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Pilot Chronicles

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Pilot Chronicles
Leader Cyrus Minx
Foundation Date Y10 D70
Type Fleet part time job
Professions Journalism
Members -
Emblem -
Motto None
Application Process Non longer active.
Affiliation navy.png

Imperial Navy

The newspaper Pilot Chronicles was been founded on Y10 D70, with the goal to keep the members of the Fifth Imperial Fleet informed about current important events concerning not just the fleet but the Empire as well. The paper is no-longer active.

The Beginning

The basic idea of a fleet newspaper was the product of several different persons. Everything started with the idea of small personal log entries in the holonet. This idea was extended by Flight Corporal Ardath Lemeth to the point that she not just informed the fleet members about her personal news but also summarized current events. Most of the members of the Fifth Fleet soon started following her article syle. At this point she gained the attention of the Fleet CoS, Commander Igneus Esh. He suggested to her to start a newspaper for the Fifth Imperial Fleet. She was very pleased by this idea and asked Vice Admiral Overmind in an official report for his permission to found the newspaper. This request was approved by Overmind in Y10D66.

At this point the whole fleet got involved. There were many members of the fleet, who were so pleased by this idea that they volunteered to help. Soon some pilots got together and formed the newspaper team. This was around Year 10, Day 70. They chose Ensign Cyrus Minx to be the editor-in-chief because of his experience with the Imperial News Bureau. The second editor was Commander Igneus Esh. Ardath Lemeth chose a career as a reporter, but the editor-in-chief resisted and offered her a position as junior editor. Flight Sergeant Melkhior Imperium became the proof-reader, Crewman FC Jack Marshall the typesetter and Flight Sergeant Alan Smith volunteered to help with the design. Reporters of the "Pilot Chronicles" were Command Flight Officer Heron Nightfellow and Flight Sergeant Havoc Suzigan. With the approval of the basic structure a poll on the Holonet was started to choose a name. After that an IRC channel was opened and a special subforum for the coordination of the newspaper was created.

Sadly the paper is no longer active.