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Andhers Jakhim

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Andhers Jakhim
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Deceased
Father Deceased
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Y-19 D346
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions 3rd Group Commanding Officer
Prior Service FCoS, FXO and FCO, 2nd Imperial Fleet
Awards 8708_jakhim.png


Andhers Jakhim was born a son of a prosperous Alderaanian family of diplomats and merchants. As expected of such a family he attended the University of Aldera with a major in business and management. As he entered his final year of university in year 1 the galactic war that had been declared the previous year reached the Jakhim family. The family business' headquarters was mistaken for an Imperial outpost and destroyed.

Detractors would say that the Jakhim family should have diversified their holdings so as not to have their operations crippled by the loss of a single base, however they forget that the only reason was decimated as a result of the attack was that it happened during a business strategy meeting that gathered all of the adult members of the clan.

After losing his mother and father, Andhers Jakhim attempted to rebuild the crippled business of his family while doing freelance work to support himself. Five years later, at the end of year 6, Jakhim had realised efforts were in vain due to the loss of trust resulting from the demise of his family.

It was at this time that Jakhim applied to enlist in the Galactic Empire's Imperial Navy. In his entry interview he was quoted saying that this would provide a stable career path and allow him to exact some small amount of vengeance on the Rebel Alliance.

Having come from an affluent family Jakhim had never once had to have flown a starship in his life. This could explain his somewhat lacklustre performance in the Imperial Academy. He merely achieved a basic graduation certificate. However, once he got past the first few enlisted ranks his years at the University of Aldera came into play. Eventually he achieved a rank of Commander in the middle of year 10 before going into the reserves to perfect his skills at a leisurely pace.

Service Record

  • Y08 D331 Appointed FCoS of the 2nd Imperial Fleet
  • Y0X DXXX Appointed FXO of the 2nd Imperial Fleet
  • Y09 D277 Appointed FCO of the 2nd Imperial Fleet
  • Y09 D304 Resigned as FCO of the 2nd Imperial Fleet
  • Y11 D057 Transferred to the Imperial Navy Reserves
  • Y16 D011 Transferred back to active duty
  • Y16 D046 Given command of the 3rd Group in the 4th Imperial Fleet

Old Awards Record

  • Y07 D043 Given Imperial Academy Basic Graduate
  • Y08 D247 Given Imperial Centre for Recruitment Member
  • Y08 D308 Given Development Services Team
  • Y09 D064 Given Imperial Duty Bars - 2 Years
  • Y09 D071 Given Mentioned in Dispatchers 2
  • Y09 D118 Given Navy Activity Medal
  • Y09 D120 Given Group Command Proficiency Award
  • Y09 D140 Given Imperial Centre of Recruitment - 5 Graduates
  • Y09 D195 Given Operation: Vakkar
  • Y09 D212 Given Fleet Of Month Award
  • Y09 D246 Given Fleet of Month Award #2
  • Y09 D290 Given Art Team Veteran
  • Y10 D057 Given Fleet Service Medal

Promotion Record in the Imperial Navy

  • Y07 D043 [E-2] Crewman
  • Y07 D210 [E-3] Crewman FC
  • Y07 D210 [E-4] Flight Corporal
  • Y07 D236 [E-5] Flight Sergeant
  • Y07 D325 [E-6] Staff Flight Sergeant
  • Y08 D182 [E-7] Master Flight Sergeant
  • Y08 D303 [E-8] Chief Master Sergeant
  • Y08 D358 [E-10]Command Flight Officer
  • Y09 D056 [O-1] Ensign
  • Y09 D120 [O-2] Lieutenant JG
  • Y09 D198 [O-3] Lieutenant
  • Y09 D275 [O-4] Lieutenant Commander
  • Y10 D130 [O-5] Commander
  • Y16 D024 [O-6] Captain[1]


  • Y6 D362 - Joined the Star Wars Combine on November 29th, 2005.
  • Y6 D363 - Was accepted into the Galactic Empire.
  • Participated in Operation Warspite


  1. Adjusted to rank due to structural changes within the Empire