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Jacen Varos

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Jacen Varos
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Dadra Varos
Father Draco Varos
Born Year -17, Day 309
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Navy Commanding Officer
Prior Service Navy Training Officer
Fleet Commanding Officer - 3IF
Agent, Imperial Intelligence
Vizer of the Coalition for Improvements
Moff of Meridian Sector
Awards 7873_varos.png


Early Years (Pre-GE):

Jacen Varos was born on Corellia to parents Draco and Dadra Varos in -17, Day 309. Jacen’s father was a successful miner and business entrepreneur, owner of Varos Industries. The success of his father instilled a hardworking drive in Jacen from a young age. He saw how hard his father worked, and he pushed himself to match and/or exceed the accomplishments of his father. The success in business allowed Draco to send his son to private institutions and receive the highest levels of education in both academics and aviation. Jacen placed highly in his classes, but rarely felt challenged by the material presented by his teachers. School and higher education seemed a waste of time when compared to the opportunities provided in the real workplace. Jacen would spend his free time working for his father in various capacities. He started as a young boy doing whatever menial task his father felt would keep him busy but out of the way. By the age of 16, he reached an unofficial position of mining and construction supervisor within his father’s business empire. This rapidly matured Jacen but made it harder to pay attention in school. At the age of 18, upon graduation from his primary school, Jacen had reached his limit of general education. The majority of the professors who lectured Jacen had never done anything outside teaching and had little experience with what Jacen considered real world applications. It was time for Jacen to go out on his own and make a name for himself. The easy route would be taking an official job from his father, but that didn’t seem fulfilling enough for Jacen. Instead he wanted to start out on his own. Taking a loan out for a Bulk Freighter, Jacen began material hauling for local businesses. He slowly built up a steady stream of costumers which grew to depend on the punctual and professional young entrepreneur. Slowly building up a staff of like minded young upstarts, Jacen slowly grew his business. By age 25, he was well on his way to establishing a similar business conglomerate as his father. On his 26th birthday, he had a revelation and felt there was more out there for him.

At age 26, Jacen realized he accomplished a lot for himself at such a young age. There always seemed to be something missing though and he hadn’t been able to put his finger on it until that day. It was the first day he had taken off in years and that allowed him to reflect on his current path. He had constant dealings with the local Imperials, who routinely worked with Jacen due to his reliability. The men there were always pestering him to look into service with the Galactic Empire. They said with his personality and drive; he could make an impact there and would be well appreciated. He had always blown them off in the past, but for some reason that day he couldn’t shake off the feeling they were right. A man of action, Jacen signed over operational control his second in command and enlisted at the local Imperial Recruitment office. The next day he was on a ship to Universitas Imperius.

The Galactic Empire, Pre-Merger

Jacen was able to place out of several classes due to both his previous schooling and work experience. His professor during his time was Flight Sergeant Gredek Dregoth. With his expert tutelage, Jacen graduated with Honors Year 8, Day 357. Jacen was not surprised with his placement within Galactic Government, Ministry of Operations as a Senior Clerk [E-4]. It fit perfectly with Jacen’s previous work experience and expertise. What did surprise Jacen was who contacted him as his new direct Commanding Officer. Jacen found out he would be working directly under the Empire’s 2IC, at the time Grand Moff Angelus Goth. It was a very intimidating experience to be a new Imperial working for someone who answered directly to the Emperor, definitely not something everyone got to experience.

Jacen was immediately put to work. The Grand Moff assigned Jacen a Bulk Freighter and told him to get work moving raw material on the Tax Planet Adkinien. His time was brief there before moving to on to help finish up construction on Vakkar. On Vakkar, Jacen worked closely with the now Pro Consul Goth on a day to day basis to coordinate the operation of mines, workers, and construction until the completion of the project. It was extremely similar to the wok Jacen had done on his own, just on a much larger scale. It was here that Jacen realized his decision to enlist in the Galactic Empire was the right decision. He was rewarded with a promotion to Adminstrator [E-6] in Year 9, Day 71 and then Supervisor [E-8] in Year 9, Day 171.

Jacen’s next assignment was the one he still considers his best operation to date. The Pro Consul assigned Jacen to work with Deputy Minister Kiger Wulf on the tax planet Scylla. This massive 20x20 gas planet was to be home to the Imperial Union and set a standard in Tax Planet construction. Jacen worked his way up to a quadrant foreman, and eventually overall project administrator once Kiger Wulf had to leave for a different assignment. Jacen worked closely with the 7IF until the final days of the project. Jacen received promotions to Chief Superviser [E-9] in Year 9, Day 201 and Overseer [E-10] in Year 9, day 288 during his time in Scylla. It was during this project that Jacen got to work with then Captain Rex Corwyn , Lieutenant Markus Saretti, and David Crow. He would remain friends with all them for a long time after the project came to a close.

