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Elysia Dragonsky

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Elysia Dragonsky, for friends and Legion mates known as "Ely" is First Lieutenant within the ranks of the Imperial Army. She originated from House Dragonsky, a family from Coruscant with a long Imperial traditions. Elysia is a tough and professional soldier.

Elysia Dragonsky
Biographical Information
Race Human (Coruscanti)
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Aeishline Ignis Dragonsky
Father Marcus Dragonsky
Spouse None
Siblings Raialamone Dragonsky
Children None
Born Year -14 Day 360
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Executive Officer
Prior Service
Operations Adjunct - 1st Legion
Executive Officer - 1st Legion
Legion Adjutant - 1st Legion



Elysia was born on Coruscant to a wealthy noble family with long traditions linking it to the Empire. Elysia's father, Marcus Dragonsky is a retired Imperial Army soldier and warhero. Her mother, Aeishline Ignis Dragonsky was a member of regional government. After retiring both Elysia's parents took care of long-lasting family business trading goods between the Empire and neutral governments.

Elysia spent most of her childhood at House Dragonsky palace, playing with her younger sister Raialamone. Both girls liked to stay up long at night and watch the Imperial City lights from the top of the palace, as it is always so lively no matter what time it is.

Family Business

At her early teens Elysia started to travel with her parents through the Galaxy in hunt for new deals. House Dragonsky ran this business for several generations already, providing mainly, but not only trade services between the Galactic Empire and other, neutral governments. Everything legal frin company shares to military equipment was traded by the family. However, this was not the right job for Elysia though, she was simply too young and impatient to enjoy the pleasure of doing business, instead she preferred action or studying as she was kind of always hungry for knowledge.

Military Training

The family traditions and dangers of family business travels caused Elysia's father, Marcus to give combat training to both his daughters. The former soldier of the Empire was both harsh and gentle to his treasures, as he wished them no harm but also didn't want them to be defenseless in case of pirate attack. Elysia and her younger sister - Raialamone both enjoyed the combat training, especially if it involved ground combat. While Elysia seemed to be a natural leader often introducing bold and sophisticated battle plans, as opposed her younger sister would rather follow orders with preference of being a sniper rather than an open combat fan.

Since Elysia's father knew that ground combat is not everything to survive, he allowed both girls to train along with the family security force in fully armed fighters. Nowadays Elysia is a skilled pilot, however her preference still lies in ground battles.

Character Description


Elysia is relatively tall for a woman, measuring 1.78 meters. This makes some people feel slightly uncomfortable near her. Her body is athletic and agile, as a result of the intensive training she had since her youth. Elysia's skin color is a little darker than usual of a native Coruscanti, making her look slightly tanned. She has brown eyes and dark medium-length hair she usually clips to avoid problems while wearing Stormtrooper helmets. Elysia has no special signs except a long scar going along her left side over her ribs as a result of an accident at Bastion. It is an unpleasant reminder of the past and events which almost ended tragically. Her posture reveals a certain pride and strength. She is boldly approaching any danger and challenge. Nowadays Elysia usually sticks to wear a uniform or Stormtrooper body armor, as there are not many occasions for civilian clothes.

Skills and Traits

Primarily Elysia is a skilled pilot. No matter if it is a starfighter, freighter or a ground vehicle or speeder. Her family business gave her an opportunity for many travels, shorter and longer ones where sometimes dangerous adventures awaited. Elysia could practice her skills during these journeys. When at home she usually spent time doing ground combat training or surfing the HoloNet making her both a skilled and tough soldier as well as a brilliant hacker. However, she never used the later skill for crime. Elysia is very open minded and learns fast, as she likes to study. Her perfectionism and pride incite her to gain more knowledge and experience.

Elysia is a very kind person, loyal to her friends and honorable. She is brilliant and likes to work on projects that can improve something. She likes to feel useful. When Elysia is in a group she often takes a dominant role, since she likes to give advices and provide ideas. However, despite being quite individual she does not have problems with the Chain of Command and she carries out orders without unnecessary questions. Elysia often demands the same commitment from her subordinates when she is the leader. Elysia loathes showing-off from other people.


Although Elysia has full access to her family assets she decided to earn her possessions herself, leaving all her belongings back at home at Coruscant.

An Office

Sicne her first day in the Army, Elysia heard fellow enlisted talking about buying certain buildings in order to run a small business and add an income to their monthly salary. This idea seemed to be great for Elysia as she decided to leave her whole wealth back at home, taking just a necessary minimum with her to survive. Digging the market she found some interesting offers, however none she could afford. Her pride did not allow her to ask family for funds, as it would be a sign of weakness she did not want to give. Luckly General Alan Steel, Army Commanding Officer during those days decided to help Elysia out and lent her half a million of credits. With accrued salary and the loan from the General, Elysia bought an office in a remote System. The investment proved to be successful. Thanks to the new contacts established for her family, Elysia gained an additional source of money, large enough to allow her pay the loan in no time.

