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Rik Zoidic

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Rik Zoidic
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Martha Zoidic
Father Samuel Zoidic
Spouse None
Siblings  ???
Children None
Born Year -9 Day 249
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions 2nd Brigade XO

Prior Service 3rd Brigade CO
1st Brigade XO
3rd Legion CO
3rd Legion Intelligence Officer
3rd Legion XO
3rd Legion Adjutant
1st Legion History Adjunct
1st Legion Soldier

Recruitment Staff - ICR
Junior Training Officer - IA
Graphics Assistant - IAS

Awards DB1.jpg









Rik Zoidic is a Human native of the planet Tatooine, and is currently serving in the Imperial Army as a Lieutenant Colonel. He is currently the Brigade Executive officer of 2nd Brigade. He has recently returned to active service after many years of retirement. In his prior service to the Empire, he has held various command positions in the army, including the position of Commanding Officer of the 3rd Brigade, Executive officer of 1st Brigade, and Commanding Officer of 3rd Imperial Legion. He is a highly decorated military officer who had also served as a distinguished Training Officer at the Imperial Academy and as an Imperial recruitment staff.


Physical Description
Height: 1.81 m
Weight: 80.3 kg
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Right: Light Green
Left: Cyborg Unit

Early Life

Rik Zoidic was born on the planet Tatooine. His parents were engaged in some business, on which made them travel a lot. He was their only son. But on one of their business trips, they were killed, when the ships hyperdrive malfunctioned. They had crash landed on a toxic planet. He was just 5 yrs old then. He was brought up by a very close friend of his parents, Prongs Bay. He took good care of him. His parents left behind a huge wealth for him. But Rik Zoidic remained unhappy. He made very few friends. He at the age of 13 started drinking, indulging in street fights, and always remained away from home.
When he was 16 years old he decided to leave the planet. In his stay in Tatooine he also developed the hatred for the rebels. And now the planet was now controlled by then. He Wandered the galaxy for adventures, but no special events happened. Though he finally understood that much more order was required in the galaxy and it could be only brought by Galactic Empire. He now knew that he wanted to be a part of this. He applied to GE. But before he was accepted he recieved message that Prongs Bay had fallen ill and succumbing to death. He immediately headed for Tatooine. He met him for the last time. Rik made few promises to him before he died. His father's business by took over by Prongs' daughter (Name unknown). He stayed there for a while when finally a imperial ship came to pick him up.

Imperial Life

Rik Zoidic was accepted into GE and was sent to the Imperial Academy. He graduated as a basic graduate and got accepted in the Imperial Army. He was 18 years old then. He recieve the rank of Private. He served in many operations and missions in the First Imperial Legion. Later on he was transferred to Third Imperial Legion as Legion Adjutant. Now he is LCO of 3IL


Imperial Academy

Rik Zoidic started his training under Professor Commander (then Ensign) Galdarzz Aalon. He was very eager about his gradution. He completed most of the exams very fast at the cost of good grades. Though he managed to score a total of 86% and graduated as a Private. He was awarded the [IABG] by Galdarzz Aalon.

Imperial Army

Zoidic was assigned to 1st Imperial Legion as a soldier. He got deployed in Tax Planet Bastion, with rest of the legion. He recieved two ribbons there: [TPBA] & [DIS]. He also won the Bastion Build off Copmetition that was held out there among personnels 1st Legion and other two Imperial Fleets. At the end of this he was also appointed as the History Adjunct of the First.

He also served as one of the squad leaders in Operation Consolidation, Emergency at Ithilivir (where he received [ARR]), Operation Mad Hatter and few other classified Operations.

He also briefly appointed as Acting Legion Adjutant of 1st Legion.

He latter on transferred to 3rd Legion as its Legion Adjutant.

He was commissioned to Rank of First Lieutenant and was appointed as Legion Executive Officer of 3rd Legion on Year 11 Day 310.



  • Imperial Centre of Recruitment - 10 Graduates [ICR10]
  • Army Medal of Order [AMO]
  • 1st Imperial Legion Cross [1ILC]
  • 1st Legion Veteran [1ALV]
  • Action Readiness Ribbon [ARR]
  • Duty Bar 1 year [DB1]
  • 5 times Mentioned in Dispatchers [DIS5]
  • Imperial Academy Basic Graduate [IABG]
  • Tax Planet: Bastion [TPBA]


Private [E-2]

Rik Zoidic received 86% and graduated as a Private in the Army

Private First Class [E-3]

"The first promotion is of someone who is quite new to the Legion, but he has already embraced the spirit of our legion. For reporting in regularly, taking part in IRC and showing a ready enthusiasm for being an active part of the legion Rik Zoidic is hearby promoted from E2 to E3. Congratulations Private FC Zoidic."-XO 1st Legion (Inara Imperium)

Corporal [E-4]

"The newest member of the legion, Rik Zoidic, has been working very hard in darkness and been very active here on IRC and the legion forums. There's no doubt he deserves his promotion from E3 -> E4, to Corporal." -XO 1st Legion (Inara Imperium)

Sergeant [E-5]

"The second person (who is promoted) was the pride of the legion when he won the Bastion build-off competition between our legion and the two fleets we worked alongside. He showed those flyboys what a soldier can achieve. Even during exams we couldn't keep him away from participating in the RP and coming onto IRC for a laugh. Rik Zoidic, you are now promoted to Sergeant (E5). Congratulations, well deserved." -XO 1st Legion (Inara Imperium)

Staff Sergeant [E-6]

IRC log during Rik Zoidic's promotion.

[5:48] <CPT_Imperium> Sergeant Zoidic, can you please step forward
[5:48] * SGT_Zoidic Steps forward
[5:48] <CO> SGT Zoidic is consistently contributing to the legion and is one of our most reliable members.
[5:49] <CPT_Imperium> I accidentally referred to him as SSGT the other day, and you know you've earnt your rank when your CO already thinks you have it. ;)
[5:49] * CPT_Imperium smiles at Rik and hands him his new rank bars, "Congratulations Rik - you are now promoted from E5 -> E6"
[5:50] * SGT_Zoidic Salutes and accepts the new rank bar.
[5:50] *** SGT_Zoidic is now known as SSGT_Zoidic

Sergeant First Class [E-7]

Master Sergeant [E-8]

Rik Ziodic was promoted to rank of master sergeant by then Army CO, Brigadier General Bacara Kex

Sergeant Major [E-9]

Command Sergeant [E-10]