ruled over by the Dark Lord of the Sith. The Emperor is also considered a council member regardless of his sensitivity to the Force.

The Six Enclaves

Representing six different ideologies, the Six Enclaves were formed by Darth Virsunas in early Year 15 as a means to diversify culture within the Order and provide more dedicated training on an individual basis. Each Enclave is led by an Enclave Head who is granted a peerage by the Throne for the duration of their time serving in the position.

Each Enclave is free to adopt an organizational structure within their ranks, but this is not required and depends largely on the ideology the Enclave follows. Some fall naturally into an organized system of responsibility, while others subscribe more easily to a system where the Enclave Head holds full and ultimate authority within the Enclave's confines.

The composition of the Sith Council is as follows:

Dormant Enclaves:

Ranks Within the Order

The following ranks are known within the Sith Order:

Dark Lord of the Sith - Presiding over the Sith Council, the Dark Lord is the supreme authority within the Order.

Sith Councilor - A group of select Sith Masters who act as council to the Dark Lord and lead the individual enclaves.

Sith Master - This rank is granted to Sith upon the achievement of mastery over most aspects of the Dark Side of the Force, and supreme devotion to the Order. They are further granted a Darth name at this stage.

Sith Adept - Sith Adepts are experienced Sith who have survived the intense and harsh training of a Sith Apprentice to become powerful agents of the Order.

Sith Acolyte - As an a Sith begins to show promise, they are offered a position in one of the enclaves and is promoted to the rank of Sith Acolyte.

Sith Initiate - This is the beginning of the journey through the darkside. Sith Initiates are new to the Order, but have not proved themselves yet.