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Emillio Peares

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Emillio Peares
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year 15 BCGT, Day 41
Imperial Service
Branch domi.png

Imperial Intelligence

Positions ISBlogo.png

Imperial Security Bureau

  • Chief of Corrections
Prior Service

Imperial Army

  • Army Signal Officer
  • 1st Legion Commanding Officer
  • 1st Legion Signals Officer
  • 1st Brigade Commanding Officer
  • 1st Brigade Executive Officer
  • Legionnaire

Imperial Security Bureau

  • Liaison Trainee

Imperial Centre for Recruitment

  • Recruitment Officer

Imperial Academy

  • Recruit
Awards 8420_peares.png

Emillio Peares (born Year 15 BCGT, Day 41) is a Galactic Empire retiring soldier. He was 1st Legion Commanding Officer and served in the Imperial Army.

Early Life

He born Year 15 BCGT, Day 41 of Peares House of the middle class in Alderaan. His childhood was almost featureless that He love read a book than have a game or exercise. He enjoyed reading of All, Specially He interested Galaxy Lore and History from the ancient to the modern times. Also He was concerned about Seoulian[1]', who exterminated, Lore. And then he went on to the department of History of University of Alderaan[2] when He grow up. He also minor in Political and Social science and Philosophy for intersting. His collage life is faultless too. And He went on to a graduate course without hitch. He want the Student and It seek to be soon or later. However He was faced with a turning point of the Life.

The War that Battle of Alderaan broke out in Year 4 on Alderaan. Not only the occupation was canceled, but also the lecture. All People was shelter from the war without exception. In the dugout, He had tremble with fear even if he didn't see with his own eyes to the horrible scenes of war but heard the distant boom of cannonade and felt a shock by bombardment. But a life in seclusion was no long times. After few days, the shellfire was stop. The refuge got out and got back on the air soon. So many Imperial star destroyer had present a grand appearance on the orbit in the Telescreen. And some Tie fighter formations scout up above the heart of a city. Then he saw that the white armours glittered in the sunlight was marching with a gun from a line. It seem that the procession was endless. He was inspired by There is walking of the spirit of the times. Taking this opportunity, he completed his studies and decided on the course after graduation to be conscripted into the Imperial Army instead of stand on a platform.

Galactic Empire

Imperial Service Event

Year 14

At Derra system, He took command of a company for the first time in his life. Even if He had made marked small military achievement, but The company was exterminated for carelessness of commanding. It was discouraged him and made a firm determination that do not got defeated again and Be strong than anyone for turn a progress of battle into a possibility himself on his career.

Year 15

At Churnis system, hold the invasion and He was awarded a achievement medal for arrest the enemy commander on the Operation. And he receive much recognition about military service and was appointed 1st Brigade Executive Officer about Year 15 Day157. Also he was nicknamed comrade in arms "Butcher of Churnis" He was appointed 1st Brigade Commanding Officer in succession to HCOL Tec Vaan about Y15 D278.

Year 16

He was appointed 1st Legion Commanding Officer in succession to HCOL Redme Schwarz about Year 16 Day 286.

Year 17

He was promoted to Command Rank about Year 17 Day 21. Also He was amazed that he heard that "BGEN Peares earned the notice of the Emperor who commended the BG" while awarding ceremony of the Imperial Activity Medal. BGEN Peares was really overwhelmed with gratitude and was very proud of it about Year 17 Day 101.

Year 20

He stepped down from 1st Legion Commanding Officer position and retired from Imperial Army about Year 20 Day 167.

Imperial Service Record

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[E-1] ME-1.gif Recruit Year 14 Day 134 - Year 14 Day 138
[E-2] ME-2.gif Private Year 14 Day 139 - Year 14 Day 200
[E-3] ME-3.gif Corporal Year 14 Day 201 - Year 14 Day 262
[E-4] ME-4.gif Sergeant Year 14 Day 262 - Year 14 Day 335
[O-2] MO-2.png First Lieutenant Year 14 Day 336 - Year 15 Day 101
[O-3] MO-3.png Captain Year 15 Day 102 - Y16 Day 20
[O-4] MO-4.png Major Year 16 Day 21 - Y16 Day 187
[O-5] MO-5.png Lieutenant Colonel Year 16 Day 188 - Year 16 Day 315
[O-6] MO-6.png Colonel Year 16 Day 316 - Year 17 Day 20
[C-1] MC-1.png Brigadier General Year 17 Day 21 - Year 17 Day 111
[C-4] MC-4.png General Year 17 Day 112 - Y18 D54
[C-5] MC-5.png Command General Year 18 Day 55 - Year 20 Day 167
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
REDACTED REDACTED Agent Year 20 Day 168 - Year 20 D327
REDACTED REDACTED Chief Year 20 Day 328 - Present


Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by
IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduation [IABG] Y14 D138 COMPNOR
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Y14 D247 LCOMD
ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM] Y14 D345 ISB
ACH.jpg Achievement Medal [ACH] Y15 D18 IHC
ICM.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal [ICM] Y15 D72 ACOMD
MOS.jpg Medal of Support [MOS] Y15 D142 The Throne
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDX2] Y15 D169 LCOMD
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Y15 D230 LCOMD
ICMx2.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal [ICMx2] Y15 D244 Moff of the Sector
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM-1] Y15 D277 ISB
ILA.jpg Imperial Literacy Award [ILA] Y15 D363 ACOMD
MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDX3] Y16 D59 ACOMD
IRM.jpg Imperial Recruitment Medal [IRM] Y16 D114 ICR
BCM.jpg Brigade Command Medal [BCM] Y16 D147 ACOMD
ISM-2.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM-2] Y16 D149 ISB
IMM.jpg Imperial Meeting Medal [IMM] Y16 D149 ISB
IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAM] Y16 D170 LCOMD
AMP.jpg Army Medal of Progress [AMP] Y16 D217 ACOMD
IAMx2.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAMx2][3] Y16 D265 ICR
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCX2] Y16 D280 LCOMD
IMM-H.jpg Imperial Meeting Medal [IMM-H] Y16 D294 ISB
GCA.jpg Good Conduct Award [GCA] Y16 D295 ACOMD
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOCX3] Y16 D343 ACOMD
IAMx3.jpg Imperial Activity Medal [IAMx3][4] Y17 D101 ACOMD
ISM-3.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM-3] Y17 D141 ISB
CIIA.jpg Certified Imperial Intelligence Agent [CIIA] Y17 D195 II
IISA-1.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award [IISA-1] Y17 D195 II
MIDx4.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDX4] Y17 D203 ACOMD
MIDx5.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDX5] Y18 D49 ACOMD
ISM-4.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM-4] Y18 D141 ISB
OSM.jpg Order of the Sith Member [OSM] Y18 D158 Order of the Sith
SSA-1.jpg Sith Service Award [SSA-1] Y18 D158 Order of the Sith
MIDx6.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDX6] Y18 D158 Order of the Sith
MIDx7.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MIDX7] Y18 D259 ACOMD
UDS.jpg Unit Distinguished Service [UDS] Y19 D82 ACOMD
AC.jpg Army Cross [AC] Y19 D82 ACOMD
ISM-5.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM-5] Y19 D142 ISB
SSA-2.jpg Sith Service Award [SSA-2] Y20 D41 Order of the Sith
GCAx2.jpg Good Conduct Award [GCAX2] Y20 D81 ACOMD
ICMx3.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal [ICMx3] Y20 D110 The Throne
ISM-6.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM-6] Y20 D144 ISB
ACHx2.jpg Achievement Medal [ACHx2] Y20 D186 IHC
ACx2.jpg Army Cross [ACx2] Y20 D235 ACOMD


Chief of Corrections
Preceded By:
Emillio Peares
Year 20 Day 328 - Present
Succeeded By:

Army Signal Officer
Preceded By:
Mark Scott
Emillio Peares
Y18 D8 - Y20 D167
Succeeded By:

1st Legion Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Redme Schwarz
Emillio Peares
Y16 D286 - Y20 D167
Succeeded By:
Elarain Belleraux

1st Legion Signals Officer
Preceded By:
Mordamen Bast
Emillio Peares
Y16 D37 - Y17 D112
Succeeded By:
Sigmund von Ismay

1st Brigade Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Tec Vaan
Emillio Peares
Y15 D278 - Y16 D310
Succeeded By:
Wilhelmy Quel-Sara

1st Brigade Executive Officer
Preceded By:
Rik Zoidic
Emillio Peares
Y15 D157 - Y15 D277
Succeeded By:
Jayden Gunnstar


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