A-24 Sleuth "Nightwish"

Elysia is not a type of a gambler, however she was encouraged to take part in some games. She usually didn't win or loose anything special. A couple of thousands of credits were won or lost. Eventually she always came on a balance near zero. One raffle however came extremely fruitful, as for an entry fee of 5,000 credits Elysia won an A-24 Sleuth fighter!

Although Elysia prefers ground combat, she is quite good pilot both of fighters and small freighters. As her family posses many of both she had plenty of chances for training. Elysia decided to name her new fighter "Nightwish", as she often used to sit on top of House Dragonsky palace at night watching the panorama of the Imperial City on Coruscant. Her new toy proved to be quite ideal for traveling around whenever Elysia has time off-duty, which rather does not happen often.

Elysia has plans to modify her fighter, whenever time and funds allow it. No matter how standard, "Nightwish" is, it is more than enough to suit her needs, which mainly means - transportation. Although sublight speed and hyperspeed of Sleuth is no match for new generation military fighters, it is still enough for fast travel and allows escaping from tough situations. However if escaping is impossible, Sleuth's armor and shielding allows it to survive a short battle with possible hostile crafts, even though that it requires good piloting skills to fight with such relatively poor armament that A-24 is equipped with. Two heavy laser cannons allow destroying perhaps unshielded or lightly shielded fighters, but are surely not enough to fight against bigger or more modern vessels.

For full details on A-24 Sleuth one should visit Galactic Databank following this link.

Service in the Empire

Ranks Held

  • Recruit [E-1]
  • Private First Class [E-3]
  • Corporal [E-4]
  • Sergeant [E-5]
  • Sergeant First Class [E-7]
  • Master Sergeant [E-8]
  • Sergeant Major [E-9]
  • Command Sergeant [E-10]
  • Second Lieutenant [O-1]
  • First Lieutenant [O-2]


Elysia couldn't believe her luck when she was finally enrolled to the Imperial Academy, her dream would finally come true. The trip to Carida took about a week and Elysia was apparently late for the start of the academic year. As she arrived on Carida she decided to waste no more time. Elysia decided to see her professor right after brief accommodation to her quarters and unpacking. From the datapad she was given she knew that she was assigned to professor Graeda L`Annan, an Army Officer, Executive Officer of a Legion. This was most fortunate for Elysia since from the start she has aimed to join the ranks of Imperial Army, due to her previous training. Professor L`Annan quickly realized that her new student was very promising. Together both Graeda and Elysia reviewed the material, which Elysia learned pretty fast and almost perfectly together.

Eventually Elysia finished her training with score of 98%, which qualified her for Honor Graduation. As Graeda stated, Elysia was her second student that graduated with Honors. A second fortunate coincidence or perhaps an aimed measure caused Elysia to be assigned to 1st Legion - The Immortals, where Lieutenant L`Annan served as XO.

Both of them became good friends and worked closely on projects. The first one was the Army Guide for new recruits, where Elysia helped to modernize and standardize the content originally prepared by Graeda for use in First Legion. The second task for Elysia was to design a Galactic Archive entry about The Immortals, a task she fulfilled basing it on the Third Legion entry by Bacara Kex.

Operations Adjunct

About a month later, First Legion saw some changes. Lieutenant L`Annan was appointed as Commanding Officer of Second Legion, leaving the position of XO in 1st Legion open. Lieutenant Colonel Arbellason Saalar, the CO of the Immortals appointed Ralkata Tyrran, who had been serving as the Operations Adjunct, as the Executive Officer. This was obviously a natural movement, however, this left the Legion's OA position open. Elysia felt her chances were low, however motivated both by Graeda and Ralkata she decided to apply for this position. But the head of Operations Adjunct project - Execurus Edun was not convinced however that a soldier with such low experience and short service time should be granted this position. However, following recommendations from L`Annan, he unwillingly agreed to to accept Elysia as Operations Adjunct of the First Legion, for a trial period.

Elysia felt the stress of being counted on by both Graeda and Ralkata, as well as being closely observed by Mr. Edun. On the day of appointment Elysia had barely a month time of service and she only held the rank of Private First Class just as she graduated with it, making it an achievement that is most likely not beaten yet. By working hard and perfect as well as showing appropriate respect to mr. Edun's experience and knowledge, Elysia slowly gained his trust. As Execurus once said, Elysia was polite, respectful and carrying orders out better than many of the senior enlisted personnel. Elysia was amongst a small group that greatly improved the image of the Operations Adjuncts serving in the Army, as it was noticed both by the Government as well as the Army High Command.

