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8th Imperial Fleet

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8th Imperial Fleet
Abbreviations 8IF
Motto Vires quod Veneratio

("Strength and Honour")

Active Y9 D274 - Y12 D33
Branch tinynavy.png Imperial Navy
Garrison/HQ Dolomar Sector
Fleet Command
FCO {{{CO}}}
FXO {{{XO}}}
CoS {{{CoS}}}
Operation Vanguard
Operation Rising Force

The 8th Imperial Fleet, also known as 8IF and the Eighth, was one of the fleets of the Imperial Navy. Formed during the Naval Reformation of Y9, the fleet had several successful missions before it was reorganized during the Naval Reformation of Y12.


Fleet Command

Commanding Officer

Executive Officer

Fleet Advisor

  • Captain Draco Creed, first Fleet Advisor of the 8IF. Assigned at the beginning of March 2009, CAPT Creed is also a Sith Lord. He brings not only the wisdom of long experience to the fleet but also the added security of having a Sith nearby.