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Melkhior Imperium

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Melkhior Imperium
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother None
Father None
Spouse None
Siblings Orphaea Imperium
Inara Imperium
Cyrus Minx
Children None
Born Year -10 Day 297 (20)
Imperial Service
Branch compnor.png
Positions None
Prior Service Imperial Navy

5IF - Pilot, History Adjunct

Galactic Archives Intern

Awards IAHG.jpg - IAHG

FoM1.jpg - FoM1 DIS.jpg - DIS SOEH.jpg - SOEH

Manager Melkhior Imperium was a member of COMPNOR, a former pilot of the Imperial Navy and the youngest member of the Imperium family.


Early Years

Very little is known about Melkhior's early years. Originally going by the name Melkhior Ravenloft, he - like his siblings - was the subject of a project intended to develop superior leaders via gene manipulation - though it is not known what the specific intention was in Melkhior's case.

Having grown up an orphan on Coruscant, this history was not known to him until the day of his 20th birthday, when he was approached by his eldest brother, Orphaea, where a genetic test confirmed their lineage.

Now knowing the whereabouts of his family and their service in the Empire, Melkhior decided to adopt the Imperium name and enroll in the Imperial Academy just three weeks later.

Early Imperial Career

Melkhior excelled in the Imperial Academy, graduating with Honors (96%) in just days under the guidance of Professor Ralkata Tyrran.

Following in the footsteps of his brothers and sister, he chose to enlist in the Imperial Navy, where he happily served in the Fifth Imperial Fleet with his brother, Cyrus Minx, for over 23 weeks. He spent the majority of this time honing his piloting skills, developing and enhancing the existing abilities he had harnessed as a teenager. During much of this time he also served as both the fleet's History Adjunct and Proof Reader of the Pilot Chronicles, for which he received a Dispatchers award.

As news spread that COMPNOR was in need of talented individuals, Melkhior felt that he could be a great asset to them. After much deliberation, he decided to leave the Navy with the many happy memories he had acquired and transfer to COMPNOR. In order to fulfill the requirements, he enrolled in the Imperial School of Engineering and achieved an honors grade of 99.2% - the highest score achieved by a student at the time.


Melkhior is commonly referred to by the names Melk, Milk and Another Imperium!?

Ranks and Commendations


  • Recruit [E-1], Imperial Academy (Y9D328)
  • Crewman First Class [E-3], Imperial Navy, 5IF (Y9D332)
  • Flight Corporal [E-4] (Y9D354)
  • Flight Sergeant [E-5] (Y10D67)
  • Secretary [E-5], COMPNOR (Y10D124)
  • Manager [E-6], (Y10D140)


  • IAHG|Imperial Academy Honors Graduate (Y9D330)
  • Fleet of the Month Award (Y10D96)
  • Mentioned in Dispatchers (Y10D119)
  • School of Engineering Honors Graduate (Y10D120)