Executive Officer

A considerable time period later, First Legion saw another Command change. Colonel Saalar had to step down from his position due to personal reasons that seriously limited his time. He took the position of Army Quartermaster offered by the Army High Command. Ralkata Tyrran was appointed as his successor, and Elysia was appointed as Executive Officer in his place. The first problem that Ralkata and Elysia had to deal with was appointing a new OA for the Legion. The Legion Command considered two possible candidates, however after some misunderstanding and unfortunate incident with the head of the OA program, the first candidate was rejected. During that period Elysia continued to carry on OA's duties. Eventually Wiler Tiiow was appointed as new Operations Adjunct. The trio understood each other, introducing many new ideas to the Legion. During their command the Legion was flourishing gaining many Legion of the Month titles granted by the Army High Command.

Her previous experiences as Operations Adjunct prepared Elysia well for even more responsible position of Executive Officer. Her Excellent performance and devotion to the Legion, that Elysia would call her second home, did not go unnoticed allowing Elysia to climb up ranks fast. Her own experience grew as well as the respect she had from fellow Imperials. Yet, some were shocked and disapproved to her fast progress. It does not happen every day that someone with Elysia’s rank is enlisted as an Executive Officer. Inspite of the disapproval, Elysia did not stop to give her best to "The Immortals" as well as working hard for image of her Legion and the entire Imperial Army.

Accident at Bastion

Bastion was an important mission for the Galactic Empire, a joint effort from all branches in order to secure the Empire's domination in the Deep Core sector. it was also a practical course ran along with theoretical studies in School of Engineering For many enlisted and officer personnel from both Army and Navy. Being a perfectionist, Elysia spared no efforts both in the School as well as during mission at Bastion.

Initially assigned to Tanez Kalrade, Elysia started to study with the same goal she had during the Imperial Academy period, to graduate with Honors. Due to difficulties on Bastion, Professor Kalrade had to leave the school immediately, appointing Jacen Varos to grade Elysia's exams and help her review the material. It didn't take long for Elysia to finish the school, with overall score allowing her to graduate with Honors.

Next step of the Engineering training was to check the theoretical knowledge in practice. Elysia served as commander of a freighter and a builder group, having a sector that consisted of nine cities. Her efforts and quickness was often noticed and praised by Governor Tanez as well as Commander Jakhim eventually leading Elysia to get a second sector assigned to her.

The second phase of building at Bastion was tragic for Elysia. During assigning a team of builders to a construction spot, a large durasteel element fell from a neighbouring building onto the spot where Elysia and her men stood. More than a dozen of builders were killed and many more, including Elysia herself were injured. The Young soldier was immediately transported to a medical center, however her injury was more severe than originally anticipated. Long hospitalization and convalescence forced Elysia to step down from the position of Executive Officer and transfer to the Reserves.

Return to Active Duty

After four long months Elysia finally got back to her previous agile condition. The only choice she could make was to return to her second home, as she used to call it. Elysia was welcomed back warmly, by many known figures as well as new faces that joined during the long period of her absence. Nowadays Elysia still gives the best she can in the name of Imperial Army.

Elysia’s return was the most fortunate for the Legion, as the unit was in the middle of Operation Consolidation. This operation performed for the Government officials, represented by Moff Tanez Kalrade, was very resource consuming. The First Legion had to spare all available hands in order to properly organize ship operations for Magnaguard Manufacturing. The unit’s devotion to the operation did not go unnoticed, however. Both Moff Kalrade and Inwe Ventidius – leader of the Magnaguard Manufacturing – have commended the Legion for its efforts.

Crisis on Ithilivir

Although the reasons behind such desperate action are still unknown, or just possibly being kept secret by the Imperial Security Bureau, the fact is that population of Ithilivir openly rebelled against the government of the Galactic Empire. Since the planet is located in Coruscant Sector, the capital Sector of the Empire, it could not be afforded to be lost. As the Immortal’s main base is located in Coruscant Sector as well, the unit was called by Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium for assistance in restoring the peace and order on the planet. This was no easy task, since the Legion was scattered over few sectors due to Operation Consolidation orders. However, the operation had to be put on hold and the Legion rushed to help. Members of the Immortals were among the very first to arrive in the region, eventually successfully restoring Imperial lawful control over this gas giant. With the situation under control, unit was recalled to duties related with Operation Consolidation, however, not for long...

Assault on Basho

Once again Immortals were called to help in the battlefield. This time the Empire assaulted a planet that openly rebelled against the government of New Republic. The prize for success was great. Securing planet Basho would allow the Empire to gain control over the last non-GE controlled system within Darpa Sector. Once again, the First Legion was among the first to arrive in the battlefield. The operation, soon nicknamed “Mad Hatter” started as a series of small battled between the forces of the Empire and New Republic, with the first force slowly gaining ground and successfully securing it. The final front line stabilized around the planet’s prime meridian. This was a signal for the Empire to launch a full scale invasion.

