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5th Imperial Fleet

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18px-Soldier_stub.png This article is about The 5th Imperial Fleet (Post-Y12) . You may be looking for The Fifth Imperial Fleet (Pre-Y12)

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5th Imperial Fleet
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Motto ‘‘Praemonitus, Praemunitus’’

- ‘‘Forewarned, Forearmed’’

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Imperial Navy

Garrison/HQ Deep Core Sector
Fleet Command
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"The 5th fleet are renowned by their allies, feared by their enemies, respected by all."
— CAPT. Fenris Soontir

The Fifth Imperial Fleet is currently in reserves with no assigned groups.

Sector Patrol In Progres


In the Year 12 Day 221 by the order of Lord Admiral Blackrain and Naval Command, The 5th Imperial Fleet and 11th Group were born. Commodore Mayas Lennorian was assigned as Fleet Commanding Officer. The group designation was to become the 11th Group, commanded by Lieutenant Ardath Lemeth at the time.

The 11th Group was first formed with an Heavy Assault Mandate, but overtime changed its military focus eventually being re-designated as a recon group. Few have not heard of the 5th Imperial Fleet in modern times. The 5th Fleet has been taking part in several operations since its creation and has proven to the galaxy and themselves they are a force to be reckoned with. On Year 17 Day 200 the 5th Imperial Fleet was deactivated when the 11th Group transferred to the 1st Imperial Fleet

5th Fleet Instatement Ceremony


Operation Pink

On Day 230 of Year 12, Intelligence was acted on regarding a nefarious plot spearheaded by Rebel terrorists unknown. The plot involved filling the Empires capital space with various debris all colored pink, in an attempt to inconvenience the Empire. Reports indicated that some of the debris was purchased with stolen Galactic Credits, or the items stolen themselves.

The 5th Fleet was charged with completely locking down the system, and they were successful. Through communiques that were strategically leaked to the terrorists, they were informed that the fleet knew who was involved, and that entering the system at all would leave them with only the choice of arrest or death, depending on their actions on entering.

Shortly after the information was leaked, Intelligence reported emergency communiques between terrorists warning to abort their attempts. It seems that the warnings were heeded, as the courage lacking terrorists not once showed their face. The mission was, by all accounts, successful and an excellent first mission for the newly formed 5th Imperial Fleet.

Operation Pink, space debris before cleanup

Armored units clashing on Kalist III

Operation Derelict Rancor
Through the days 96-105 in year 16, one of the most extensive training exercises in Imperial history took place. Operation Derelict Rancor was revolutionary in the aspect of combined-arms operations, and saw two opposing task forces consisting of 5th Fleet and 1st Legion units clash over and on the surface of the core world of Kalist III.

The defending task force of Team Derelict, simulating rogue Imperial units taking an entire planet hostage, was tracked down and attacked by loyalist units of similar strength and composition. Despite ferocious resistance from Team Derelict and the fact they were facing down officers they few days ago had considered close friends, Team Lawful did not shy away from their duties, but engaged and neutralized the enemy space forces.

A relentless hunt for the armored units on the planet surface followed. Supported by TIE/sa Bombers, the AT-AT's of Team Lawful routed the remaining renegade units. This was one of the first training exercises with joint command and forces, and it showed the combined strength of the Imperial forces working together.

Fleet Activities

Aside from carrying out the 5th Imperial Fleet's main duty of protecting Imperial territory and interests in the Deep Core Sector, members of the Fifth Fleet also participated in various activities intended to both raise moral and establish a stronger sense of community within the Fleet.

The Vindicator
The Vindicator is the 5th Fleet newspaper. It was run by the Fleet Signals Officer Lieutenant Commander Jerex Nizz, and came out on a weekly basis.
It features updates in the Navy as a whole and various informative articles and news bulletines. Once a month a competition is held inside the paper. Usualy a crossword or rebus.

Hispanorum Robur - V (The Might Of The 5th)
Hispanorum Robur - V is the 5th Fleet Salute March. It is written by Lieutenant Commander Jerex Nizz.

Former Fleet Staff And Commanders

Former Fleet Commanding Officers

Captain Raum ‘Kaine’ Cambion
Captain Darvock Tarion
Lieutenant Junior Grade Execurus Edun
Commander Dujaan Korr
Rear Admiral Calor Assam
Vice Admiral OVERMIND
Vice Admiral Mayas Lennorian
Admiral Faol Sean
Vice Admiral Marshall Ridgeway

May they shine forever - Reminding you of your Honor and Duty!

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