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Rann Van

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Rann Van
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Erica Van - Deceased
Father Tiberius Van - Deceased
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -18
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions 3rd Imperial Legion - Retired
Prior Service Imperial Navy
Awards BEA.jpg - BEA

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IoM_v2.jpg - IoM

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Rann Van was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Imperial Army. Rann was born on the planet of Corellia, a simple farm boy turned doctor. It was on Corellia that he spent much of his early life until after the emotional strife of losing his family left Corellia to travel to Coruscant to start a new life. It was almost immeadiately that he enrolled in the Imperial Academy in which he graduated to serve in the Galactic Empire. He served the beginning stages of his career as a pilot in the Imperial Navy, before after close to three years he reached his goal as a Fleet Commanding Officer. Sometime there after, he transfered to the Imperial Army in the 3rd Imperial Legion. It was there that he decided his days as an Imperial were over, and he quietly retired to a solitary lifestyle back on Corellia.


Early Years

Simple lives are just far too hard to hold on to. Rann used to have a simple life, for about thirteen years on Corellia. He lived on a farm with his parents and brother, harvesting minerals and known composites to sell to local business owners. The outskirts of Corona were quite quiet, and peaceful.

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As a Teen

At the age of thirteen, things went sourly downhill. His father was shot while being robbed by a common street thug, right in front of Rann on his birthday. Rann couldn't do anything but watch as the life slipped away from his father, and from that day forwards Rann vowed to learn all he could to prevent another accident from happening. Not really wishing to fight, he went to a university at the age of eighteen and studied medicine to help those who are on the brink of death.

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For four years, he graduated top of his class and was immeadiately hired at the nearest hospital as a resident. He worked as a doctor for three years, before ascending to Chief of Medicine after the previous one retired. He remained at the hospital for two more years following his promotion. The following year however, struck a chord with Rann. His mother died when his brother came home with a spice high and killed her in his delusional state. He fell off the grid soon thereafter. Rann quit his job to search for his brother, who he found out a year later was already dead due to drug overdose.

Without a purpose, and without a family, Rann bought the first ticket he could and landed on Coruscant at the age of 28, hoping for a fresh start. When he stepped off the shuttle the first thing he saw was a recruitment poster for the Galactic Empire. Not seeing any harm in it, he went to the nearest recruiting office, and joined up in the Imperial Navy, where he remained for three years until he transfered to the Imperial Army.

Imperial History

- Coruscant Defense Fleet - 3rd Imperial Fleet - 4th Imperial Fleet - 5th Imperial Fleet - 8th Imperial Fleet - 3rd Imperial Legion

Personality and Traits


Rann is of an average height and strong build, but has his share of scars. His back is scarred with the debris of a shuttle crash before he joined the Empire, and his appendix was removed when it was threatened to burst when he was 20. He often wears a formal clasped shirt, with leather jacket and black slacks, but likes to be relaxed in his army fatigues from time to time. He wears a leather tipless glove over his left hand, which was replaced by a prostetic hand after losing his hand in a mission.


Rann is a person who likes to avoid confrontation, and keep things clean and efficient. Often, he will joke around to make light of a situation, unless circumstances prevent it. His favorite place to be is on the bridge of a Imperial Star Destroyer, but he is always ready to serve for whatever purpose the Empire designates him.

Imperial Service

Imperial Navy

Imperial Army