After completion of Scylla, Pro Consul Goth assigned Jacen to a highly classified project involving the setup of a future Tax Planet. Jacen would be responsible for the project from startup to finish. The project was scheduled to be at Quolick, but would later be scrapped due to unforeseen changes in the structure of tax collections throughout the galaxy. Until the project was scrapped, Jacen setup mines and moved RM to keep the mines operational. The RM stores, although not used at Quolick, would still be of great value for the Empire down the road. While operating the mines, Jacen was given the opportunity to enlist in the now defunct Officer and Command Studies School. Training under Rear Admiral Overmind, Jacen graduated with honors in Year 10, Day 32 and was named a Junior Prefect [O-1]. In Year 10, Day 80 he was further promoted to Prefect [O-2] and officially named the Head of the Coalition for Planetary Development within the Ministry of Operations.

It was during his time on Quolick that Jacen began to work with then Sector Adjutant Tanez Kalrade on developing the School for Engineering. Jacen would serve as the Assistant Dean of the School as well as writing several of the lectures and test. He would later take over as Dean until closer of the school.

While setting up Quolick, Jacen moved into Cloud City to help maintain the mines without needing to contact members within the Empire’s mining faction. While serving in Cloud City, an emergency departure of Eric Zahm and Azrakh Raleep forced Jacen into taking control of Cloud City as the interim leader of the faction. He was officially named leader in Year 10, Day 132. Jacen would oversee the main RM producer of the faction until the merger. He placed the order in the capable hands of Norrec Morussian when he moved on from the faction.

The Galactic Empire, Post Merger

With the NIO returning to the Galactic Empire, drastic changes were made at all levels. Jacen had worked with Executor Goth since his first days in the Empire. With his leaving, the transition to new leadership would be difficult. Jacen was always loyal to the Throne over an individual so his overall faith in the Empire did not diminish in the slightest. Jacen's new Commanding Officer would be Orphaea Imperium as a Vizier in the reestablished branch of COMPNOR. Jacen would become the Vizier in charge of the Coalition of Improvements.

Although he received a new rank, the day-to-day work for Jacen remained virtually unchanged. He took on the responsibility of the office of Resource Allocation Division – Empire (RADE) but that was run by a Director with little need for daily oversight. Jacen’s main focus remained on Planetary Development.

With Tanez Kalrade becoming a Moff, Bastion needed some additional supervision. So Jacen moved over to Bastion to assist with the completion of that Tax Planet. He moved available personal and arrived on scene to clean up the final stages of the project. It was a similar operation to Scylla and business as usual for Jacen. While working in Bastion, Jacen received an offer from Grand Moff Imperium to become a Sector Adjutant in Corellia. This would allow for an easy transition into work after Bastion.

In Year 10, Day 132, Jacen’s friend Tanez approached him with the offer to become the Moff of Meridian. It would be a difficult balance for Jacen, both COMPNOR and one of the highest ranks in Regional Government, but Jacen felt he could handle it. As Regional Government grew in stature and responsibility, the role of Improvements slowly waned. As such, Jacen took the job and moved on to Meridian to help build up the Sector.

Service in Meridian was highlighted with the extensive planetary audit campaign. This involved checking every planet within the Meridian sector. All planets would need to have proper shielding or population to a point where control would not be lost. Once Meridian was complete, the Sector Staff was sent to assist other large sectors to assist in their completion. In Year 12, Day304, Jacen stepped down as Moff of Meridian. The Sectors were reorganized due to Galaxy changes and the Meridian Sector would no longer house a Moff position. There was an opportunity to be placed in a different sector, but that would result in Jacen resigning as a Vizier in COMPNOR. COMPNOR was Jacen’s first home so he decided to remain there. Jacen continued to work in COMPNOR, but felt as if his previous drive and daily devotion was not what it once had been. He went back and forth on resigning, but was talked out of it on several occasions. In Year 13, Day 53, Jacen officially turned in his resignation to Grand Vizier Taidan. He had always told himself that if he wasn’t doing enough work to justify his rank, he would step down. Too many times in his career, he had seen people in positions that held the rank, but didn’t do the work. He never wanted to be seen in that light. In recognition of his service, the Grand Vizier awarded Jacen the Distinguished Service Medal in Year 13 Day 54.

In Year 13, Day 73, Jacen decided to try his hand in Imperial Intelligence. He had some past experience in Imperial Intelligence, as given by his IIC and IISA awards, so he thought it would be a good fit. Unfortunately, time was not on his side. He requested an LOA in Year 13, Day 155. He remained on LOA for nearly a year.

