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Bacara Kex

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Bacara Kex
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Kara Kex
Father Tye Kex (Deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -23 Day 25
Imperial Service
Branch domi.png
Imperial Intelligence
Positions Retired
Prior Service Chief of Military Intelligence
Army Commanding Officer

Military Intelligence Agency XO

IGC Director

Awards Awards and Distinctions

Lieutenant General Bacara Kex was an Imperial Army commander under Emperor Vodo Bonias. Simply referred to as "Kex" by many of his friends, he was born on the planet of Corellia to the parents of Tye and Kara. On Corellia, he spent much of his early life until his father’s death, upon which he decided to serve the Galactic Empire and enlisted in the Imperial Academy. He would land in the Imperial Army, eventually climbing the ladder to become the Imperial Army Commanding Officer before retiring from Imperial service. Not long into his retirement, Kex would rejoin the Galactic Empire and start his service in Imperial Intelligence.

Early Life

Childhood and Heritage

Bacara Kex was born in Coronet, Corellia on Day 25: 23 BCGT. It was on Corellia that he was raised by his mother, Kara, and father, Tye, throughout his childhood. He was an only child to his parents, and it was evident from early on that much was expected from him. Tye Kex was an experienced and trusted agent for the Corellian Security Force (CorSec). Tye, 26 at the time of Kex’s birth, had served in CorSec for eight years prior, having graduated the CorSec Academy when he was just 18. Tye secretly wished that Bacara would grow up to follow in his footsteps; however, this was not what Kex had in mind for his future. Meanwhile, Kara Kex, 28 at Kex’s birth, owned and ran a restaurant in Coronet. Kara came from an upper-class, business-orientated family that would allow her to start up her own restaurant. Kex’s family was very close; however, their time together was far too short.

The Kex Family lived in Corona, which served as the suburb of Coronet. It was a lifestyle that Bacara would grow to love. Early on, Bacara saw much of his mother at home, as she decided to take time away from the restaurant to watch her son grow-up. He would also spend much of his days at the restaurant, under the supervision of his mother. Despite his time with his mother, it was his father that Bacara looked up to. Being the closest thing to an Imperial Soldier that he knew, Bacara looked at his father like his own personal hero. A CorSec Major by the time he was 30, Tye was a well-respected officer in CorSec, serving primarily in law enforcement. Kex saw how well respected his father was within the community, and admired him for this. While not what he may have wanted, he entertained the idea of serving in CorSec as time went on.

Teenage Years

As the years went by, Kex would receive a decent basic education from Corellian Schools up until the time when he was thirteen. Having high expectations, he put in a lot of effort to perform well in school. Though not the best student, he was above average, earning the grades to be accepted in later academies. After leaving the basic schooling system, Kex decided to enroll in the CorSec Academy at the age of fourteen. There he decided he would hone his already basic skills, from which he learned from his father, until such time presented itself to leave Corellia to join the Empire.

Kex proved to excel in the CorSec Academy, as he realized he had much to live up to due to his father’s history. He found his niche in law enforcement and intelligence, much like his father. There he would spend great deals of time learning advanced reconnaissance skills and tactics, as well as training to become a top CorSec marksman. Unfortunately, his time at the CorSec Academy would come to an abrupt end when he was just seventeen. Just one month after his seventeenth birthday, his father was killed during a smuggler crime ring raid in Coronet. Devastated by his father’s death, Kex dropped out of the CorSec Academy mere days later. He would spend weeks mourning the death of his father, not knowing what there was left to do. Almost a month after the death of his father and his withdrawal from the Academy, Kex visited the local Imperial recruiter in Coronet. It was then that he decided to follow his lifelong dream of serving the Empire.

An Imperial is Born

Imperial Education

Being from Corellia, Kex’s family was very pro-Imperial, as they supported the Empire’s ideals and policies throughout the galaxy. Kex would grow up learning of famous Imperial heroes, and it was during this time that Kex knew what he wanted to do. At the age of seventeen and after meeting with an Imperial recruiter, Kex was transported to Coruscant to enroll in the Imperial Academy. Seemingly younger than every other recruit, Kex started his Imperial training, building upon his skills learned from his time in the CorSec Academy.

