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Saarai Enclave

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Saarai Enclave
Enclave Information
Homeworld Empress Teta
Head Darth Nantius
Imperial Service Information
Branch HChPHNA.png
Order of the Sith
Allies Desaevio Enclave
Enemies Jiaasjen Enclave
Notable Action Classified

Naming themselves the Sith concept of “the truth”, the Saarai Enclave preaches a rigid and fanatical adherence to Sith doctrine and the reconnection to the lost art of Sith alchemy. Established by the Dark Lord Virsunas on Y16 D167, the founding head of the Enclave, Darth Surra, created the enclave to be the philosophical pinnacle of the Order by guarding the purity of Sith teachings and knowledge. Emphasising the secret accumulation of knowledge and the violent rejection of heresy, the Saarai Enclave finds its stance on most issues in Sith politics to be supported by the Desaevio Enclave.

Establishing residence on the world of Empress Teta, the Saarai Enclave maintains secrecy over many of its activities, but its philosophy encourages the conversion of others to their strict interpretation of the Sith Code. Known to perform mystic rituals and employ Sith alchemy, the Saarai Enclave is reputed to enter a berserker-like state, or for using poisons to kill themselves when caught. Their insistence on secrecy and their zealotry often makes them viewed by the other enclaves as fanatics and often shunned out of fear by those outside of the Order. The Saarai Enclave’s extreme philosophy regularly draws it into conflict with the teachings espoused by the Jiaasjen Enclave.

The Saarai Enclave is known to produce capable Warriors and Assassins due to its fanaticism and secrecy which draws upon the attributes of those Sith, whilst Sorcerers typically find the zealotry to be constricting. Utilising a skillset amenable to apathetic assassination or wholesale slaughter to keep a secret of the Order, members of the Saarai Enclave will most often be employed on missions requiring secrecy, blind loyalty, or little chance of survival.