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Califf D`Troit

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Califf D`Troit
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Brittany
Father James
Spouse Imperial Army(aka his job)
Siblings None
Children None
Born Classified
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Group Commanding Officer, 9th Group
Prior Service ISB Deputy Director, Imperial Navy, Imperial Government, Imperial Army Adjunct, 1st Legion Commander, 4th Fleet Chief of Staff, Operations Adjunct, 2nd Fleet Operations Adjunct, Director of RADIA
Awards LOC5.jpg













Quick summery of character.

Character History

A fairly recent picture of Califf

Califf D`Troit was born to James and Brittany D`Troit on Coruscant.

James during one of his many court

ordered community service

sessions fighting Slime.

James was a border line insane man who thought he just might be a super hero and ran around in tights more than is healthy for one to do, eventually falling to his death. Unfortunately, this happened after he imparted a whole string of wisdom pearls such as telling his impressionable son Califf to ask a prospective date if this cloth smells like chloroform, was a totally acceptable pick up line.

Brittany hard at work in the lab

Brittany was an idiot savant by every possible definition of the term. Her brilliance lay in her ability to come up with the correct answer every time to any question in an almost oracle like fashion. Her stupidity manifested in her inability to recognize it, and usually do something perpendicular to it. She died in what has been called alternately the “Bravest and Smartest Endeavor Ever Seen” or the “Stupidest Move Ever”. Details on the specifics are sketchy at best, and there were little to no remains after the incident.

Not pictured: A Healthy and Secure home

This healthy and secure home environment provided the definition for Califf on a ‘Normal’ Family, and fuels his assumption that everyone had pretty much the same upbringing as his. Although he now is willing to admit that some may have had varying degree of circus involvement in theirs than he himself did.

Weather balloon with just a hint of swamp gas

From an early age, and possibly due to the crummy location of the family homestead near a busy military spaceport, Califf was fascinated by the majestic Imperial Navy. He views their precision formation flying as an art form, and draws up his own imaginary battle scenarios and formations while other kids his age were drawing plays for a game.

The particular base that Califf lived near was a site involved in one of the later stages of testing new technology. This has allowed Califf to see some of the more advanced and secret fighters the Empire has created over time. Some of these never fielded.

However, he is his mothers son, and he thought these were just normal every day run-of-the-mill ships flying into and out of a normal every day run-of-the-mill ship yard and thought nothing further about it. Which is good, because there would have been hard questions asked by an interrogation droid if it were known what he saw.

Califf's mailbox (center) waiting for mail

He sent in his application to the Academy at 00:00:01 on the day he turned old enough to enlist, and started checking his mail at 00:00:03 and every waking moment for the next two months until his acceptance package arrived.

Califf passing time

To pass the time during these months Califf went back to what he loves most: Flying. In the air all his land based insecurities fade away and some genuine skills emerge. Much like a stutterer that can sing like a siren, Califf is both skilled and intuitive. Some would even say he is a natural pilot. With the proper training, he could grow to become the fighter pilot he believes he is destined to become.

He has never left Coruscant, so all his skills are based on the atmospheric flying of non-military ‘crap-dusters’ (as his father called them) ships.

His aspirations to fly in the Imperial Navy are matched only by his drive to be the pilot everyone wants as wingman, just as on the ground and in all social situations he is the last man you would want as a wingman.

Red Devils

The next chapter in Califf's life began as he was accepted in the Imperial precision flying team called the Red Devils. Here after an intense interview and flying audition he was accepted as Red 2. After the myterious defection of the Flight Leader this group has disbanded for the time being.

Califf transferred to the Imperial Army, and was made Legion Commander where he currently serves.