The Galactic Empire, Navy Life

In Year 14, Day 299, Jacen returned to the Empire and wished for reenlistment. This time, he desired some military service. He requested a position in the Navy. Despite his long service, he did not want to be given anything he hadn’t earned. He requested a low-grade Officer rank due to the fact he had no official Naval experience. He wanted to earn his ranks as opposed to transferring into it.

Jacen was given a rank of Lieutenant [O-2] and placed in the 1st Group, 2nd Fleet. His Group Commanding Officer was Commander Mick Clarence and his Fleet Commanding Officer was Commander Nikolaus Ephranor. He was appointed the 1st Group Executive Officer position in Year 14, Day 326. It was a proud time and let Jacen feel like he was adjusting to his new branch.

Jacen lasted less than a month as the GXO of the 1st Group. In Year 14, Day 354, he was approached by Vice Admiral Sean to become the Group Commanding Officer of the 4th Group. It was difficult to leave the 1st Group as the members and leadership there were the epitome of what a Group and Fleet should be.

Ranks Held

Ministry of Operations

  • Senior Clerk [E-4]
  • Year 8, Day 357
  • Administrator [E-6]
  • Year 9, Day 71
  • Supervisor [E-8]
  • Year 9, Day 171
  • Chief Supervisor [E-9]
  • Year 9, Day 201
  • Overseer [E-10]
  • Year 9, Day 288
  • Junior Prefect [O-1]
  • Year 10, Day 32
  • Prefect [O-2]
  • Year 10, Day 80


  • Vizier [HC-1]
  • Year 10, Day 132

Regional Government

  • Moff [HC-1]
  • Year 11, Day 250

Imperial Intelligence

  • Classified


  • Lieutenant [O-3]
  • Year 14, Day 316
  • Captain [O-6]
  • Year 14, Day 337
  • Senior Captain [O-7]
  • Year 15, Day 225
  • Commodore [C-1]
  • -
  • Rear Admiral [C-2]
  • Year 16, Day 224
  • Lord Admiral [HC-3]
  • Year 17, Day 83


Award Name
DSM.jpg Distinguished Service Medal [DSM]
CMM.jpg COMPNOR Member Medal [CMM]
CIIA.jpg Certified Imperial Agent [CIIA]
GAM.jpg Government Administration Medal [GAM]
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC]
ISM-6.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 6 Years [ISM-6]
CSA-5.jpg COMPNOR Service Award - 5 Years [CSA-5]
IISA-2.jpg Imperial Intelligence Service Award - 2 Years [IISA-2]
ICMx6.jpg Imperial Campaign Medal [ICM-6]
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours [IABG-H]
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID]
IMM.jpg Imperial Monthly Meeting [IMM]

Personal Assets

Jacen has an extensive Fleet of ships a that he can use for a wide range of activities. His personal favorites and key vessels are listed below: Ships

  • Modular Taskforce Crusier - JV Resolution

The flagship and homebase for Jacen's personal Fleet. This massive capital ship is used as a mobile command unit and gives Jacen the ability to move almost his entire Fleet at once.

  • Namana-class Light Cruiser - JV Resilience

Used as Jacen's captial ship when speed is more of a concern. Faster than the Resolution but still has the firepower and hauling capabilities to be a force.

  • Belarus Medium Carrier - JV Constitution

The Resilience replaced the Constitution as the medium capital command ship in the Fleet. Still has a special place in the Fleet as it was Jacen's first capital ship.

  • Sentinel-class Landing Craft JV Aristocrat

When a balance of speed and luxury are needed, this is the ship of choice for Jacen.

  • X-Wing T-65 - JV Predator

Importance due to its manufacturing date - ID#3191 shows its one of the original fighters assembled by the Republic. Bought years ago from Orphaea Imperium, Jacen expects to hold onto this collectors item for years.

  • RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor - JV Flashpoint

Arguably Jacen's favorite ship. When flat out speed is needed, this is the first and only choice for Jacen

  • YT-510 - JV Varos II

Jacen's second personal ship and first purchased ship. Replaced by other ships in the Fleet but still a fixture in Jacen's inventory for years.

Jacen at one point had extensive holdings of various hotels, inns and offices. He sold off the vast majority to purchase various ships.

Weapons and Droids

  • Destroyer Droids - Tunder and Lightning

These are Jacen's personal escort droids, only used when a sign of force is needed.

  • Nightstinger - Shhhh

Jacen's personal firearm of choice. Deadly from distance and only used when provoked (or hunting)