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Fifth Imperial Fleet (Pre-Y12)

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18px-Soldier_stub.png This article is about The Fifth Imperial Fleet (Pre-Y12) . You may be looking for The Fifth Imperial Fleet (Post-Y12)

5th Imperial Fleet
Abbreviations 5IF
Motto "For the Empire we fight. For our Fleetmates we die"
Active Y8 D277 - Present
Branch navy.png

Imperial Navy

Garrison/HQ Coruscant
Fleet Command
FCO CDRE Mayas Lennorian
FXO LTCMDR Marullinus Gentian
CoS Classified
FoM2.jpg - FoM2

The 5th Imperial Fleet (also known as the 5IF or just 'The Fifth') is one of the newer fleets of the Imperial Navy. Created as a smaller fleet during the Second Navy Reform, it has gone through a lot, even though it may not be as old as some of the other fleets. Among other events, the 5th Imperial Fleet has gone through are numerous changes to its command structure. One of these changes consists of alterations to the fifth’s name. It went from being dubbed the 5th Imperial Fleet to the Grand 5th Imperial Fleet, and afterward to the Shadow Fleet. When this name, like its predecessor, began dissatisfying, a motion was ‘moved for’ and approved by Naval High Command, returning the fleet to it’s original, generic, name, the 5th Imperial Fleet.

vsds-1.jpg 5IF preparing to enter Hyperspace; Coruscant Y10


Past Commanding Officers

Captain Kaine

The 5th started its life in Year 8, Day 282 as a the first, of two, new fleets created as a result of the Second Navy Reform. Its accompanying brother fleet, the 6th Imperial Fleet, was created shortly after, and the two always seemed to be assigned to missions together, which led to a brotherly relationship between these two fleets not seen in any other Imperial Fleet at the time. The 5th’s first Commanding Officer was Captain Raum ‘Kaine’ Cambions, a dedicated Captain who had a long history of Imperial service, which was accompanied by an impressive service record, who quickly bettered the fleet. The almost instantaneous progress made the fleet seem as though it had been a part of the Empire for much longer than it actually was. However, not all credit for this is attributed to Captain Kaine - the 5th was lucky to have many experienced personnel from the 4th Imperial Fleet and the 5th also happened to benefit from other outgoing Imperial officers, like Captain Darvock Tarion.

Captain Tarion

Darvock Tarion was appointed to the 5th as the Commanding Officer after Kain retired for personal reasons. Under his direction the 5th successfully completed operations in the Corellian and Kuat sector. They also completed their first operation, which consisted of the transfer/transportation of Imperial forces from the Corellian Sector to Kuat sector, to heighten security in Kuat, while not overcrowding the Corellian Sector. The mission was quickly and efficiently completed, and Captain Darvock successfully proved deserving of the new position through his proficient management of the mission, which was made easier by his skills with handling logistics.

However, their satisfaction was short-lived. Tarion was able to make a strong force out of the 5th Imperial Fleet, and though some might be happy with the result, the 5th wasn’t extremely satisfied. Due to the effectiveness of the last operation, Captain Tarion was given the privilege to issue operations to the 5th without having to get everything cleared with Naval High Command. Right as one operation was nearing its end, a point that needed the utmost attention from the fleet, the Naval High Command overruled Tarion’s orders. They were forced to abort their current mission - a dissatisfying order, to say the least - and they had to quickly return to Coruscant.

This was Operation Clean Sweep, to successfully restore order to Coruscant. Economic and social dissatisfaction had led to revolts and hostile responses to all ships attempting to land. Fortune favored the Imperials though, and the 5th was able to put an end to the revolts. They suffered no casualties - only the loss of a few weapons and ships - along with a few wounded soldiers who bettered after being examined in on-board medical outposts.

Once more the fleet rejoiced, satisfied that they had been able to handle another operation - this one a much more pride-filled one than the last. Like the last Commanding Officer though, Tarion had to resign. He had other obligations that took priority over his duties with the Galactic Empire, and symptoms from an unidentifiable disease prevented him from returning to active duty. Arguably the most respected officer in the fleet to date, Tarion was discharged with many good-wishes from his fleet. Minor disorder ensued within the fleet and some believe that the fleet was never again as prosperous as it had been under Tarion’s command.

Commander Korr and Edun

Lieutenant JG Execurus Edun was in command of the fleet for some time after Tarion's leave, he handled more of the fleet’s operations that led to many more events and some consequences. But since Acting Commanding Officer Lieutenant JG Execurus Edun wasn’t extremely qualified for the job Commander Dujaan Korr was appointed as the official Navy CO in light of a Naval Address. Edun was given time to familiarize himself with command positions and duties as the Executive Officer of the 5th Imperial Fleet.

It was during Commander Dujaan Korr's times that operation ‘Apple Crumble’ was issued. The Operation kept the fleet members active, as they scanned the entirety of the Kuat Sector for hidden systems. However, the results of Operation: ‘Apple Crumble’ remain classified.

Soon after the Operation had ended, Korr had to leave the Fleet because of a long Leave of Action he had requested. It was approved by Naval High Command and marked his final day as the Commanding Officer of the 5th Imperial Fleet.

