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Bryan Valoran

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Bryan Valoran
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Carida
Mother Janis Valoran (deceased)
Father CAPT Bertarde Valoran (retired)
Spouse Seena Valoran
Siblings {{{siblings}}}
Children Marisa Valoran
Born Countryside of Carida
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Fleet Executive Officer
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Awards LOC2.jpg
Letter of Commendation 2

Imperial Duty Bars - 2 Years

Mentioned in Dispatchers 2

Fleet Of Month Award #1

2nd Imperial Fleet - Veteran

2nd Imperial Fleet - Member

Imperial Academy Basic Graduate

Fleet Service Medal

Navy Betterment Award

Certified Academy Tutor

Elrood Defense

System Failure

Divine Tempest

Bryan Valoran is a veteran member of the Second Imperial Fleet. He joined the Empire on April 1st, 2006.


Born on Carida at the end of the Clone Wars, Bryan is the son of the man who was to become the first tactics instructor at Carida’s Imperial Star Academy. To Bryan’s father, it was clear that their was only one career choice that could suit his son, and Captain Bertarde Valoran was not disappointed - Bryan grew up obsessed with all things military, especially the Navy. By age 10, Bryan was swallowing military textbooks wholesale, not studying but rather enjoying the recounting of thousands of battles across galactic history, from the dawn of the Galactic Republic to the news reports just hours old.

Valoran's loyalty to the Empire is absolute, though sometimes this devotion can get carried away into the religious realm. He believes that the Emperor is the representative of the Force, and as such his commands are morally binding upon all sentients.

Bryan enrolled in the Imperial Academy on the 1st April 2006. He has served primarily in the Imperial Navy, with the 2nd Imperial Fleet. After about 15 months of service, Valoran took a 5-month "vacation" to Cloud City to distance himself from the Navy for a time in order to reevaluate his path in life.

He returned to active duty with the 2IF on Year 9 Day 217 (05 July 08), attaining the position of Fleet Executive Officer on Year 9 Day 305 (01 Oct 08). After successfully completing SOCS studies, he was promoted to Ensign on Year 10 Day 3 (December 3, 2008), and received a second promotion just weeks later to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Due to his considerable contributions to the combat training of the 2nd Imperial Fleet, Bryan Valoran has received both a Fleet Service Medal and the Navy Betterment Award.

In February of 2009, Valoran suddenly left the 2IF to assist Admiral Savk in the command of the newest Imperial fleet (the 8th), again as FXO.