He took on studies in the fields of basic Imperial protocol, vehicle and ship operations, Imperial History, and Army studies. He progressed through his training at a normal pace under the tutorage of, then, Chief Master Sergeant Kato Forn. He took a great deal of interest in Imperial History, following it with a passion and learning of the famous Imperials of old that he grew up hearing about. He also excelled in Army Studies, having had a great background in law enforcement and ground training. It was then that he decided to focus and later enlist in the Imperial Army.

Kex would spend a good amount of time training in the Imperial Academy. After years of studying and training, Kex graduated the academy at the age of 22. He would graduate with a basic degree, though he drew great interest from the Imperial Army due to his excellent Army marks. Upon his graduation, he went into basic training as a reconnaissance sniper. Here he found his calling, as he later served as a reconnaissance commander later on in his enlistment.

Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat

Soon after his graduation, Kex would find himself assigned to the 1st Imperial Legion, more commonly known as the “Immortals” throughout the Imperial Army. He was now a Private under the command of Captain Cliff Chan – Commanding Officer of the Immortals - and he took to that role with great pride. Immediately upon his graduation, Kex was contacted by both Chan and Brigadier General Mintaka Kyuzo, the Imperial Army Adjutant and member of Army Command (AHC). It was an unexpected visit from the General, a prominent army figure that Kex had only heard of, and he took to the conversation with great interest, drawing in every word that was spoken. Chan and Kyuzo were just two individuals that would have a continual impact upon his career.

He would not be on Coruscant’s surface for long, following his graduation, as he was immediately put to use by the Captain during an operation. It would be the first time that Kex got his hands dirty, pouring his blood and sweat into his work, instead of spending his time in class-rooms. Unfortunately, it was also during this period that Kex found he had too much time to think about his family and past. He always remained anxious for more work, just to avoid having any down-time that would allow him to dwell on his father’s death or his mother’s loneliness. Kex would rally around his legion-mates – his brothers in arms – who would help him deal with the allotted leisure time. He started to relax more and connect with his legion, usually through practical jokes and games. Having been raised in a family that was keen on following everything “by-the-book,” it was an unusual side of Kex that was starting to be shown. There was no getting around it…The 1st Legion had changed Kex from the time when he was in the academy, and in his eyes, it was for the better.

Opportunity Seized

Still a Private, Kex was beginning to wonder whether his service was going overlooked. These thoughts did not linger in Kex’s mind for long, however, as recently promoted Major Chan would recognize his work with a triple promotion to Sergeant and the post of Reconnaissance Commander of the 1st Imperial Legion. This was but one of many changes in the 1st Legion, that caught Kex’s eyes. The Legion’s Executive Officer (XO), Command Sergeant K`Crydon Katana, mysteriously left the Empire. With many rumors circulating about the Sergeant’s departure, Kex remained uncertain of the truth – a somewhat common occurrence throughout his early service. Major Chan selected Command Sergeant Arbellason Saalar as his new XO, and with the promotion of several of Kex’s peers, the 1st Legion had a new make-up.

During his tenure as the recon commander of the 1st, Kex oversaw many scouting and intelligence operations that gave the Empire the upper-hand. It was during this time that Kex was given his first chance to prove that he could be an effective commander and to show to Chan that this opportunity was not wasted on him. It was this attitude that drove Kex’s career advancement throughout his time in the Imperial Legions.

A New Beginning

Though the changes within the 1st Legion were just beginning to settle, changes throughout the Imperial Army as a whole were on the horizon. AHC had begun the process of restructuring the Army; a restructure that would see the Imperial Legions turn into Imperial Brigades as the main Imperial ground unit. With this decision, expansion throughout the Imperial Army would occur, as the 3rd Imperial Brigade would come into existence.