Yet again the fleet found itself without a Commanding Officer. This led to a lack of merit within the fleet and many of its members not being rewarded. Like before Lieutenant JG Execurus Edun was assigned as the fleet's Acting CO, but Commodore Assam had just returned to active service after a long time in the reserves. The return of such a prosperous and talented Naval Officer led to his appointment as "Admiral of the Fleet", despite beliefs that he’d be the Commanding Officer of the 5th. In this positions as the AF he’d supervise the 5th Imperial Fleet. With this new appointment and addition to the 5th Imperial Fleet’s Fleet Command Lieutenant JG Execurus Edun was promoted to a full Lieutenant and permanent Commanding Officer.

Following this, Lieutenant Rann Van was brought to the 5th from the 4th Imperial Fleet to serve as the new XO of the fleet, to aid Lieutenant Edun in commanding the fleet, as Edun was still somewhat inexperienced with all the duties as a commanding officer of a fleet. Under Edun and Van’s commands, the Operation: Scare NIO was initiated. Lieutenant Rann Van assisted with the administration and completion of the operation, which consisted of sending a large force to the Both system (controlled by the NIO) to see if any hidden systems could be found so Imperial forces could set up a base in enemy territory. The results of this mission are also classified. Shortly after the completion of the mission, Lieutenant Rann Van was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. It was one of the first times in Imperial History that a Fleet Executive Officer outranked the same fleet’s commanding officer.

Commodore Assam

Lieutenant Edun was offered a spot as the new Navy Quartermaster position, and thus left the fleet. Rumors have it that during this time the fleet was despaired due to the event of one of their other Veteran Fleet Command members had left. According to some people, though, the fleet was eventually able to achieve its former glory. One thing that aided the fleet in getting back on track was pride from having their former Commanding Officer, Edun, be awarded the 5th Imperial Fleet Cross, which is the most honorable medal anybody can get from a fleet.

Following these events, Commodore Assam took command of the fleet with Lieutenant Commander Van as his XO. Following the departure of many founding members of the 5th, including Nannoth Taeradun and Execurus Edun, Commodore Assam talked to Captain Vulcan in order to bring two of the best pilots in the navy in to the fleet; Flight Officer Tec Vaan and [[Command Flight Officer]] Marcus Veers. Due to attachment to his fleet, Command Flight Officer Veers did not move to the 5th while Flight Officer Tec Vaan and new recruits of the Academy were transferred directly into the fleet upon graduation, causing it to grow larger.

Commodore Assam, after serving as the 5th's CO, was promoted to Rear Admiral for his actions as Director of the NIA (Naval Intelligence Agency), as Navy Chief of Staff, and as the Fleet Commanding Officer of the 5th. Then, following Fleet Admiral Slicer's promotion to the Ministry of Defence which removed him from the Navy, Rear Admiral Assam took the command of the entire Imperial Navy, and left the 5th with no Commanding Officer yet again.

Commander Van

Lieutenant Commander Rann Van was promoted to Commander shortly after Rear Admiral Assam's departure, and was assigned as the new FCO of the 5th. He was serving as many of the previous Commanding Officer’s of the 5th had, but seemed to have a more efficient method of communication with the rest of Fleet Command. Tec Vaan, previously a Flight Officer until his promotion to Command Flight Officer, had been appointed as the Acting Executive Officer of the Fleet. Jathrin Thoyan, one of the last founding members of the Fleet, was assigned as Acting FCoS until Commander Van stepped down in light of personal, recent developments. Once more the fleet was lacking a head, but this time it had been assigned a mission: to aide in the construction of one of the Empire's jewels, Scylla.

Rear Admiral Assam

Rear Admiral Assam's second term wasn't very long. The Admiral was extremely busy with his duties as Navy Commanding Officer and the running of the School of Officer and Command studies, so most fleet tasks were handed down to LTjg Vaan, the XO. LTjg Vaan was, and still is, the cadet who graduated with the highest score in SOCS to date.

Vice Admiral OVERMIND

Vice Admiral OVERMIND took over command of the 5th Imperial Fleet on Y9 D271. After Rear Admiral Assam handed the reigns of the 5th Imperial Fleet, there was a large jump in the fleet's activity levels. A result of this was the quicker completion of Scylla, the center for the Imperial Union. When they had finished, all acting members of the 5th Imperial Fleet received an award for their service on Scylla.

Address from Vice Admiral C. Assam
Effectively immediately, Rear Admiral OVERMIND is
appointed as Commanding Officer of the 5th Imperial Fleet.

The 5IF’s Fleet Command looks like this now:

  • Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral OVERMIND
  • (acting) Executive Officer: Command Flight Officer Tec Vaan
  • Chief of Staff: Chief Master Sergeant Ryan Roche

Changes: A number of changes were initiated during VADM OVERMIND's command, including:

  • The creation of Combat Lessons
  • The introduction of a new RP, Chasing a Pilot
  • New banners for the fleet
  • Personal Logs for each member of the fleet
  • Ship Tactical Evaluations
  • Call-signs for all members of the fleet
  • The Creation of the Fleet's own Newspaper, the Pilot Chronicles

Current Commanding Officer

Commodore Mayas Lennorian

Commodore Lennorian assumed command of the Fifth Imperial Fleet on the [TBA] taking over from Admiral OVERMIND. The future is unclear as to what benefits the new Commanding Officer will bring, but one thing is certain; it will prosper.


Present Fleet Command (Picture taken Y:11 D:200) : LTCMDR Marullinus Gentian (FXO), CDRE Mayas Lennorian (FCO)


Fleet Parade; Corellia Y10


  • Fleet of the Month Award (Awarded Year 9 Day 26)
  • Fleet of the Month Award (Awarded Year 10 Day 88)









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