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Artemis Imperium

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Artemis Imperium
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Gender {{{gender}}}
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Orphaea Imperium

Inara Imperium
Melkhior Imperium
Actrial Imperium

Children None
Born Year -16 Day 221 (unconfirmed)
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png
Ministry of Industry
Positions Retired
Prior Service CEO Magnaguard Manufacturing,CEO Kuat Systems Engineering, Team Leader: Transport - Personnel, 2IC + DDIR (briefly)
Awards 8627_imperium.png

Artemis Imperium first appeared on Y10 351 after having been found by his sister Inara Imperium.

As yet, not much has been discussed regarding his life until he was re-united with his family - but we expect to achieve at least a partial history in time.

We do know that he has been introduced to almost all of the known Imperium family members. Having been introduced to the then DDIR Inwe Ventidius of Magnaguard Manufacturing, a meeting where his innate ability became clear. He was soon offered a position within Magnaguard - and started to work and prove his worth within days, taking a hand in the Ministry of Industry Academy, and relieving Ms Ventidius of some of the tasks involving integration of new recruits, and their collection from their home planets and subsequent arrival at the production hub in Nevoota. His attitude to his work, his willingness to drop the work he was doing when needed to serve the faction or the GE in urgent situations, and the fact that he was reliably always available - soon got him noticed by the Empires regional government in Coruscant.

At this point in time, an offer was made to the current Deputy Director to transfer to Kuat Drive Yards to work with them on behalf of both Kuat society, and the Galactic Empire. DDir Ventidius accepted the position, and tendered her transfer notice to Minister Ndengin and Moff Kalrade, along with the suggestion that Artemis should take the reins at Magnaguard. The transfer for Ms Ventidius was approved, and Artemis was promoted to position of Magnaguard Leader.

Incursion by Eidola soon after meant that Artemis' tenure over Magnaguard was short lived, having been seconded by minister Guinar Ndengin to aid in the efforts to secure a planet, while the Empire devoted many resources to the safe release of a senior staff member who had been captured during the raid when a malfunction prevented her escape, Artemis embarked as part of a team of members of Industrial staff, Intelligence service staff, and builders to counteract Eidola's attempt to capture the planet.

After the Empire had completed efforts on the planet, and empire forces started to withdraw, a malfunction took place on the Bulk freighter containing Mr Imperium, who lost power, engines, and communications. Thankfully (for Artemis) Galactic ships are always well stocked, so he survived while awaiting rescue during which time due to his being pronounced MIA all rank and security permissions were revoked, and now the next chapter of Artemis unusual life has begun with Artemis enrolling in the Galactic Empire Academy

Important Individuals in Artemis career include but are not limited to:

Inwe Ventidius First boss, and constant friend!

Guinar Ndengin Took Artemis under his wing while a minister - a relationship Artemis remembers fondly as it proved right from the word go that the Empire was his home

Inara Imperium things would never be complete without mention of his sister, as she was the one who found him, entertained him, and helped him adjust to the organised world of the Galactic Empire...

Imperial career to date:

  • dates and times will need to be added and verified as this is currently a rough outline of life, and layout etc. to be worked on:

Magnaguard manufacturing: Started as a recruit, proved to be a capable and loyal member of the faction. Rose rapidly through the ranks until reaching the highest enlisted rank possible as Senior Clerk Undertook the training course and exam to allow promotion into officer ranks and continued as Junior Engineer Promotions took place as more duties were required to be passed over until: Year 11 Day 008 when appointment as Deputy Director of Magnaguard was given - a position which was unfortunately shorter than expected due to Issues that arose elsewhere. Year 15 Day 138 - Communications re established with The Empire Year 15 Day 141 - Accepted back into Galactic Empire, and application sent in to Imperial academy Year 15 Day 149 - Joined Regional Government within Galactic Empire as Junior Superintendant Year 15 Day 206 - Having had many discussions with the Minister of Industry Tyris Elensar, was successful in application for, and appointed to Kuat Systems Engineering with a vision for it's future, and a desire to bring order to the troubled Corporation. Year 15 Day 352 - Rejoined Magnaguard Manufacturing due to Executive Director Krakonico Petermind needing to take a personal retirement, and having helped the staff to return KSE to a well oiled production corporation. Left in charge as interim director of KSE is Executive Director [Draven Diesel] who is overseeing the major decisions while Master Engineer [Walter Watts] is continuing his training for the role. Future plans are unclear as such, but will be decided based on situations within MInd over the coming months.