As the changes were announced, Kex was notified that he was being transferred from the 1st Imperial Brigade to the newly created 3rd. It was definitely an unexpected move, but one that Kex eventually looked forward to, as he would have a essential hand in the creation of the 3rd. Along with the creation of the 3rd, Kex received two new commanders. Captain Deric Adams, the former XO of the 2nd Imperial Legion was transferring to take command of the new unit. With him, as his second-in-command, 2nd Lieutenant Zenchi Senkusha was transferring with Kex from the 1st Legion. With the chance to be a part of history, the 3rd Brigade took to creating their new identity with great enthusiasm. Going over every aspect of their unit, the members of the 3rd Brigade later became known as the “Shadow Guard.”

With the creation of a new unit, Kex saw the opportunity to further prove himself as a key soldier within the brigade and did that has he was selected for the newly formed position of “Operations Adjunct” within the 3rd. Remaining as the Recon Commander of the 3rd, he used this appointment to further show he was capable of yet more responsibility. Through this post, he grew closer to the brigade’s new command, eventually establishing a strong friendship with both Adams and Senkusha that would last long into their careers.

A Chance at Command

With the 3rd Brigade successfully established and steady, the Imperial Army continued to grow both in numbers and experience. Also, with the brigades being built to accommodate less personnel than the legions of old, a new unit was needed to meet the expansion of the army, and so the 4th Imperial Brigade was born. This time, it was Lieutenant Senkusha who was being given the Commanding Officer position of the new unit. With his impending transfer, the XO post within the 3rd Brigade laid vacant. It was during this time that Kex’s work started to pay off, as Captain Adams selected him to be his new XO, and with this new promotion in position came another triple promotion in rank, as Kex was bumped up to Master Sergeant.

It was around this time that Kex received notice that his former Commanding Officer, Major Cliff Chan, was resigning from his post in the 1st Imperial Brigade and retiring from active Imperial service. Having grown close to Chan and learning much from him, he vowed to himself to carry on those teachings now that he was in command himself.

Now officially a commander of the 3rd Brigade, Adams and Kex set forth to change the meaning of efficiency, as they put their efforts towards training their men to being the greatest the army had ever seen. It would not take long for this dream to become a reality, as the 3rd Brigade quickly established themselves as a dominant unit within the entire Empire. Working on numerous and greatly varied operations, the 3rd showed their enemies what it truly meant to be “The Fist of the Empire.”

Legacy of the Shadow Guard

An Alarming Betrayal

As the 3rd Brigade flourished, the army as a whole was growing, both in manpower and experience. A key member in this growth was the Army Adjutant, Brigadier General Mintaka Kyuzo. As the self-proclaimed “last member” of the Imperial Royal Guard, General Kyuzo acted as the Iron Fist of Army Command during her tenure. Since his first meeting with the General on the day of his enlistment, Kex kept regular contact with Kyuzo, attempting to learn from the experiences she had gone through. It was through her guidance and constant advice that Kex first had aspirations of becoming a member of Army High Command.

Late in Year 8 CGT, the Imperial Army suffered a devastating blow to its leadership. After several unconfirmed reports and numerous rumors circulating throughout the Empire, it was announced that General Mintaka Kyuzo defected to the organization that called themselves the “New Republic”. Not understanding how or why Kyuzo could throw away years of service and loyalty to the Empire, Kex attempted contacting her to uncover the truth behind her defection. His attempts would be in vain, however, as no response was returned.

Soon after these unsuccessful attempts, and after having left the so-called New Republic, it was discovered and reported that ex-General Kyuzo was deceased, having lost control of her ship and crashing to her death. With a spot on AHC vacant, Major Deric Adams was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and appointed to the position of Army Adjutant on AHC. With Kyuzo’s defection and death, and Adam’s promotion, the army was in the midst of a significant leadership transformation, and the aftermath would be critical to the future of the army.

A New Arrival

As Adams rose to membership of Army Command, the 3rd Imperial Brigade lost its commanding officer. With Kex still being new to command, AHC reported that Lt. Commander Zakk Bourget would be transferring from the Imperial Navy to take command of the Shadow Guard. Having expected an army officer to transfer to his unit, this was shocking news to Kex. Immediately, a face-to-face meeting was set up between the two commanders of the 3rd legion. Having worked so well with Adams in the past, Kex was skeptical of the new commander, feeling that he had large shoes to fill.

