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Inara Imperium

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Inara Imperium
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother None
Father None
Spouse Alexander von Ismay
Draith Shadux-estranged/divorced
Siblings Orphaea Imperium
Actrial Imperium
Melkhior Imperium
Artemis Imperium
Children None
Born Year -18 Day 160 (28)
Galactic Involvement
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Positions -
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Character History

Military History

navylogo.png Army1.jpg

Y8D258 Joined the Galactic Empire

Y8D260 Graduated the Imperial Academy with Honors

Y8D263 Transferred to Navy, 4th Imperial Fleet, Beta Group

Y8D304 Promoted to Flight Corporal by Mo`Rak Stice

Y9D3 Promoted to Flight Sergeant by Mo`Rak Stice

Y9D37 Promoted to Staff Flight Sergeant by Mo`Rak Stice

Y9D155 Promoted to Master Flight Sergeant by Igneus Esh

Y9D267 Promoted to Chief Master Sergeant by Igneus Esh

Y9D340 Promoted to Flight Officer by Califf D`Troit

Y10D17 Transferred to Army

Y10D34 Promoted to Command Sergeant by Elysia Dragonsky

Y10D151 Promoted to 1st Lieutenant by Ralkata Tyrran

Y10D199 Promoted to Captain by Barcara Kex

Y10D201 Appointed CO of the 1st Imperial Legion

Y11D0 Demoted to 2nd Lieutenant by Goth Acturus

Y11D0 Demoted to Command Sergeant by Graeda L`Annan

Y11D0 Removed as CO of the 1st Imperial Legion

Y11D3 Joined the Falleen Federation

Y11D3 Declared a traitor to the Galactic Empire

Personal History

TO: Inara
FROM: Private Investigator
DATED: Y8 D240
RE: Missing Family

I have uncovered details of a man in a similar situation to your own. I believe he is a part of the puzzle surrounding your birth. I have attached his details to this message should you wish to seek him out.

Orphaea Imperium
Chairmen Lyran Union
former Lieutenant, Galactic Empire

Imperium family: http://fictionweb.net/imperium/members/

Known Imperiums:

Orphaea Imperium

Orphaea was the first person Inara found in a similar position to her own.  He suggested she assume the adopted name he had taken to represent the experiment that had borne them, and she agreed to the notion.  Until then she had been searching for an identity, family and home, and the offer sounded ideal.  When she first took the Imperium name, Orphaea was outcast from the Galactic Empire after a scandelous incident in the Lyran Union, but they maintained their relationship and they have grown together to have a close, if not unusual relationship.

* Orphaea_Imperium pinches Inara
* Inara jumps, 'ouch!'
<Inara> why?
<Orphaea_Imperium> because I could >.>
* Inara rubs the sore spot, 'well don't'
<Inara> if we had a mother, I'd tell :P
<Orphaea_Imperium> ha


<Inara> so I started wondering if Orph would betray me
<Orphaea_Imperium> without thinking twice <.<

Actrial Imperium
Melkhior Imperium

masseffectmelkawayface3.jpg Inara had become used to having one brother, when Orph announced to her one day that he had discovered another man who had come from the Imperium experiment. She was uncomfortable at the people asking her about her new sibling and was nervous about meeting him. She wondered if she would like him, if he would like her and how their new family would evolve. Melkhior Imperium is perhaps the most disciplined and well behaved of the Imperium siblings. He successfully compliments Orph and Inara's established, quirky relationship with a third perspective and has enriched Inara's life and family.

<Melkhior_Imperium> I need a new family.
* Inara smiles sweetly at Melk, 'no you don't'
<Inara> you just need to be more open-minded
<Orphaea_Imperium> Melk's open minded, we have minds entering new and uncharted areas.
<Melkhior_Imperium> I'm open-minded
<Melkhior_Imperium> See, I actually still have my mind.


<Melkhior_Imperium> You know how elitest I am though
* Inara shakes head :P
<Inara> you are funny
<Melkhior_Imperium> I'm not kidding
<Melkhior_Imperium> I refuse to fraternise with annyone outside the Empire

Cyrus Minx-Imperium

Lucian100.jpgLucian von Ismay, born Y10 D356

Character Description


'This subject shows signs of domineeringness and a fine ability to collate and gather information in social gatherings.' - Imperium project assessor.

"Hard-working, diligent, dreads entering the officer corps, worships her FXO" Arya Downing, current FXO

"She's just lazy", Kato Forn, former FXO

"Naggy", Orphaea Imperium, elder brother

"Inara is an intelligent, honest, hardworking pilot who is resolutely loyal to the Empire and her friends. The fact that she handles her duties with professional skill and a sense of purpose speaks approvingly of her character and abilities. She is a gracious person with a pleasant nature and light hand; however, her friendly demeanor hides an unyielding core that gives her an edge suited to the Navy. I think, perhaps, Inara may not readily admit to it, but I have heard the evidence when she is pressed too far and allows herself verbal retaliation. If something could be said against her, it might be her lack of ambition; although, many would not see this as a critical mark. Inara's greatest attributes are her faithfulness and passion, and even though she decries that she will not be an officer, her disposition and experience are fitted to such an end. It is my privilege to consider her a trusted friend.", Inwe Ventidius‎, close friend

"Clever, caring and hard working, Inara serves as a perfect role model for everyone who has the pleasure of knowing her. I almost wish we weren't related, but at least this way I have an excuse to talk to her.", Melkhior Imperium, youngest brother


HEIGHT: 1.60 metres
WEIGHT: 50 kilograms
HAIR COLOR: blonde
EYE COLOR: brown
DESCRIPTION: Average/short height, blonde hair, brown eyes. Athletic build, serious disposition.
Commanding Officer, First Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Ralkata Tyrran
Inara Imperium
Y10D201 - Y11D0
Succeeded By:
Arbellason Saalar
Executive Officer, First Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Elysia Dragonsky
Inara Imperium
Y10D86 - Y10D201
Succeeded By:
Cyrus Minx