Most of the New Republic resistance forces were either destroyed or retreated from the system, however, the remaining force over the planet’s surface has still put a resistance. Devoting just a small task force to secure the front line, Empire began rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure of the planet, gaining its native population support. New residential, commerce and industry buildings were constructed. The Immortals were tasked with overseeing and coordinating the construction operation, yet another task they carried out formidably.

Immortals stayed on Basho for longer time, making sure that the New Republic would not launch a surprise counter- attack. As Elysia predicted, such event did not come to occur. Enemy government proved to be smart enough to realize their situation and that they had no chances of regaining the control. People of the Basho are now free, protected by the might of Imperial military and embrace the peace and order. Operation Mad Hatter was declared full success and currently it is known as the Liberation of Basho.

Command and SOCS

With the disappearance of Elysia’s long time friend – Zane Cree - Inara Imperium who was then Commanding Officer of the Immortals decided to appoint Elysia as Zane’s successor on the position of Legion Adjutant. Both Elysia and Inara considered this appointment as an official word for events that were happening even before. Elysia was always trying to help the Command structure of her Legion, mainly by issuing orders and instructing Legion’s junior members. Being officially as 3rd in command, Elysia’s main duties were relation between the command structure and enlisted personnel of the Legion. She was the first to review her soldiers’ reports, forwarding them to Commanding Officer Imperium and Executive Officer Esh with necessary comments and suggestions.

Elysia was at this time ranked as Command Sergeant, and hoped to fulfill her ambitions to reach the Officer grade as soon as possible. Her dream could come true with reopening of the School of Officer and Command Studies or SOCS under direction of Real Admiral Senki Blackrain. Following Inara’s recommendation, the Army High Command sent Elysia among other Army candidates to the first class.

The SOCS academy was much different than the Basic Academy, or Engineering School that Elysia finished before. It required much more own input rather than just studying to find all the questions answered. Still, improvisation was the thing that Elysia was always good at. She managed to pass one lesson after another almost topping the score and managing to impress Admiral Blackrain. Elysia’s studies lasted almost three months, however all the effort she has put in it did not come in vain. Eventually, she finished the school earning herself the so much wanted Officer rank – 2nd Lieutenant, plus and extra award for completing the school with outstanding score – the OCSH ribbon.

Turmoil in the 1st

Elysia was never fully aware of the tension between her Commanding Officer – Inara Imperium, with the Army High Command. Even if she did, no one is able to say if it would prevent from happening what did happen. The whole situation is still a mystery to many, including Elysia, as she could not believe what her good friend did. Inara Imperium defected to the Falleen Federation, taking many fine soldiers from the Immortals with here.

This rebellion has struck the unit badly. Whereas majority of the Legion remained loyal, many senior enlisted followed Inara’s sick path and few, being unable to run committed a suicide taking the lives of innocents with them.

Elysia tried to take a grip over the whole situation, but she could not do it alone. Army High Command appointed Colonel Saalar as temporary Commanding Officer of the Immortals, for as long as the situation required. Elysia and Arb aided by the watchful eyes of the Security Bureau started to calm down the situation in the First, as many confused soldiers did not know what to do. Fortunately the Legion did not cause any more unpleasant surprises, although some members decided to leave active service for the Empire.

Saalar’s period as Commanding Officer was a short one, as it was never intended to be full time position. Army High Command pleased by stabilized situation within the unit, decided to issue formal changes into its command structure. Lieutenant Califf D`Troit was appointed as the new Command Officer, while Elysia took a seat of Executive Officer. Furthermore, for her loyalty and efficiency Elysia was quickly promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant and awarded Army Medal of Order which is thus far an award of highest value to her.

Nowadays, under the leadership of both young Lieutenants the First Imperial Legion slowly rebuilds its fame and regains the lost glory. Immortals once again participate in operations vital to the Galactic Empire, although Elysia is aware that the unit will never be the same again after what it went through. However, she is determined to make her beloved Legion better than it was ever before...

Positions Held

Executive Officer, First Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Igneus Esh
Elysia Dragonsky
Succeeded By:
Josef DeLaurel
Legion Adjutant, First Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Zane Cree
Elysia Dragonsky
Y10D323 - Y11D19
Succeeded By:
Jason Con
Executive Officer, First Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Ralkata Tyrran
Elysia Dragonsky
Y9D351 - Y10D86
Succeeded By:
Inara Imperium
Operations Adjunct, First Imperial Legion
Preceded By:
Ralkata Tyrran
Elysia Dragonsky
Succeeded By:
Wiler Tiiow