During their initial meeting there was much talk about the desired direction of the unit, and seeing they had common goals the two commanders quickly hit it off. They set out to continue to excellence that Adams and Kex had previously established, and with that goal, it was agreed that Kex would largely have operational command of the Shadow Guard, dealing with the day-to-day duties and logistics. During this time Kex was further thrown into the fire, learning quickly and often, as Bourget played a large role in his tutelage.


Soon enough, the 3rd Brigade was informed that it would be deploying to the planet of Vakkar, of the Vakkar System, to assist in the development and fortification of Imperial civilization on the planet. Unfortunately, during the final stages of preparation, it was learned that Major Bourget was to take an extended leave of absence. During his absence, Kex would become the acting commanding officer of the brigade and be charged with leading his troops into Vakkar. He knew he and his unit were to set off for a long-term campaign, with much cooperation and efficiency needed on all fronts. A mere Master Sergeant at the time, Kex was asked to perform and coordinate objectives far beyond his pay grade. Not looking to disappoint those in Army High Command who showed confidence in his young career and potential for command and knowing this was an opportunity to prove himself to those around him, Kex took to this duty with great heart.

As Operation Vakkar progressed, and his brigade performed admirably, even earning praise from Grand Moff Goth, who was on-site and coordinating the planetary effort, AHC looked to reward Kex and cement his leadership and command role over the Shadow Guard. Kex was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant by General Chambers mid-way through the operation, and thus entered the Imperial Officer Corps. A few weeks later, Kex was awarded with the official command of the 3rd Imperial Brigade after it was learned that Bourget's situation grew more severe and required his resignation from command. Kex decided to keep Bourget on as his executive officer, until he received word that Bourget would not be able to continue in an active capacity. It was after hearing this news that Kex went on a mission to pick his newest executive officer. He soon found him in a young yet promising soldier. His name...Hawke Truden.

After several grueling and tedious months on Vakkar, the end was drawing near. Before the end of the operation, AHC saw fit to further reward Kex for the 3rd Brigade's outstanding performance, and so he was promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant. Still a junior compared to the other Legion Commanders in the army, the 3rd Brigade's performance spoke for itself. Kex's pick of Truden to be his XO turned out to be a good one, as the young commander had much potential and contributed much to the unit's ability to get work done quickly and efficiently.

With Operation Vakkar completed and marked as a huge success, the 3rd Brigade's time on the planet was over. They would depart the system quickly, heading for Army HQ where they would begin stages of an intense training regiment and being future preparations for the construction of the Legion HQ.


As the Shadow Guard continued their preparations, Army High Command announced a restructuring of the Imperial Army, once again. The army would revert back to the Imperial Legion structure, leaving behind four Imperial Army Brigades in exchange for three larger Imperial Legions. The 3rd Legion would lead the way, as General Chambers collaborated with Kex about many of the changes beforehand.

As the Imperial Army finished its restructure, news broke that General Chambers had decided to resign from his post Commanding Officer of the Army. Despite several subtle signs leading up to the decision, the news came as a shock to everyone. Soon thereafter, newly appointed Minister of Defense Slicer would make the announcement of Alan Steel’s succession to command the Imperial Army and Adam’s promotion to 2nd-in-command.

With a spot open on Army High Command, Steel and Adams looked for a potential suitor for the role, and despite Kex’s inexperience compared to other candidates, he was marked as the frontrunner for the spot. After a multitude of interviews and seemingly endless reviews of his record, Adams informed his former XO that he had been chosen to complete the trio. Kex would begin serving as the Army Adjutant and final member of Army High Command, while simultaneously serving as the Commander of the 3rd Imperial Legion. It was here that Kex would begin to change the Army.

