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Calor Assam

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Calor Assam
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Spouse NONE
Siblings NONE
Children UNKNOWN
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Admiral - DECEASED
Prior Service Naval Commanding Officer, Dean of the Officer College, 5th Imperial Fleet CO, Naval Intelligence Agency CO

In Memory of Admiral Calor Assam - Article from the 5IF's Pilot Chronicles

A minutes silence was observed in the normally bustling metropolis of Coruscant today. Imperial Security forces stopped all traffic both ground and air and an Imperial Army regiment took up a position outside the Palace. All of this was for one common purpose: to show respect for the late Admiral Calor Assam. As news initially broke of the atrocity that had occurred just a few days ago in the orbit of this same planet, a sense of disbelief was felt by all Imperials. Some thought it was a broadcast by the Admiral himself, not unknown for producing shocking news stories. However, this was not the case. As news gradually filtered down from Imperial High Command, emotions turned to sorrow and anger. When it was announced that Fleet Admiral Slicer had been arrested in relation to the incident it was more than the average Imperial could comprehend. Though not always a conventional Admiral, Assam always led by example. Mission reports constantly emerged of the Admiral thwarting enemy construction by going down himself and eliminating those responsible, leading a feet into enemy systems onboard his flagship the IMS Blitzkrieg to deal with traitors of the Empire. Many did not appreciate or even understand his methods or his personality, but his presence as a friend to those who knew him and as a leader to all helped the Empire through difficult times, and set the wheels in motion for progress throughout the Navy and the Empire as a whole. Though not everyone saw eye to eye with him, no one can ignore the developments Admiral Assam brought to the Empire. Leading the development of the School of Officer and Command Studies (SOCS) and serving as its first Dean, directing Naval Intelligence and forming of two new Fleets are just some of his achievements. Like the ideals that our Empire is founded on, his purpose and actions will never fade away. The Empire has an eternal debt to Admiral Assam, from the day he joined until the day he was murdered, his duty always came first. The Empire salutes you Admiral, god speed.

- Written by Tec Vaan Y10 D115