High Command

The Start of a New Era

As Kex would begin his work on Army High Command, he was offered new insight into the larger picture of the Imperial Army. No longer was he tasked with the well-being of a single legion, but instead to assist in the management of all the legions that would represent the might of imperial strength. In his Adjutant role, Kex would largely assist Steel and Adams in liaison work between the legions’ operations and High Command, as well as the effective management of army personnel and resources. During this time, Kex would also be recruited into the newly-formed Military Intelligence Agency, headed by Commodore Waterbool, to serve as its Executive Officer. An expansion of the Naval Intelligence Agency, the Military Intelligence division would be tasked with the collection, organization, and analysis of large amounts of data pertaining to military operations – both foreign and domestic.

Despite his new role, Kex would not lose sight of his first priority in the Imperial Army. However, It would not be long that the reunification of Adams and Kex in command would last, as shortly after Kex’s appointment to Army High Command, Adams would choose to retire from active Imperial service and end his army career. Kex, having handed over legion command to the well-experienced Captain Marcus Aurelius, would be chosen to replace Adams as the Army Executive Officer by General Steel.

In this new role, General Steel allowed Major Kex an unprecedented amount of control in the day-to-day activities of the Imperial Army for such a newly appointed High Command member. It was no secret that General Steel accepted the command opportunity of the army out of necessity, rather than desire, and it was here that Steel chose Kex as his heir apparent and would allow him to learn through “trial by fire”.

A General in the Making…

To be continued...

Dates of Rank

Imperial Army

  • Private (Y8 D187 - Y8 D255)
  • Sergeant (Y8 D255 - Y8 D318)
  • Master Sergeant (Y8 D318 - Y9 D36)
  • 2nd Lieutenant(Y9 D36 - Y9 D127)
  • 1st Lieutenant (Y9 D127- Y9 D176)
  • Major (Y9 D176 - Y9 D298)
  • Colonel (Y9 D298 - Y10 D7)
  • Brigadier General (Y10 D7 – Y10 D199)
  • Major General (Y10 D199 – Y11 D307) ^
  • Lieutenant General (Y11 D307 – Present)

^ Retired on Y10 D321, Returned Y11 D296

Imperial Intelligence


Awards and Distinctions

IHCB.jpg - Imperial High Command Bar
AHCB.jpg - Army High Command Bar
ACMS.jpg - Army Cross of Merit, Silver
ASC.jpg - Army Service Cross
AAM.jpg - Army Activity Medal
LCA.jpg - Legion Command Award
BCO.jpg - Brigade Commanding Officer
3ILC.jpg - 3rd Imperial Legion Cross
1ALRV.jpg - 1st Imperial Legion, Retired Veteran
3ABRV.jpg - 3rd Imperial Legion, Retired Veteran
LOC2.jpg - Letter of Commendation, Twice Awarded
TPVK.jpg - Operation: Vakkar
CRM.jpg - Operation: Crisis Management
DST.jpg - Development and Services Team
DB2.jpg - Imperial Duty Bars, 2 Years
CSR6M.jpg - COMPNOR Service Ribbon, 6 Months
IABG.jpg - Imperial Academy Graduate

Positions Held

Imperial Intelligence
Preceded By:
Chief of Military Intelligence
Y11 D296 - Unknown
Succeeded By:
Dante Wehr
Imperial Army
Preceded By:
Alan Steel
Imperial Army Commanding Officer
Y10 D60 - Y10 D321
Succeeded By:
Graeda L'Annan
Preceded By:
Deric Adams
Imperial Army Executive Officer
Y9 D246 - Y10 D60
Succeeded By:
Graeda L'Annan
Preceded By:
Deric Adams
Imperial Army Adjutant
Y9 D197 - Y9 D246
Succeeded By:
Zenchi Senkusha
Preceded By:
Rann Van
3rd Imperial Legion Commanding Officer
Y10 D191 – Y10 D275
Succeeded By:
Michael Beckhart
Preceded By:
Zakk Bourget
3rd Imperial Legion Commanding Officer
Y9 D75 – Y9 D219
Succeeded By:
Marcus Aurelius
Preceded By:
Zenchi Senkusha
3rd Imperial Legion Executive Officer
Y8 D318 – Y9 D75
Succeeded By:
Zakk Bourget